Sanskar blinked his eyes finally feeling the life again. He wiped his as he approached Ragini who was seated on the scooter. Ragini’s happiness was evident on her face. She excitedly placed the key in the jack and was about to ignite the engine.

She felt a hand over her wrist and looked up to find Sanskar. He just stared her blank not able to answer her questioning gaze. “What?” she asked finally when there was no response from Sanskar even after a long pause.

His heart felt sinking suddenly. “Um” he processed his thoughts trying to search for a reason.

How could he tell his wife to reject the gift her brother presented. But he had do this at any cost.

“You won’t drive it” he said in a breath. Ragini’s confusing expression turned to annoyance. “Why?” she stood up from the scooter.

Sanskar looked at her and then gazed into her eyes. “Because I don’t want you to” he said this time cursing himself. “And may I ask why are you deciding for me?” she crossed her arms.

“Just listen to what I said Ragini. Don’t argue. Get ready we are leaving now” he did not see in her eyes this time. Because he knew if she finds the fear in his eyes she will not let him just walk away.

She was Ragini after all. She still did not let him walk away. “What makes you feel I will do as you say” she shot and Sanskar closed his eyes stopping his steps.

“You are coming with me and now” he uttered without turning. “But….” “Bacha” Vikram interrupted their argument.

Though he loved the way Sanskar and Ragini argued but right now the situation was turning ugly. He surely did not wanted his sister’s marriage to hit the rocks so soon. Not on the second day of the marriage at least.

“It’s fine. Anyways I’m the idiot seriously” Vikram walked to her wearing a smile. “Why will you need it now anyways you will be traveling with the luxury cars and you have drivers to take you anywhere you want. I’m totally an idiot” he chuckled ruffling his hair.

“No Bhayyu…” Ragini was again interrupted by Vikram. “It’s okay. Totally fine. I understand his point of view. Now be a good girl and get going” he cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

“It is your gift. I can’t leave it” Ragini squeezed her eyes looking apologetically at her brother. “It wasn’t the last one right? So that’s okay. The most expensive gift what I can give is love and nobody can stop me from showering my baby sister with it. Not even your screw-less hubby” Vikram chuckled making Ragini smile a bit.

“I’m sorry” she said with a weak voice. “Shhh… Don’t be. I don’t mind at all. What matters to me the most is you and your happiness” he caressed her hair lovingly while she embraced him placing her head over his chest.

Sanskar’s eye dropped a tear imagining what level of pain it had brought to Ragini not to take the gift her brother presented.

He quickly wiped it taking a sharp breath. Ragini walked inside passing him without looking at him. He just kept staring her.

“I..” he tried speaking to Vikram. “That’s fine Sanky.” Vikram smiled at Sanskar. “Thanks yaar” Sanskar looked at him with gratitude in his eyes. Vikram side hugged Sanskar and smiled.

“But you gotta handle your wife now” Vikram spoke while Ragini walked out of the house not even looking at Sanskar. “Bhayyu” she called and Vikram walked out behind her.

Sumi placed her hand on Sanskar’s shoulder who was watching Ragini and Vikram. “You have great kids” Sanskar smiled.

“Everything will be fine” Sumi rubbed his shoulder. “And I trust my son in law. He can handle this better than anyone” Sumi looked into his eyes.

He turned and hugged her and she rubbed his back trying to console his anxious heart.
“I will leave” he said greeting Sumi and then Vikram who came to the door. “Say I will be back” Sumi said and Sanskar nodded his head smiling. “She is not in a good mood” Vikram whispered in Sanskar’s ears while hugging.

“I know” Sanskar smiled at Vikram. While Sanskar was moving looking at his car where pissed off Ragini was waiting for him, he felt a grip on his wrist.

“I don’t know what made you to piss her off. But I trust you with my bacha. Just remember she drops a tear and you will not have blood in your body to drop” Sanskar looked at Vikram.

“You are freaky” Sanskar blinked his eyes at Vikram who laughed.

“I am. When it is about my little life” Vikram pointed at Ragini. Sanskar’s worry was replaced by a smile.

Sanskar was driving the car and Ragini was just staring out of the window not even looking at him. “You know right I can’t stay without looking at your face for so long” Sanskar looked at her. She did not move.

