Gustakh Dil 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to meet Lajjo and is on the way to Sonbarsa. Sagar is also on the way and talks to his manager in the car. The manager says stop the car, here she is, Sarika. He talks to the girl and asks are you Sarika, who sings well. The girl says yes, I m Sarika, but. He asks do you sing well. She says no. He says do you dance. She says no. He says how can it be. He says we came here looking for you. She does not know him. Sagar comes there and says you are the same girl, Rakesh is taking you to Delhi by giving you more money, don’t lie.

People gather there and scold Sagar for teasing a girl. Sagar says please leave, we are just talking to her. Nikhil comes there and stops Kaka. He asks what happened. He says I m Nikhil. Kaka says you are Lajjo’s husband

right. Nikhil says yes. They tell him that Sagar is teasing a girl. Sagar says I was trying to talk to that girl. Nikhil calms down Kaka and tells Sagar that the villagers won’t understand. Nikhil asks Sagar is he fine. Sagar and Nikhil shakes hand and introduces themselves. Nikhil says nice to meet you. Nikhil tells him that the villagers are nice people. Sagar say sorry for calling them bad but our experience here was very bad. He thinks about Lajjo.

Nikhil laughs when Sagar tells him that a girl played their band and made their manager bath with cow dunk. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo too. Sagar asks why are you laughing. Nikhil tells him his entry in the village. Nikhil says it was his life’s best and beautiful girl, I did not meet such girl again. Sagar and his manager leaves. Nikhil also leaves. Lajjo waits at the bus stop. Her mum is at home and talks to her husband about Lajjo’s fast and the women taunting her. He says Lajjo can’t go to college as his bus strike. She gets worried and says I forgot, she might be sitting somewhere and crying.

She says Lajjo kept fast for Nikhil’s long life. Nikhil comes there and knocks the door. They are shocked to see him. Nikhil asks where is Lajjo, I have to meet her. Her mum asks why, what is the work. Nikhil says I can’t tell you. She says tell us, not her. I m her mum. Nikhil says please let me meet her once. Her dad agrees and tells him Lajjo is not at home. Nikhil leaves to find Lajjo. Her mum thinks Nikhil came to take the divorce papers.

Nikhil comes to the clinic and tries to find Lajjo. Lajjo is sitting somewhere and is upset. Nikhil asks Bansi and Putti about Lajjo but does not get any info. Putti says maybe she is in old fort, whenever she is sad, she goes there. Nikhil thanks her. Lajjo does the puja there and prays for Nikhil. Nikhil comes running to her. Hum se hui hai bohot khatayein……………plays……….. Nikhil sees Lajjo and smiles. Lajjo is shocked to see him.

Dil ne ki hai gustakhiyaan……………plays……….Lajjo says you here. She asks am I dreaming. Nikhil says no, I have seen a dream. She asks what happened, its your engagement today with Ishaana, is everything fine. She asks is it late to send the divorce papers. Nikhil says I don’t need that papers now.

She says why are you here today. He says I m not doing engagement with Ishaana. She is stunned and asks why, did you have any fight with her. She says tell me. Nikhil says first you answer me, you promised me when you left. Lajjo thinks about her promise that she will tell him first if she falls in love. Nikhil asks her does she love anyone. He says I know the truth. She says is this the time to talk about this. She says no. He says you are lying. I know the truth. Rancho told me. Lajjo thinks about Rancho.

Nikhil asks why did you hide it from me. Lajjo says does it matter. He says yes, it matters to me. Mann bawra……….plays………….. He says come with me. She says where, why should I come with you. He says because I love you. Lajjo is shocked. Ishaana cries and talks to Aditi. She says I tried hard to stop Nikhil, I was selfish. Aditi says even I explained you, its Nikhil’s mistake also, love is not got like this. Ishaana says Nikhil was not in my fate, did I do wrong sending him to Lajjo. Aditi says no. Lajjo moves back from Nikhil. Lajjo says this is wrong. Nikhil says try to understand. Lajjo runs from the fort.

Nikhil stops her. Lajjo cries. Nikhil says trust me, look at me, I love you. Lajjo cries. Nikhil apologizes to her and says give me one chance please. He brings the sindoor and she says I can’t take this back. She says I gave this to Ishaana. Lajjo says you told me that it was biggest mistake of your life to marry me. Nikhil falls on his feet and says please don’t say this, give me one last chance. I got late in understanding my love, I can’t live without you. Gustakh dil…………..plays…………..

Lajjo runs. Nikhil cries seeing her leave. Lajjo’s mum is restless thinking why did Nikhil come. She says I will not give any chance to Nikhil to hurt Lajjo again. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil’s love admittance. Nikhil finds her in the village. She thinks about Nikhil’s old moments. Nikhil comes to her again. Lajjo’s mum waits for Lajjo and is worried that Lajjo did not come home till now.

Lajjo comes home and closes the door. Her mum gets worried. Nikhil comes after her and says I did not come to make her cry, I came here to accept her and take with me to Delhi. Her mum asks with what relation, leave her now. Nikhil says the relation is still there, I did a mistake. I love her. They are shocked. He says give me one chance, I will take her my home. Lajjo hears this and cries.

Barkha tells Samrat that Lajjo will not come in her house else she will die. Nikhil asks Lajjo to look in his eyes and tell him she does not love him, then he will go away from her life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This serial s bcomng mor n mor interstng…I lyk it.

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