Gustakh Dil 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laajjo trying to know from Nikhil if he is hiding anything. He says we will meet after rehearsals. Sagar comes and greets Nikhil. Nikhil says he will meet later and says yes I remember I m taking good care of our superstar, I will come to pick her up. Sagar says I will drop her. Nikhil says no, we have to go somewhere, so I will come. Sagar says ofcourse she is your wife. Nikhil says she is my life as well and leaves. Sagar sees Lajjo happy and smiles. The CBI lady official thinks its time to use Nikhil, as he will make us reach the diamond merchant, he will be in our arrest soon.

Inder tells Barkha not to worry, as he will handle everything. Mrs. Naina, Karanveer’s mum calls Barkha and taunts her about Ayesha. She says Ayesha is having an affair with Adhiraj. Barkha tries to clear that press prints anything. Naina cancels the relation and Barkha is shocked. She tells this to Inder and Nani, and they are worried. They come out and see Adhiraj. Adhiraj says he came to meet Ayesha. Barkha says how dare you come here, you have defamed our daughter. She accuses Adhiraj for everything.

He says I won’t be here if she did not help me, we are just friends. Ayesha comes and hears Adhiraj saying he did not want Ayesha to come court and become the witness, I tried to stop her many times, but she did not listen to me. They look at Ayesha. Barkha signs her to go back to her room. Adhiraj says I came to tell her that this is starting, she would be called to court many times, she will eba sked bad questions, she will be insulted, and she will break, she does not know what she did. Barkha asks is he threatening them.

Adhiraj says no, I m trying to explain her and your name will be spoiled, she can move back. Ayesha says no, I won’t move back. Nikhil comes and hears this. Adhiraj says I did not want problems to be in your family. Nikhil says let there be problems, but I think Ayesha is right. He supports Ayesha and she smiles. Barkha asks Nikhil not to interfere. Nikhil says Ayesha can take her decisions herself, why this debate now. He asks Adhiraj what would he do if he was in Ayesha’s place. He asks Inder to understand Ayesha.

Inder says its not so simple Nikhil, you can’t understand this, but Ayesha is a girl, my daughter and being a father, you won’t understand how much I m worrying for her, she is going to give statement in a murder case. He thanks Adhiraj for his concern and requests him to leave now. Nikhil says he will advice Adhiraj as a friend, Ayesha is doing this tough thing by courage, I know she is a strong girl but I think you will support and understand her. Adhiraj leaves.

Nikhil talks to Barkha defending Ayesha. He tells Ayesha that he is with her, and he does not care what relation she has with Adhiraj, the fact is she was with Adhiraj that night, and she can’t ruin an innocent guy’s life, we are proud of you, Lajjo and I are with you. Barkha leaves. Lajjo walks on the road while Nikhil is thinking about her words. He thinks he shpuld tell Lajjo the truth today. He sees her in the mirror and some guy following her.

Nikhil comes running to her and catches the guy who was after her to take her autograph. He takes Lajjo. She asks why was he worried. He says no, I felt he can misbehave with you. He thinks how to tell Lajjo. She talks about Mili and asks him why is he worried, what is he thinking. He says nothing, and jokes. He says he wants to take her to their world, a far place away from all tension. A car comes and stops infront of Nikhil’s car. It’s the CBI. They take out Nikhil and check him. Lajjo is shocked. Lajjo asks what are they doing, what did he do. The CBI lady says if he tells you, it will be better. Lajjo looks at Nikhil.

Nikhil tells CBI to arrest Ranawat. She says we can’t arrest him without any proof, as all proofs are against you. Lajjo says I have an idea.

Update Credit to: Amena

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