“Ragini please” she closed her eyes hearing him. He placed his hand over her shoulder which she jerked off. He exactly knew how she might be feeling right now and her anger was justified.

But the same time he was worried. Worried about that uncertain future.

His eyes looked at the Raheja mansion what passed by. He took a u turn and drove his car to Raheja Mansion as he knew more than Rawat mansion Ragini can be cooled here.

“Come on” Sanskar walked to Ragini’s door when he parked the car in Raheja Mansion parking. She looked at him and he nervously smiled at her.

He moved away and stood while she got down from the car. “Jhalli” Yohan came with a wide smile on his face. He hugged her and she smiled.

“You met her just two days ago. Don’t be so dramatic chote” Sanskar who was looking at his brother weirdly spoke.

“Haa like you stay without her badbad for one day and tell me bro” Yohan complained. “I was away for three years you forgot?” Sanskar raised one eye brow.

“Haa Yohan your heartless brother can do anything” Ragini said with the same cold expression. “But then also did you forgot Mandha Budhi Sahil bhai used to send you Ragini’s videos?” Yohan asked Sanskar.

“Satyanash” Sanskar whispered lowly. “My videos?” Ragini asked with wide open eyes. “Videos Ragini. Videos” Sanskar smiled nervously.

“I know I know videos spell V I D E O S. Why is he saying my videos?” Ragini crossed her arms glaring Sanskar who gulped in scared.

“Today its screw my marriage day is it?” he thought in his mind.

“Yohan you jerk. How can you be so careless” Sanskar shot at Yohan who looked at him confused. “I mean did you feed Kavya break fast?” asked Sanskar.

“Bro it’s 12 and it’s lunch time” Yohan gave a bore look. “Haa that’s what? You know right she is pregnant and she needs special care and how can you be so careless about her timings?” Sanskar asked Yohan.

“Kavi’s lunch time is at 1” Ragini answered instead of Yohan. “I… I know. But what about lunch preparations. He should cook it by now right?” Sanskar tried reasoning. Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Yohan is her husband not cook. Meanwhile Avantu Maa cooks food” Ragini shot him an angry glare. “Exactly. Yohan tu tho nikamma hai. Tu apni pregnant biwi ki seva apni budhi maa se karva raha hai?” Sanskar spoke.

“You so didn’t say that right?” Ragini looked at him shocked and Yohan covered his mouth. Sanskar for a moment did not understood what was she talking about.

“You called Avantika Budhi?” Harish who was at the door spoke approaching them. “Yayy someone agreed the fact” Harish jumped.

“Mumma” Yohan screamed deafening them. “Chup kar mumma ke chamche” Harish covered his mouth. Sanskar who realized what he spoke widened his eyes.

“What is it Yohan. I have told you so many times call Kavi instead my name. You are going to be a father in few months you idiot” Avantika walked out.

“Ragu” she rushed to Ragini and hugged her. “Maa” Ragini smiled covering Avantika. “Gosh I missed you so much” Avantika spoke cupping Ragini’s face.

“Why are all behaving like you met her years ago and picturing me as a zalim husband?” Sanskar looked at them confused.

“Heartless” Avantika and Ragini spoke in unison. “Come on get inside” Avantika walked inside the house with them.

“Ragu” Kavya had a huge grin finding Ragini and they both hugged each other. “I know you have got long list of friends but you are the only one of mine can’t you talk to me everyday?” Kavya pouted.

“So we were invisible all these years?” Yohan crossed his arms. “Exactly my point” Sanskar looked at Kavya.

She walked and hugged Sanskar. “I missed you too” she said emotionally and Sanskar smiled covering her and patted her head.

As he dragged her out of the hug he noticed Kavya in tears. “Hey Kavi” he bent to her and wiped her face. “Oye Sanki why did you make my Kavi cry haa?” asked Ragini dragging Kavya towards her. “Oh hello she is my best friend before anyone’s alright?” he dragged Kavya towards him.

“Bhai… Jhalli. I have a single piece of Biwi so stop trying to tear her apart” Yohan held Kavya.

“Awww” Ragini and Sanskar said at a time. “But why is she crying gadhe?” asked Sanskar. Kavya chuckled through her tears.

