Rang Rasiya 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mala is writing leeter, she wties that i gave pain to all 15 years back but after i went, people here after many problems started settling inlife and now when thay astarted lving i cameback to hurt them, i know paro you will take care of my son, i dont need to say it, i dont have anything to give as shagun(blessing) but i will pray that you remain happy, to ease my son’s pain, i am going from here, mala comes in hall and is about to leave but stops and looks at rudra, she sits and caresses his hairs, she gets up and turns to leave but rudra says maasa, she turns to rudra and sees him blabbering in sleep, she hides and sees him blabering maasa.. maasa, paro puts hand on his face in sleep, she smiles looking at rudra and strat leaving, she recalls rudra’s bitter words to dilsher that she will run again, she recalls mohini’s bitter words, she opens gate and last time looks at rudra, she says i cant hurt you rudra even in dream, neither can i hurt jija so i am taking this step for you, she leaves the house.

Scene 2
its morning, paro gets up and sees her hand on rudra’s face, she caresses his face and says ouch your beard is like prick, she holds his hand and thinks naughty, she pulls rudra’s moustache, he throws her hand in sleep, she again pulls it, rudra holds her hand this time and get up on her, he pins her under him , paro says someone will see, rudra says what you said that when i look at you like this, your brain stops working, and what you said that my beard is prick, he comes closer to her and rubs his bread to her cheecks on both side of face, he looks at her lovingly, paro says this means you were doing drama of sleeping then you must remember that you were calling your maassa in sleep, rudra gets up and says now dont say that i should talk to her, paro says i was just asking about tea but if take out the topic then i think you must talk to her.

Scene 3
mohni is leaving house, sumer tries to stop her, samrat comes and says i thought you were saying just in anger, where are you going, mohini says i dont say things to let it go, let me tell you that i am leaving and thats final.
paro comes to mala with tea, she sees rudra in room and gets happy that rudra came to talk to mala, she sees mala missing from room and puts hand on rudra shoulder. rudra turns and throws tea away, rudra is super angry, he shows her a letter and says look at her(mala’s) truth, she did it again, it is now written in her blood, she ran away again, paro is boggled. he gives letter to paro, she reads, rudra says you brought here and see her real face now, deceiving people is her habit,what now, are you paining, does something broke inside you, rudra says i am familiar with this feeling, i lived 15 years with this feeling of mother running away. he leaves, paro runs and comes in hall, she tells danveeer that mala left house.
samrat stops mohini and says why are going, tell me you have to tell us, mohini says i made you leard to say no and now you are ordering me, i told your father the reason of leaving, samrat says i am elder of this hose, mohini taunts when you become father then you will be elder.

Scene 3
paro and danveer are searching mala in house, danveer says maybe what mohini said after that mala left. paro ask what she said, danvveer looks at her.
mohini says to samrat i only said that when a person can leave the house and can comeback then why should i be watchmen of this house, i am leaving, who loves mother can comes with me else who loves walls of this house can stay here, she leaves, all runs behind her.
paro says to danveer what… mohini said to mala that if she doesnt go then mohini will leave thats why mala left, she runs and comes to mohini, she ask mohini to not leave house, mohini says i cant see crown on your head so i cant follow your orders, i am leaving this house, paro says you cant leave, mala already left the house. mohini ask she left the house, i dont understand, why she left, paro says because she didnt want that anybody will be hurt because of her presence, what happened yesterday after that day.. mohini says the thing which only we 4 know, you know it also, wow what a love between DIL and MIL, paro says forgive me, your anger is justified but
you understands us children of this house, you give us path to walk and when we see you tensed we dont like it, i wished nobody left the house, i just want to say that this house this family is yours only, in whose family there is no problem, we can solve the matters by talking but if you leave the house then this haveli will be orphanage, i request you that for your children dont leave this house, she takes mohini’s hand in her hand, mohini says okay if all are insisting then i will not leave, she ask sumer to take luggage in room, sumer says are you sure i am mean luggage is very heavy, danveer syas do only waht is said, sumer takes luggage inside, all leaves. mohini smirks and says this time i thought i will have to leave the house but thanks to that snake(naagan) that she left the house without any sound, now i will be the queen of this haveli.

Scene 5
rudra is wearing uniform, paro comes there but rudra stops her as there is tea cups broken lying on ground, he says it can hurt our foot, paro says i will clean it, she is about to take broken cups but rudra stops her and says dont, i will clean it, he sits to clean the floor, paro says i need your help, will you help me in fiding maasa, rudra angrily looks at her.

PRECAP- paro is searching for mala, rudra comes there in jeep and ask paro to sit inside, paro says why so you will take me to home, i am searching mala, rudra says i have found her, i know where she is, paro gets happy and says this means you were searching for her all the while, rudra rolls his eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rangrasiya is great . But madhubala is going to end . So sad

  2. Wow so cute!!!!

  3. Update fast plz

  4. y madhubala is going to end ????? swarna

    1. I dont know I think people didn’t like the latest track

    2. yep ya i also think the same , the current track is little bit boring.

  5. Where are you indhu

  6. pondicherry u?

  7. Love to watch rudra paro together,it is always treat to eyes.

  8. r u there swarna

  9. now the ongoing track of rangrasiya is really awesome.they are focusing on lead characters.sanaya really did fantastic job.she makes her acting real.her character add the value of story.she looks very sweet,beautiful,cute onscreen.she is really very lucky for male leads like mohit,barun,anuj and now ashish.WELL DONE SANAYA,WE APPRECIATE YOUR WORK.

