Ek Boond Ishq 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tara says toss the top in front of me you said I wanna see if you started listening to your heart or not. He tosses in the floor and then gets it on his hand. He says you ahev got your answer. I will return this to pari. Tara says what if I lose in love? I will keep trying.

Vidant comes in with nandu she says come I will show you your room. Everything is messed up there. He says you should change, nandu says this is okay what I am wearing. He asks do you have clothes? She says no. He gives her the clothes. He goes out of the room.

Scene 2
Next morning, omkar comes to tara and sits besides her. he says a very few days are left that’s what you are thinking ? These are the wedding catalogs choose a bridal dress. tara asks what for ? He says we are getting married again and I want you to stand out. Tara says what drama is that now ? He sasy there is no drama we have crossed seven years together. I have decided the name of the ceremony. He shows her the cards. tara says lets name is hide the truth ceremony. I know you ahev a lot of time and money to waste but what about respect we al have one. He sasy you are sia. tara says what a miracle it would be for me to accept who I am not. I am tara. I am not your wife sia I am your enemy. WHen I will shatter your respect you won’t like it. He says you forgot that I am a doctor and I know many ways to treat a patient. you will come to the wedding hall running. Tara says confidence is good for health and over confidence is hazardous. He leaves tara throws away the things and says psycho. Mj comes there, tara is crying hard. Mj extends his hand to pat on her should but he stops and stares at the invitation card. Mj recalls omkar says choose a wedding costume. Balli says I heart why should I jump between the personal matter of a couple. She is sia. He leaves. he turns back at her and then leaves. Tara recalls her wedding that took place in the jail. She says we will never get wed omakr. I have take 21 rounds with mj and I will take 7 more if needed.

Scene 3
Lado looks at the newspaper that says lost culprit kala’s search on going. she says in heart I think Bhopal police has sent the file to dehli police. The policeman comes to laddo but laddor keeps on walking. He says stop. Kala takes out the pistol. Policeman says madam said you know everyone here, Laddo says she was right, I know everyone. I love to help policeman. He asks about someone else. Laddo directs him somewhere and he leaves. Laddo says he didn’t come for me but what about tomorrow. The case has opened in Bhopal and can reach dehli any time.

Scene 4
Rani brings the food to tara. Mj stands outside her door. Tara aks the beautician to write M with the mehndi. She says my husband’s name starts from m. tara asks mj how is the mehndi. He says ask your husband. Tara sasy that’s what I am doing. I mean can’t you tell. He sasy its good. Tara says a strand has gone inside my eye I can’t help myself. Do it for me. He asides the strand. Mj leaves. tara says where are you going ? Make me eat. He says rani has given you the food. Tara says how can I eat there is mehndi in my hands. Make me eat. You know people used to say if husband kills the wife wife goes to paradise. he says what rubbish is that ? She says I talk rubbish when I am hungry so yeah make me eat. He says is it important to do ? tara says yes because I am really hungry. tara says in heart its been ages since I ate from your hands. tara recalls when mk used to make her eat. She is in tears. He asks is it spicy ? tara says no. gives her the water. omkar comes there and sees them together. He says how dare you to feed my wife. tara shows his the mehndi. Mj leaves. Omkaar says there are so many servants here you could ask them. tara says I am not sia and it will be better for you to get that. I was hungry and I don’t like to wait. He says you could have asked me I would have madde you eat. Its really like this that you have put on this mehndi. Tara says look at this ahnd you will like this. DO you see this ‘M’? You know you write husband’s name’s first letter on hand. He says you really look beautiful when you see dream with open eyes. it will be better if you add an o before m. omkar.

Precap-Wedding starts tara says mj. Mj comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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