“I missed hearing this too” Kavya wiped her face. “What did you do this time Chimpanzee? I swear I will rip your body” Ragini warned Yohan. While Yohan was looking at both of them confused Kavya laughed.

“Oh God I missed this too” she said nodding her head.

“I’m fine. Just was missing you badly” Kavya smiled. “Phew” Yohan left a breath of relief when he saw Ragini and Sanskar covering Kavya from either sides.

“These pregnancy mood swings gonna be the reason for my murder some day. Like every one keeps threatening me over it. Sahil Bhai and Ansh were any less oh what this Jhalli and Sanky bhai also joined the troop against me?” Yohan sat on the couch.

Kavya signed Sanskar and Ragini and they walked and hugged Yohan from all the sides.

“You know you are the best thing which can happen to anyone” Ragini whispered while she placed her head over his chest.

“Oh I’m the best” he said proudly. “Yeah the best gadha and chimpanzee” Kavya and Sanskar said in chorus and gave high five to each other.

“Oye nobody calls my chimpanzee a chimpanzee okay. He is my official chimpanzee and if you want one buy” Ragini twisted her lips.

“Like what do you think I am?” Yohan shrugged his shoulders. “My  chimpanzee, gorilla, bandar everything” she smiled widely and hugged him again.

Sanskar side hugged Kavya and they both watched Ragini and Yohan.

“I miss that Karela so much. I’m starving to giving a sarcastic reply to that jwalamukhi” Ragini pouted cutely.

“When Yohan is here. Why to fear? Wah rhyming” Yohan appreciated himself.

“Wait” Yohan brought his tablet and dialed Sahil’s number. He did not picked up the call. “He did not pick the call” Ragini said sadly.

“Wait” Sanskar dialed from his phone but again he did not pick the call. “Let me try” Avantika first and then Harish and then Kavya tried calling Sahil but he did not pick the call.

“What’s wrong with this Sadu Sahil” Ragini was getting worried. She dialed the number and in two rings he picked the call.

“Are you insane Sade hue Karele. How much time it takes for you to receive a call. You haven’t reached some other planet right? And you know how scared we were. I mean seriously there is a limit for carelessness. But you are the Sadu right and your limitless careless. I know that word doesn’t make sense but have you behaved at least for a second with all your senses. Wish you had those senses I would have gone to theen dham yaatra. But no god got only you to manufacture without brain and threw me in my life. You jerk moron and what not.” she huffed walking around.

“Now will you speak gunge?” asked she annoyed.

Sanskar Yohan and Kavya looked at her with their jaws dropping to the ground. “I feel Sahil bhai fainted already on the other side” Yohan said still in trance.

“What if he is kidnapped and the kidnapper has picked the call?” Kavya bit her nails. Sanskar and Yohan looked at her. “Then two things will happen” Sanskar looked at his wife.

“Either the kidnapper will commit suicide after hearing this short summary or” he stopped. “Or?” Kavya and Yohan looked at him.

“They might shoot Sahil on the head for having such nuclear bomb hidden in his phone” Sanskar spoke with his wide open eyes and both looked at Ragini.

“Hello” Ragini rolled her eyes. “You forgot the words beyond that?” she twitched her lips. “Sa..” she stopped suddenly as realization hit her. “Why are you talking in a woman’s voice?” she cocked her eye brow.

“Lady kidnapper?” Yohan’s mouth formed a ‘O’.

“Will you speak now or I have to take appointment for next year?” asked she. “If you let me speak then” she heard the voice from the other side.

“Who is this?” asked Ragini confused. “Actually I saw a phone here in the waiting area so picked up…” “waiting area?” Ragini interrupted the voice again.

“Okay first finish all the words of your vocabulary then I will speak” the voice said and Ragini closed her mouth refraining herself from saying something.

“It’s the waiting area of a hospital” Ragini’s eyes went wide. “Hospital?” she spoke worried.

“Excuse Me?” Ragvi turned hearing a voice. “That’s my dad’s phone. I’m sorry I left it here” Ansh said with a wide smile and stretched arm.

“Oh” Ragvi gave him the phone. Ansh  placed the phone near his ear.

“Ansh…. Baby how are you? What happened why are you in hospital? Where is you Sadu Dad?” Ragini asked worried.