  10. ya parudra rockkkkkk …..my doll sanaya always rock

  11. 2 Mins of parud’s romance mak d epidode worth watching. .. wat a chemistry dey hav.. its jst awesome. I saw d episode online n its a treat to watch ds madly in luv couple. Rudra loves her alot bit takin tym to express. Hope to see him confessing jis feelings n givin d mangalsutra to paro… wat an epic episode dat vl b

  12. paro rudra really rocks.

  13. super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rudra To Give Surprise To Paro

    Rudra and Paro’s relationship is on a high point now in Rangrasiya. After confessing their love, although they could have their own lovey dovey moments, but Rudra’s mom’s sudden appearance at the Ranaut house has sparked the old fire within Rudra again.

    However, Rudra isn’t too unhappy with Paro even after her bringing Mala into the house. Though he did express his disapproval towards her step to bring Mala home, still his love for Paro isn’t letting him be too rude towards her.

    In the previous episode, we saw Rudra buying a mangalsutra for Paro and he was willing to gift it to her. However, Paro’s attempt to bring Mala back to the house did upset Rudra and inspite of his will to give her the mangalsutra, he decides not to do so. Whereas, Paro kept on waiting for him to give her the mangalsutra.

    In the coming episodes of Rangrasiya, the viewers will finally witness the moment when Rudra would decide to express his heart to Paro again. He would forcefully take her to a venue which he has decorated himself for Paro. He would then tie the mangalsutra around her neck and would also attempt to kiss Paro showering her with his love. However, a very shy Paro would be overwhelmed with her husband’s proximity and love.

    Also, when it would be claimed that Rudra can do anything for her, Paro would demand from Rudra to make a snowfall happen around her. Rudra, quite convincingly, would burst a pillow and would make the cotton fly all over Paro to give her the feeling of snowfall.

    Inspite of so much tension in the house, the upcoming episodes will bring Rudra and Paro closer to each other. Keep watching Rangrasiya at 9:30 pm on Colors.

  15. wat is tis….???still todays episode not updated !!!!!!am waiting

  16. 17Th june

    The episode begins with …. Paro asking rudra his help for looking for Maasa
    Rudra refuses point blank .. Paro tries to persuade him . That she could be captured by Thakur again .. Her life could be in danger
    Rudra says 15 yrs back to she left the house if she could save herself then she would do it now …
    Paro then says she would search for maasa herself .. After telling rudra that he was running away from his responsibilities

    Rudra recalls his child hood memories when his maasa would look at his tiniest wounds with immense concern and affection ..
    How she assured him that she would come to him at hie every call

    At BSD office aman informs that he had found out where that woman was ..
    On the other side we ass paro looking for maasa in the hot sun .. Rudra comes to the same olace in his jeep and spots her .. He screeches to a halt as he comes face to face with paro .. In the market place ..
    Rangrasiya plays in BG ..
    Rudra informs her that Aman had found her .. Orders her to sit in his jeep .. Paro is pleased to know that he was looking for Maasa

    Rudra and paro drive off to reach a strange place .. Where they find both maasa and Laila together ..

    Paro asks rudra again if he was looking for his maasa ??
    Rudra angrily retorts that he was looking for her as Tejawat was searching for her and would kill her ….. But he was sure that if he took her home she would run away again ..
    He goes back and sits in his jeep ordering paro to follow suit but paro thinks otherwise .. She wants to talk to her thakurayin alone !!

    Paro goes to speak to Mala Thakurayin .. She asks why did she leave him 15 yrs back ?.
    .how could she leave a son whom she loved with all her heart??
    Mala replies that marriage is between two persons and succes of marriage depends on both … . 15 yrs back she committed mistakes .. She was not blaming any one ..

    Paro interrupts that she should think about rudra .. How hurt he might have been when he learnt his mother had left the house once again … She wanted Mala to know that rudra was caling his mother in deep sleep ..
    Mala says that she heard her son calling her in sleep ..
    Paro tells maasa that rudra cared for her ..but how could she not be affected by her son’s call ?? If she returned back to haveli it would be for ever ….

    Outside the house rudra is getting impatient for paro .. Laila does not lose single chance and is line maaroing on Rudra .. He provides a suitable reply to Laila irritatingly ..

    Paro returns from her meeting with mala but alone … Rudra shouts at her that he always knew she was a deserter by nature .. But is shocked to see mala coming out of the house .. Ready to accompany paro and rudra back to haveli

    Paro is happy .. Laila is jealous .. Rudra is shocked

    Mala thanks Laila for saving her life . For giving her second chance to life .. For reuniting her with her son … Laila asks her to remember her for her happy memories ….paro sits at the rear seat of the jeep and offers maasa the front seat .. Rudra is unhappy with this arrangement .. Maasa feels awkward .. But is happy

    While driving back to haveli .. Paro starts her narration of their Mumbai trip .. Then she informs about Rudra getting rewarded .. She generally tries to lighten the tense atmosphere …
    Mala then speaks up .. She tells how tough it was for her to leave her son and go away .. How much she loved her son .. Mala then tearfully narrates some fond child hood memories .. Rudra is unable to hear any more . She shouts at mala to shut up !! BASS !!! ..

    Precap for tomorrow …
    Paro confronts Rudra in the aangan ..thanks him .. He is about to give her a mouthful and reprimand her .. Paro then shuts him up by placing her hand on his mouth …rudra is surprised .. Paro then moves close to Rudra whispers a thankyou … She rises on to her toes and plants a kiss on his cheek .. Rudra is stunned but enjoyed it thoroughly .. Parud feel eachother’s love and closeness

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