Gupta Brothers 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditi crosses all limits to humiliate Jaya

Gupta Brothers 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veeru telling Jaya that his life is ruined after marrying her and says my house problems and arguments is you. He says my Bhaiyya and Bhabhimaa are not happy because of you and asks her to go somewhere and die. Jaya goes out of the hotel room crying and thinks of his words. Alok comes out of his room and sees her going out in night. He goes behind her and sees her walking blindly. Jaya thinks of Veeru’s words and comes infront of the speedy car. The driver is drinking and presses the horn, and is about to hit her, when Alok saves Jaya. Jaya asks why did you save me? She says let me die as everyone thinks me wrong. Alok says nobody thinks of you like this and asks her to return for his sake. They return to the hotel. Alok gives her water and asks why did she do this? Jaya tells that everyone is worried because of me, I am burdened for everyone. She says there is nobody, who cares for me. Alok says you are my childhood friend, though I don’t have feelings for you, but I will not let you alone and will be with you always. He says this is my promise. Jaya holds his hand. Aditi comes there and gets angry seeing them holding each other’s hand. She goes to Veeru’s room angrily and asks him to open the door. She gets inside the room and asks him to get up. Veeru is sleeping in drunken state. Aditi throws water on his face. He gets up angrily and says you are gone 1.5 phasli. He sees Aditi and asks what are you doing here? Aditi says do you know what your wife is doing? Veeru asks what? She says your wife has crossed all limits today and asks him to come and see with her. Jaya and Alok plan to fly the kite. Alok says Aditi will see the kite enjoyment this time. Aditi comes and pushes him. Alok asks what is this? Aditi says I am keeping this shameless away from you and blames her for trying to trap her, by acting as helpless girl. She says she is trying to romance my husband, by stealing from me.

Jaya asks what is this nonsense? Alok asks did you get mad? Aditi says I slept for sometime and she reached our room. She says she must have seen me sleeping, and thought nothing happened between us, so she got the chance to do anything with him. Alok asks if you knows what are you doing? Aditi asks Veeru to take her to room and says if she don’t stay in limits then she will kill her. Alok asks her to stop it. Aditi asks Alok to come and threatens to commit suicide if he don’t come with her. She drags Alok from there. Jaya asks Veeru to call her shameless, characterless, husband snatcher etc.

Ganga is about to do the rasam of the pregnant lady, but her mother in law stops her and tells that Ganga has no children, says if the baby gets affected with her reflection then. Shiv tries to say, but Amba stops him and says we know the ritual. She asks why did you call them if you don’t want her to do the rasam. The lady says I don’t want any shagun from her. She says I will ask Ganga to do shagun of my other bahu, if she gets her child by then. Rajat calls Maa to Ganga, runs and hugs her. Ek dusre se…plays….He says this is my mother and says I am her son. He says you made my Maa cry, you are bad. He asks Ganga, are you my mother? Ganga says yes, my son…I am your mother. She hugs him back and asks him to apologize to elders. Rajat says sorry. Shiv says sorry for interfering and says these are values, which my wife gave to her son. He says Kanha’s mother is yashoda maiyya, even if she didn’t give him birth. He says Ganga is Yashoda for Rajat. He says you are getting puja for the would be baby and asks them to do it with good heart, and not by hurting someone’s heart. He asks them to give good values to their children, thanks them for invite and asks Ganga to come. Ganga says such good thing will happen in our house, as I have two more sons and they will soon have a child. Amba thinks you will become Dadi soon, as Jaya will give heir to the family.

Jaya asks Veeru to take her to the cliff and push her, and says she will not say anything. Veeru is looking at her with stick in his hand. Jaya looks on.

Precap: Aditi tells Jaya that Alok and she have their honeymoon and asks her to wait to hear about her pregnancy. She says then you will believe that Alok is mine. Veeru hears her. Jaya gets up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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