“Maa” Ansh stopped Ragini. Ragvi who was walking stopped hearing him. There was some weird feeling in that voice and it bound her to a magical spell.

“I’m fine. Stop worrying alright?” he said and Ragini sighed. “Tell me your Dad did not hit his brainless skull anywhere” she said caressing her forehead.

“He probably might have hit you know in his childhood?” Ansh chuckled making Ragini relax and she smiled still with a worried face.

“We just came to see Sriti Mami. Vikram Mamu had something for her if you forgot your date gajni bhai had forgotten her birthday last week” Ansh smiled.

“Oh yeah. It just did not ring in my mind at the right time and you know when it is about you I act insanely” she smiled taking a deep breath.

“I love you maa” he kissed the phone and Ragini finally smiled leaving all the worries behind.

“I love you too baby. Come back soon mumma misses you badly” Ragini’s eyes twinkled with the tear.

“We will be there by tomorrow” Ansh spoke. “Bye mumma. Love you” Ansh disconnected the call.

Ragvi was still looking at him. “You love your mother so much. Why not when she goes through so much to give you birth and bring you to this world” she caressed his cheek kneeling in front of him.

“She is my Maa but she is not the one who gave me birth” said Ansh smiling widely. Ragvi cocked her eyebrows confused.

“My mumma went to God ji and when Godji could not see me without a mom he sent Ragini Maa. Oops Maa. She will be annoyed if I don’t call her maa” said Ansh covering his mouth cutely.

Ragvi smiled weakly understanding what he said. Ansh looked at his right. “There he is. My dad” Ansh walked towards Sahil who was looking around.

Ragvi who stood up looked at Sahil who smiled widely when Ansh stood near him. “Sahil” she whispered with her wide eyes. As Sahil was about to lift his head she turned immediately not giving him a chance to look at her face.

Sahil saw a lady’s back and suddenly his heart felt that he knows her and slowly approached her.

Ragvi who was scattered took deep breaths to gather herself and quickly walked to her cabin which had the board Management

Sahil looked at the one sided glass of the same cabin. He was confused why did he feel Ragvi’s presence suddenly.

Ragvi watched him through the one sided glass. Her hands moved over his face as tears brimmed her face. How much she wished to rush to him and crush him in her embrace but it wasn’t as simple as it looked.

Sahil felt weird feelings like he was missing something or someone.

“My mumma went to God ji” Ansh’s words ringed in her mind. And all the life got sucked out of her body in that fraction of second.

“D… dee…” her voice choked not able to get out of the trap.

“My… dee… d…dee… n…no. She… she can’t leave me” she fumbled. “She ca… cannot” she nodded her head. “It can’t be true. It… It can’t be” Ragvi slid down leaning to the glass window.

“NO…..” she screamed the hell out of her as she felt weak. Very weak.

Sriti who was near Sahil and standing behind him to call him heard her scream. “Ragvi” she said and looked at the cabin. Sahil’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the name.

With his numb figure he found Sriti walking towards a cabin. He made Ansh stand and walked behind Sriti with unsure steps.

Sriti opened the door of the cabin and found Ragvi in a vulnerable condition. “God. Ragvi what happened?” she asked approaching Ragvi and rocking her to console her.

“Shona” Sahil’s eye dropped that tear which was fighting a battle. She heard his voice and moved her eyes to the door where Sahil stood and was about to break into pieces.

He moved his gaze everywhere trying not to flood the emotions out of him.

He leaned to the door collapsing.

Ragvi couldn’t hold herself anymore. She rushed to him.

“W….where… were you…?” he spoke fumbling. He dragged her and hugged her in a bone crushing embrace.

“You have no idea how much I missed you” he collapsed on the ground in front of her. “I… I” he struggled to speak.

“You are the worst friend you know?” he asked still staring the ground.

“You idiot, you stupid, brainless” he hit her playfully like a small kid while she chuckled through her tears kneeling in front of him.

“I’m sorry..I…” before she could say further he hugged her again suffocating her.

Sriti watched them blankly.


Sriti took a deep sigh. “How can life be so confusing” she uttered finally understanding everything. “And if you leave us for a moron next time let me be behind the bars I’m gonna murder him. By the way where is he?” asked Sahil furious.

