Gustakh Dil 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil talking to Ranawat. Ranawat says the client is very doubtful, I don’t know it’s a big deal, if he gives to someone else. Nikhil says we should call and ask. Jasmine comes and greets them. She says its good you both are together, I m inviting Nikhil to come with me in party and he is not coming, he can’t say no today, he has to agree to have dinner today. Ranawat says my daughter makes me dance on her fingers, so you should have dinner. Nikhil says sorry, we have guests coming at home. Ranawat insists and Nikhil agrees. Jasmine smiles seeing Nikhil.

Lajjo comes home and sees everyone on the living room being worried. Barkha and everyone see her. Lajjo asks what happened, is everything fine, where is Nikhil. Barkha asks where did you go. Lajjo says for rehearsals at Sagar’s place, why, what happened. Barkha asks why did you lie, Sagar came to ask why did you not come for rehearsals, you did not meet him since many days, he tried to cover it up, but lie can’t be hidden. Barkha says tell us where do you go by lying to us. She asks whom do you meet. Inder says Lajjo he trusts her and even wants to trust her today, he is sure she has a reason and she can’t lie to him. He asks what is it that you are hiding. Lajjo is speechless.

Inder says where are you going if not on rehearsals, does Nikhil know this. Barkha says does he not know, she lied to him too. Inder says let me talk, wait. He asks Lajjo to tell the truth. What is the matter that you are hiding. Lajjo thinks she can’t the truth, how to say Nikhil is caught in smuggling racket. She says I m sorry, I can’t tell the truth, but its true I m not going on rehearsals. Everyone is shocked. Nikhil says thanks for dinner, I will will go. Ranawat asks him to wait. Ikhil says he has to go. Jasmine says no, you have to come with me. Ranawat asks Nikhil to go.

She talks to him and says she got something for him. She gifts him a shirt. He looks at it and says yes. She says can’t I gift you. He says he can’t accept it from her. She is shocked and says she got it by love. He says try to understand, I work for your father, I m his employee, not your friend. She says but we can become friends. He says no, we can’t. I come here for work, not to do friendship, sorry, you are just Ranawat’s daughter for me, nothing else. She gets angry holding the shirt and asks nothing else. He says no. She keeps asking. He says I said no, I m married. She is shocked. He says I m happily married and I really love my wife.

Inder asks Lajjo why did she do this, she lied to him, what is the thing she is hiding and why. Barkha says Lajjo is doing something wrong, so she is quiet. Ayesha says she can’t believe Lajji is wrong, please tell Lajjo. Rishi says please tell Bhabhi. Lajjo says she can’t tell the truth. Ayesha says why. Barkha says if she did not tell Nikhil, why will she tell you all. Nani comes and hears the matter. Barkha says she wanted Nikhil’s money and this house, she got it, now she does not care for us. She does not eve care for Sagar, she lied to him too, the man who made her Trishna from Lajjo.

She asks Inder is this her values. Nani says tell me whats going on. Barkha says fine, you ask her the truth, she lies to us and goes somewhere, ask her whom she meets, what sshe does. Lajjo cries and stays silent. Nani asks Lajjo to tell them the truth and says she trusts she did not do wrong. Jasmine says so what if you are married. I mean we are in modern times, I m sure your wife won’t have any problem if you accept a gift from me. He says I have a problem with you. I know you are trying to come close to me, I m not interested. She gets angry and shows a scissor. He asks what are you upto. She cuts the shirt.

Nikhil says I told you, don’t blackmail me by this cheap tricks, I don’t care by this stupid obsession. He leaves. Jasmine gets angry. Lajjo says she can’t tell the truth, sorry. Inder asks why, if you did not do anything wrong. Barkha says why did you lie to Nikhil, he loves and trusts you. Barkha scolds her. Nikhil comes and hears them. He asks what lie Lajjo told me. Lajjo turns and looks at him. He says tell me whats going on. Barkha says you came on right time, Lajjo does not go on rehearsals as you think. She asks him to ask Lajjo, why does she lie to all of us. Barkha asks where does she go. Lajjo and Nikhil look at each other. Lajjo cries.

Nikhil says so this is what you trust Lajjo, without thinking anything, you are blaming her, let me tell you, its not her mistake, she lied for me. Barkha says well, here comes another story. Now he will say some story to save her. Nikhil says its not a story, the truth is……. Lajjo signs no. Nikhil says your son is going to be arrested by CBI. They are shocked and say what. Inder asks why. Nikhil says I m caught in smuggling racket. They are shocked yet another time. Inder says you tell me everything now, what is it. Nikhil tells them everything how Khana trapped him in smuggling.

He says how CBI caught them and asks them to help them to become their witness and Lajjo helped him in this. He says what all Lajjo did to work as a cook in Ranawat’s house. They are shocked.

Lajjo shows Nikhil the newspaper and says our names and story is written, even Ranawat gets this paper. Nikhil is shocked and tensed.

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