Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna finds insurance company’s papers in Charu’s purse. Charu sits on the bed awake.
Gunjan asks for the family help as she wants Mayank out of jail. Shayl agrees saying they also want Mayank to be bailed respectfully. Rachna turns around with a glass of water in hand and offers it to Charu. She asks how I came here, its 3.15. Rachna says you fell down the bed. Charu’s phone rings, she watches it, thinks about something and throws the glass. She sends Rachna to get the duster and says to the one on phone that she is coming. Rachna hears this, and goes to Gunjan. Charu comes there; Gunjan says that doctor says that she has to rest. Charu says that she has to go now, but she promises she will get Mayank out of jail. She gets a call, and says she will call later.
Bauji comes there, Gunjan gives them food for Mayank and wishes he comes home soon. Charu gets the call, and shouts that she said she is coming soon. Charu explains that she should tell the maid to light the candle. Rachna says that she must let Charu go, if it is necessary. Charu leaves immediately, Bauji also goes away. Rachna tells Gunjan Charu had the insurance bill ready. She also tells her there was a text on her mobile that she has to meet someone. Gunjan says her game is bigger than she thought.
The police inspector comes to Mayank with tea. He asks have you murdered your lover’s husband. Mayank says I didn’t kill anyone. He asks how are you so calm? Mayank says that he loves his wife, she trusts him and he is sure she will get him out of here.
Bauji and lawyer come and tell him the post-mortem report has come which says that the body was beaten before killing and then put into fire. Mayank says nothing such happened. He watches the report and says this report is false as it says his weight was 98 which are far more than GS’s real weight.
Rachna and Gunjan follow Charu with KT. They reach an office. KT asks Rachna to ask the receptionist. She denies helping her. KT comes to her and butters her a bit, telling her the lady is his girlfriend and is annoyed with him. The girl agrees to help. They do not find any name as Charu or Mrs. Segal. KT says they must look for them by themselves.
Seema explains to the ladies why they let that lady inside. Seema says that they had to get the evidence. Prabhu comes there too. The lady says that people are talking that in Gunjan’s social service, has Charu been involved with Mayank? Seema tells them to leave and cries. Prabhu asks her to be brave and trust their son.
Charu comes into a room. KT knocks a door and hides away from the passage just to see who comes out. Inside the room, Charu asks the bearded man if she can get a drink. He brings it for her and says that she is tired of acting. Had Mayank not been stubborn, they wouldn’t have to work so hard. The waiter brings drink for Charu, she tells him not to disturb. He meets them in the corridor, dropping a handkerchief. Rachna says it is Charu’s. The man now removes his beard, it was GS. He recalls how he replaced his body with someone else’s. He appreciates her play, Charu tells him to be conscious. KT tells them both to leave as he has some idea. He knocks the door, Charu tells him to put on the beard. GS comes out of the room, KT passes him and smiles at him. Charu asks who was it. GS says there was no one, and tells her to leave it. He asks her about the insurance papers, Charu says company accepted the death and is ready to give the cheque. GS says that after getting the cheque, we will leave for London and wont leave Mayank. She says they must leave the place now. KT says that he was an old man, religious. Rachna says she is sure that is Charu’s handkerchief. She suggests they must look upstairs, as they were going on the stairs, Gunjan sees Charu leaving with the old man.

PRECAP: Gunjan says they must do something before the case starts. She looks from the window upstairs as Charu meets GS and recognizes his eyes. Rachna comes to Charu while KT gets GS and removes his fake beard.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. cool epi 🙂 precap looks great well done girls n also kt well done 😀 n I also heard tht CHARU i a leaving the show well gd fr us anyways 😀

  2. sorry “is” leaving the show :p spelling mistake :p

    1. Yes i heard it too ! it’s disappointing because : ok we hate Charu but ….. Aanchal Khurana is very lovely…. I think that they should just change the track… She really deserve to stay in the show

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