Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Some Robbers attack Kalyani’s house

Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Avni teasing Sarthak telling that she wanted him to die, but he became paralyzed and her work became easy. She asks what happened, if he couldn’t speak. She pushes him from the wheel chair and makes him fall down. She asks him not to have hopes to get fine, and says I won’t let you get fine. Anupriya comes there and hears her. She asks how dare you and pushes him? She then makes Sarthak gets up from the floor and makes him sit on the chair. She says I will see how anyone treats badly with him. She says I will make him better. Avni asks if she has memory loss and tells that she is his wife and that’s why can do anything with him. Anupriya says she was talking about his betterment of his condition and tells that she has become stronger in jail and asks if she wants to test her. Avni gets scared and goes. Anupriya comes to Sarthak and makes him drink water. She says you don’t need to give any clarification, you might have some helplessness and that’s why married Avni. She goes to bring food for him and cries in the kitchen, thinking destiny is repeating the history. She thinks she couldn’t help Kalyani when she needs her the most. She feels apologetic and thinks I am helpless, forgive me Kalyani. Shera hears her and thinks why to make Kalyani smiles.

A masked guy on the wheel chair calls someone. Kalyani gets a call and someone tells her that they got the info about the thieves of the vittal God’s idol. Kalyani notes down the info and thinks she didn’t ask the caller info. Shera says let it go, you got the info and that’s enough. He picks Tommy’s call and thanks him. Shera and Kalyani leave in the jeep. The masked man is sitting on the wheelchair at the other side of the house. Kalyani says if Aai would have told about the thieves..Shera says she is your step mother. Kalyani tells that some relations have deep connection than blood relations. She plays the radio and sings the sad song along. Shera plays the new song. Kalyani says today is Malhar ji’s birthday and she feels that he will be with her always, with these songs. She plays old song again…aapki nazron ne samjha…Shera drives the jeep and stops telling that he is feeling sleepy. He drinks water and coughs. Kalyani asks who asked you to drink faster and pats on his back. He thinks Kalyani ji is worried for him and thinks if Tommy’s words come true then..

The masked man asks his goons to spray at everyone in the house, so that they can do the work successfully, as Kalyani and Malhar are away. Shera takes Kalyani to the market. Kalyani says there was no shops here. Shera says it is new, you must not have seen it. Tommy comes to Shera and says shops were set by him for Kalyani. Avni, Sarthak, Godaveri and Aao Saheb are unconscious are in the house. Anupriya comes there and sees goon on the wheel chair. She asks who is he, just then they hit gun on her head and she faints. The goon asks the robbers to search Malhar’s son Moksh. Kalyani checks the clothes in the shop. The shop keeper says he is burdened by his daughter’s responsibility, as someone aims gun at him. Shera asks her to select clothes for him. When she selects, he wears the kurta there itself. He imagines singing tujhme rab dikhta hai….song. Kalyani says they are very late. Shera says he is hungry and asks shall we eat? Kalyani asks if you are a child. The goons couldn’t find Moksh. The goon tells that they shall do the work for what they came. Moksh tries to escape. Shera asks the chaat stall guy to make chaat for them and tells that Godaveri told him that she likes spicy chaat. Moksh comes to Godaveri’s room and takes the phone kept on the bed. The goon on wheel chair comes there. Moksh hides inside the cupboard.

Precap: The Robbers search for something in the room, where Moksh is hidden. The goon on wheelchair is about to open the cupboard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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