Balika Vadhu 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi coming home for the pagphera rasam and meets everyone. She thanks Anandi for the happiness in her life. Anandi says, this happiness is yours. Everyone are happy to see her happy. Amol comes and greets her. Saachi gifts him video game. Amol thanks her. Saachi says, we will have food together. Daddu gives gifts to Vivek and Saachi. Ira, Meenu, Alok, anandi and Shiv give gifts to the new married couple.

Kanchan is treated in the hospital. Manish gets panic. Basant asks Manish not to be tensed. They go inside to see Kanchan. Jagya says, she had the pain before too. Kanchan says, she felt pain before also. Gehna asks, what happened to her? Jagya says, Kanchan uterus have tumour. Everyone are shocked. He says, it has become so big, we have to remove her uterus

from her body else it will be a danger to her life. Dadisaa asks, then she can’t become a mother. Jagya says yes. She can’t be a mom. Jagya says, this is the only option to save Kanchan.

Kanchan cries looking at Manish. She apologizes to Manish. Gehna says, it can’t be possible. She asks Jagya to treat her with medicine and injection. Manish says, I am ready. Please do the operation. I want to save Kanchan. Jagya asks him to discuss with his family. Manish says, I don’t want to waste time. Please do the operation. Jagya says okay.

Kanchan asks Manish to seek his family’s opinion. Manish assures his support. Kanchan is taken for the operation. Gehna cries hugging Dadisaa. Dadisaa consoles her. Daddu laughs and says poetry. Saachi puts gulab jamun in his mouth. Everyone laughs.

Rakhi’s college friends badmouth about her family. They say she should be expelled from the college. Basant asks Manish, did you inform your family? Manish says no. Manish’s parents come. His mom says she always used to have sweets and that’s why she got unwell. Manish says, Kanchan has a tumour. His mom asks him to take her to the Vaid. Manish says, operation is going well to remove her uterus. Manish’s mom is shocked. She asks, who gave the permission? Dadisaa says, Manish took the decision. His mom says, he is a kid. You should have wait for us. She questions Dadisaa. Basant says, we don’t have time. Manish’s mom says, you have spoiled her life. I don’t want to listen. She says, Kanchan is of no use for us. Manish’s parents leave.

Anandi comes to drop Amol to school. Watchman says, I will take him inside the classroom. Anandi thanks him. Amol says, I love you maa. Anandi tells him love you too and leaves. Watchman asks Amol to wait as he brings file from Principal’s car. Amol gets kidnapped by the lady beggar. Amol shouts for the watchman. Watchman runs after the car. They make him smell the choroform. Amol falls unconscious.

Manish’s grand mom gets concerned for Kanchan. Manish and Jagya come there with Kanchan. Grand mom hugs her. Manish’s mom asks Jagya, if he is hppy after operating on Kanchan. Jagya tries to make her understand that operation was needed. Kanchan apologizes to her. Manish’s mom says, you are lying. Grand mom says, Kanchan is innocent. Manish’s mom says, she can’t be a grand mom because of Jagya. Jagya says, you are worried about the baby and not about Kanchan. She says, this is my house. I will decide. Gehna says, Kanchan has adapt to your house well. Manish’s mom blames Kanchan.

Principal calls Anandi to school and tells her Amol is not in school. Watchman tells her how Amol gets kidnapped. He says, I ran after the car but they left. Anandi is shell shocked. Watchman cries.

VO :- Life consists of both happiness and sadness , one cant guess which turns more in what time .

Everyone searches for Amol. Shiv assures Anandi that they will find Amol. Lady beggar plans to get money through Amol by making him beg for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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