Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Golu comes running to Gunjan, the custard bowl in her hand pours on her shirts. She tells him not to touch it, Rachna comes there and sends her to go for her presentation. She looks for an auto, and calls Mr. Manchandan to reach Minister’s office directly.
Bittu plays marbles in the street while Rachna wipes her house. Bittu goes to her and tells her that Bittu can become a superman by taking the tablets. Rachna takes the bottle and says these are sedatives.
In the meeting, minister asks about Gunjan. Gunjan comes running. Board notices the stain on her shirt and points at the stain. She introduces Mr. Anuj, there architect to give the presentation. Gunjan feels dizzy during the meeting, takes water but isn’t feeling well. The board likes the project, ministry suggests that there should be some more items in the project. Gunjan has fallen asleep.
everyone on board laughs but Gunjan wakes up and says she is sorry, she was working the whole night and today was a festival. Minister warns that they have hopes taking this project and they can take it back. Gunjan wipes her tears.
Rachna comes home running behind Bittu, he says he isn’t going to give it to her. Rachna tells Dadi that he is going to eat her sedatives. Gayatri asks him the bottle. KT asks who gave him this bottle. Gayatri points at Mausi who says that I am illiterate, I had to give him the pink medicine so I gave him.
Bittu climbs the stairs, Gayatri calls KT for help. KT looks at the Luxman Rekha, then runs to Bittu crossing the line. Bittu had opened the bottle to take all the tablets in a go. Gayatri smiles while Dadi is worried.
Gayatri says that this has been my first victory. Dayal comes home then, KT tells Bittu this isn’t what he can take. Dayal asks Mausi that why she called him. Gayatri thinks he is here in the right time. Dadi invites him inside.
Mayank asks Seema about Gunjan. Seema says she has gone for a meeting. Mayank thinks that there was a time Gunjan used to make custard for me. Seema tells him not to leave before eating custard. Prabhu leaves the table for a call.
Gunjan comes from behind, she thinks no one cares for her, if there has been no appreciation for the custard atleast they can ask about the meeting. She goes inside. Mayank thinks she doesn’t care she missed the festival. He comes to room. She says that he must have asked, he says that she might have given a good presentation. She says that it wasn’t good, and it shouldn’t have happened. Mayank asks Gunjan to go to a dinner with him. She says she has to make notes for presentation, she can’t go. Mayank complains that she can’t give him time. Gunjan says that Mayank will understand me while Mayank complains that she never understands him, while he always does.
Bittu says that this angry uncle will scold KT. Dadi explains about the line, while Dayal says we have seen how much it has been respected. He asks why she called him here. Dadi says that KT wants to talk to him about his mother and brother. KT shows him the property papers, and tells him he has bought a new home for them, they will live there. Dadi says that they will leave the place soon. KT looks at the sad Bittu and feels sorry that will they people be able to care for Bittu. Bittu insists he will live with KT.
Dayal tells KT to stick to what he has said, it is his last chance. Dadi says that they won’t back up. She tells Gayatri to start their packing.
Gayatri happily says that it is a good thing, they have got their own house. She asks why are they all sad, and congratulates everyone for KT’s wedding. She turns around to put glycerine in her eyes and says to KT that these tears are of happiness. She asks Dayal for KT and Rachna’s proposal, joining hands in front of him. Dayal stands up and takes a leave from Dadi.
KT was skeptical. Gayatri throws a show-piece when Mausi enters a room. She says aggressively that this old lady did the same at the time of my fight with KT’s father. Mausi tells her to calm down. Gayatri says that it is time for action. Mausi says that this is done now.

PRECAP: Gunjan and Mayank dances together. Mayank lights the candles off and goes to sleep leaving Gunjan. In the morning Mayank tells Gunjan to never change, she says she never did.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Good episode today

  2. I don’t like that they are bringing discord to the one NORMAL young couple that ZeeTv has (Gunjan and Mayank) 🙁 lololol

  3. Uh it wasn’t that bad today

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