“Um. We broke up” Ragvi looked around not able to meet his eyes. Sriti observed it and understood that Ragvi was telling a lie.

“We better inform Vikram about it” Sriti avoided the topic. “He is gonna kill that moron for sure” Sahil said and Ragini squeezed her hand. Sahil cursing himself was not going well with her.

“Let him decide that but we need to inform him” Sriti said. “But” Ragvi looked at her unsure. “I don’t have courage to meet him. So please let it be like this. I’m at least at peace not happy though” Ragvi said looking down.

She walked away from there. Ansh got out of Sahil’s lap and walked towards Ragvi.

“As far as I know this Dumbo by the time we inform him she will run away again” Sahil said coldly.

“So?” asked Sriti. “I have a better plan” he smirked while Sriti looked at him confused.

“Maasi” Ragvi turned looking at Ansh. She picked him in her embrace. “Maa always says that more than anything in our life relations are important whether they are of blood or not. And we should never run away from them fearing of momentarily outburst” Ansh bent his head.

“You have an intelligent maa. Don’t you miss your mother?” asked Ragvi caressing his cheek. “I never could see her. Whatever memory I have of a mother then it is my Ragini Maa. Whenever I hear maa or say maa it’s her face what I remember” he said with a wide smile.

Ragini coughed as the water stuck in the wrong pipe. “Ragini” Sanskar who was descending the stairs rushed to her. He patted her head and made her drink the water. “Can’t you be careful Bandariya” he complained.

Pari smiled looking at them and Anjali admired them. All had finished the dinner and it was only Pari, Anjali and Ragini who were having the food.

“Chachi” they both heard Ani’s voice and looked at her. She was holding the glass of water. “Ohho Ani again you are late. Why can’t I be faster than Chachu” Ani talked to herself making them chuckle.

“Aww Ani” Ragini brought Ani on her lap. Ananya clapped her hands happy sitting in Pari’s lap.

“Come on babies. Time to sleep” Adarsh walked to them and lifted Ananya from Pari’s lap. Ani jumped out of Ragini’s lap and stood. She called Ragini and kissed her cheek which made Ragini smile. She walked to Adarsh and held his hand and the daughters along with their father moved to their room.

“Tough competition for Sanky” Anjali chuckled and Pari smiled nodding her head. “Um” he cleared his throat and walked to his room flushed.

Ragini looked at them and her cheeks turned crimson finding their teasing gaze. She continued the food.

After the cleaning chores Ragini walked to her room. As she walked inside she felt a grip on her waist. Sanskar who was standing behind the door covered her in his embrace and nuzzled his nose through her hair strands sending shivers down her spine.

“Sanki” she complained. “I’m sorry sorry sorry” he dragged her as close as possible and spoke. Ragini felt a tear drop on her shoulder.

She quickly turned and found Sanskar’s glassy eyes. “Don’t ask me why? I can’t tell you but” he looked into her eyes. His eyes had reddened due to pain.

“I don’t want to live without you. I’m too weak to let you go” he whispered painfully.

She placed her lips over his lips and inhaled all his emotions.

Touching his forehead with hers she looked into his eyes. “I won’t let you live than way either Sanskar. I won’t ask you why you behaved that way. But remember I’m always here with you to listen and share everything” she said smiling.

He pecked her lips. “I love you” he whispered. “That’s the problem Mandh Budhi I love you too” she chuckled through her tears.

Sanskar picked her in his arms and moved to the bed. She dangled her hands across his neck. Her heart beat was wild.

He placed her on the bed. “Shall I?” he huskily whispered in her ears and she nodded her head clutching his shirt.

He kissed her earlobe sending electricity through her body. His sensuous fingers moved over her back to untie the lace and when the knot untangled her breath hitched and she arched her back making for his lips to trace and draw patterns over her neck.

She hugged him blushing and covered her face in his chest. Sanskar smiled at her cute antics. “Mrs. Rawat are we blushing?” he teased her. She buried her head more inside and he kissed her hair.

“What happened?” he whispered. “I’m scared” she said softly.

“You are scared of me?” asked he. “I’m scared what if I disappoint you?” she said unsure. “You can never. Trust me” he kissed her shoulder making her shiver.

The night passed and they found each other’s soul as the time passed

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