Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th April 2014 Written Update

Madhu comes and asks Shikha with whose permission she published the book. She asks Avinash how dare he publish false allegations about them in the book. Avinash says everything is true in the book, so she is shouting on him. Samaira asks MAdhu why is she stopping book publication of her own publication house and asks why is she afraid of Shikha. Reporters ask why is she stopping the publications. Madhu says she did not know about it, else she would not have let this happen. Reporters says she did the same during Shikha’s case hearing and Shikha had to suicide because of her. Madhu says Shikha died because of court hearing. Another reporter asks if it is the new publicity gimmick. She says her publication house is very big for these small issues and does not need publicity. She scolds Samaira for becoming chief guest without her permission and says she is flying high on he success. She says if she can give her success, she can sack her down also. She warns her and goes from there. Samaira also goes from there, though reports start questioning her.

Mohanto sees news about the book publication by his publication house and sees that book is written by Avinash about his daughter Shikha. News reporter says it must be Jagannath group’s publicity stunt, but they are harming their company by themselves. The predicts company’s share will fall because of this. Mohanto calls Madhu and scolds her for publishing book which has evidence against her and asks her to stop its publication further.

Neeraj sees Samaira going out and asks where is she going. Samaira says she is going to Jagannath house and says dunno what Madhu would have done. She says she iws worried about her family. Samaira sayswhat Samaira can do. Neeraj says she should reveal her identity as Shikha to them. Avinash and his family comes and apologises Samaira for his mistake and says he didn’t know book was being published by Jagannath group. He says Neeraj not to worry as he just tried to help him. Samaira says it is neither Neeraj’s nor Avinash’s mistake. Neeraj says though they will stop further publication, already published books have come in the market. Samaira once again asks Avinash not to worry and goes form there.

Aditya is busy in a staff meeting. Madhu comes and shouts at Aditya. Aditya excuses his staff and asks Madhu why is she shouting. Madhu asks why did he ruin his reputation himself and asks him to switch on the TV and check the news.

Jai meets Mohanto and asks how can Aditya do that. He asked editor to publish the book without even reading it. Madhu and Aditya come. Mohanto scolds Aditya for asking to publish the book without reading. Aditya says he made a mistake. Mohanto says it is like suicide, not a mistake. Jai says Mohanto he told him earlier, it is a big mistake making Aditya company’s AMD. Aditya says he asked to publish the book on Samaira’s insistence. Samaira comes and says Aditya is right, he did it on her insistence. She says there was a man who asked her to help, so she asked Aditya to help that man. Mohanto asks Samaira even if she did not read the book. Samaira says she did not. Mohanto asks her how can she be so careless and irresponsible. Samaira says what is there in this book that they are worried. She says even reporters were asking about it and even were talking about court case, what is it about. Madhu says it is her mistake that she believed her and gave more importance. She says her family forgot that she works for them, not with them. She says their relationship is professional and asks not to make it personal. She asks her to go to her house now.

Mohanto asks to clear his mistake and asks him not to allow release of the book in market. Aditya says he will do it. Madhu asks Aditya if he is sad that Samaira is going and starts scolding him. Aditya asks her to stop. Madhus says there is a lot of work pressure on her and says Samaira is misusing her. She asks why did he help Samaira. He remembers Samaira’s words. She says looks like his doubt that Samaira is Shikha is true. Aditya remembers Samaira’s words of asking Aditya’s help to publish book.

Precap: Goons come and drag Mahi. Avinash tries to stop them. They ask Avinash to come with them, else they will take his daughter with them.

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