Jamai Raja 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Prashanth coming to meet Sid and his parents. They both enjoy a chat with Roshni. Papa brings pakora/snacks for them. Roshni happily hugs papa for the delicious pakoras. Papa goes in to bring tea. Prashanth stands out tensely. Roshni asks what happened. Sid starts acting and says she did a mistake by hugging papa instead of touching his feet. Papa comes out with tea and she apologizes him for hugging him. He says Sid is pulling her legs. She gets irked and starts beating Sid with pillow. Prashanth’s aaji comes to pick her pooja items. Roshni touches her feet and she blesses her. She then sees papa working and scolds Roshni for getting papa worked instead of herself and says her parents would get angry if they see that and asks if she eloped without parent’s permission. Sid’s mom comes and says she is Roshni’s mom now.

Naani arranges havan pooja at DD’s home. DD sees that and gets irked, she asks Bablu to throw everything. Naani asks if she has gone insane and asks if she will not listen to her also. DD says no and says if anyone has problem with her orders, they can go out of her house. Naani says because of her ego, her daughter left her and now she will lose her mom also, says if she does not like her staying in her home, she will walk out but will attend her granddaughter’s wedding for sure and leaves from there. Mona and everyone follows her.

Sid’s mom jokingly draws curtain and says Sid and his papa will stay on one side and she and her daughter Roshni on another. Sid and his dad complain. Mom then gives a designer outfit to Roshni for her roka. Roshni says she saw it in a designer magazine. Mom says she bought it from Munna tailor and asks her to trial it. Once Roshni goes in, Sid asks her mom why did she buy designer outfit as roshni will doubt them. She says she handled situation well and not to worry, both mom and dad say it is his turn to do his duty as a jamai.

DD calls Krish and asks him to evict Sid’s chawl and come there soon.

Naani and Mona reach Sid’s house for roka ceremony. Naani gifts Sid her husband’s sherwani diamond pin and gets emotional. Sid consoles her with his jokes and moral talks. Naani says Roshni that DD did not come, but she and Mona came to cheer her up and gives her and Mona’s gifts. Panditji calls them for roka. Sid and Roshni sit for pooja and sid dorns Roshni chain and bangles.

Municipal offices come and say that all these houses are constructed illegally and they have to measure them. They forcefully evict Sid’s family and other chawl owners. Sid then gives his office employee’s number and asks Prashanth to tell him about the situation and handle it. DD reaches chawl and watches Sid’s family being evicted. She thinks she had to do this to stop Roshni’s marriage and gets back into her car. Krish comes with officer and she gives him money for evicting chawl. Sid calls her and asks her why did not she attend roka when she came there and warns her that his roka will not stop.

Precap: Sid warns DD that he will marry her daughter at any cost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. lol i love sid,finally a guy that have a backbone. and he remind me of ashkay kumar and the voice is similar. anyway i hope he tells roshni soon or she might actually marry krish.

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