O Gujariya 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Vaibhavi tells her father name is Abhimanyu singh..Shaurya tells he wont tell to anyone.Shaurya shows her magazine …Vaibhavi cries and somehow controls herself…Shaurya tells its okey he understand..Vaibhavi denies..Shaurya tells one time he should trust him…Vaibhavi tells he dont know anything how she was insulted…Vaibhavi tells his father was not a backstabber and she will prive it..Shaurya tells he is along with her..tells that he will support her..as he consider her friend…shaurya gives her the magazine..Vaibhavi tells se want time and goes away…
NAtasha hugs his ex boyfriend Viren..infront of Kabir.as to make him jealous.Kabir notices and tells Viren that Natsha is his girlfriend.Natasha tells herself that it must be a good day of her life as both of them will fight.for her…Viren asks kabir is the same person who fought in the party..Kabir tells him that Natasha is making him fool for such a lady ..Viren tells his in serious relationship with Natasha for the past Three years…Kabir tells girls just use boys now he has come will take the revenge..kabir tells he looks sweet from face but is very naughty..Viren promise kabir to break Natasha heart the same way she did to him..Kabir hugs him.Natasha gets shocked…kabir goes to Natsha and pulls her..Both look at each other..Kabir was about to kiss but Natasha moves away..Natasha ask if he is giving committment to her..Kabir ignores and goes…
Vaibhavi cries by touching her father picture…tells that one day she will proudly say that she is his daughter…Vaibhavi thinks of her childhood…when she was 4-yrs old goes to her father and tells she is injured Her father says never to fall as she is an angel..And says whenever she fall she have to get up at her own and will find him near…He recieves a call and goes away…little Vaibhavi sees his father arguing with two people saying that they work for India…His father calls her and hugs…her…Vaibhavi criess.
IN the class Samar tries to call Ada but stops…Ada acts as if studying…pencil falls Samar and Ada tries to pick up and looks at each other…Vaibhavi is lost in the class…Prof comes and asks if there is any problem..Vaibhavi says noo and leavs..Ada and Natasha notices this…Natasha asks Ada whay happened to her..Ada tells may be her new act..Natasha tells no Vaibhavi will never cry…Vaibhavi goes in the washroom and looks at mirror…Thinks again about her childhood when her father os playing with her..Door bell rings Suman opens the door finds policman…Policeman tells he has come to arrest him in a scandel…Suman tells he is very honest..Annirudh tells..he works in Civil services..Policeofficer tells its her arrest warrant….Annirudh tells ok he will cooperate…LITTLE Vaibhavi calls papa…Annirudh tells he will come in a hour….Natasha comes and asks Vaobhavi is she okey…Natasha tells she can share why is he sad..as they have done project and fight…Vaibhavi tells thanks and says she dont need any kind of help and goes..Natasha says Vaibhavi is soo weird.
In next scene Samar follows Ada…asks her to come Canteen…Ada refuses..Samar tells to meet in canteen…Vaibhavi standing in the corridor thinks about her childhood asking Suman(her mother) when her father will come…People gather in the house and beat her mother…Suman tells his husband is innocent…The people beat them with stones…Little Vaibhavi tells his father is innocent he hasnt done anythng…
IN next scene Shaurya walks…is worried…Kabir comes..and tells he want money…Shaurya tells he last week only he gave 5000rs…Kabir tells he is not living on 1970″s …he has some important work to do….Shaurya gives money..kabir gets happy….Shaurya runs back of Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi takes to her room tells that he may have many questions about her…She tell she will answer…And set fires to the magazine…Shaurya gets shocked..

Precap: Vaibhavi tells his father is Late Abhimanyu Singh born in jabalpur and trained in Secundrabad first training in Amritsar and last in Pune..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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