Mehrya FF Our First Child Part 1

Hii all d Mehryians…I know its a difficult tym for all of us…yesterday ZKM ended n that too widout any Mehrya moments…so I pen down this…my one ff is pending bt I promise I will continue tht to…pls hit like ndo comment…

Mehak Singh Maan oops Mehak Shaurya Singh Ahlawat was looking at her hottest, dashing and handsome husband who is looking like a kid while sleeping and his arms were holding her as a child hold his favourite toy. They both get married one and half year back. Their parents choosed them for each other. Although they were strangers for each other but still they agreed for marriage and got married. First few months passed in understanding each other. Mehak don’t want popularity so see refused him to announce their marriage as it will also kill her freedom. Of course it would afterall she is wife of World Champion. She was looking at him with love filled eyes. From past 30 minutes she was continuously staring at him. She want to get out of his grip so that she could have the better view but as she tried to come out he tighten his grip. She tried but he was so strong even in sleep. She gave up and lie down there.
“Are you tired??”
“You are awake??”
“I was not getting sleep…”
“But you were sleeping…”
“I was pretending to be slept…but are you tired??”
“Yeah…very much…”
“Whaaat?? Seriously??”
“Hmm…after this long journey I am so tired…”
They had came to New York for their holidays. As they didn’t came on their honeymoon after marriage due to her studies because she was in her last year when they both get married but when Mehak proposed him yes she proposed him on their 1st year marriage anniversary he find chances to go out with her where no one can disturb them otherwise Mehak is always busy with his ma and dadi who are very much fond of her.
“What were you doing from past 30 minutes??”
“I was checking out my hot husband…”
“But you had checked me out when we were showering…didn’t you??”
“What to do if you are this much handsome that I could not take my eyes off…”
She was shocked that she had said these words. He chuckled while she hid her face in his chest. He started caressing her hairs. She kissed him on his bare chest where he had dugged her name with a heart.
“Would mind if I make love to you again??”
“You are my Shaurya na??”
His expressions changed and they both get up to sit upright.
“I am your Shaurya only…”
“Then why are you asking questions because my Shaurya knows everything before it comes on my tongue and you are asking questions…”
He smiled and palmed her face.
“I want to make this journey so beautiful…I want you to be comfortable here…”
“I can never be uncomfortable when I am with you…”
“I know but you know what…I want to be on holidays only because when we are in house you are with ma and dadi everytime and I just get your nights but as you are so tired so I…”
“Hooo…Mr. Cheesy Singh Ahlawat…you are embarassing me…”
She again hid her face in his chest and he chuckled. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed on her hairs.
“Mehak…why are you blushing so much??”
“Nothing…just like it…”
“Are you pregnant??”
“Ermm…I…I don’t…”
“You don’t know…right…”
“Hmm…I doubt…”
“Don’t worry…we will consult doctor in morning…now sleep my love…”
“Shaurya…what if I am pregnant??”
“Hmm…then I will announce our marriage tomorrow only…”
Mehak look at him with love filled eyes. He asked what in eyes. She just kissed his cheek and smiled as answer. Sleep took place over him and he slept. She was not getting sleep. She get up from bed and went near the big glass window of their room. She was in his shirt. She sat their on couch and was adoring the beauty of the place. There was so peace and no cocaphony unlike Delhi. Sunrise was something that she like so much. Every morning she woke up just to see the sunrise. She get up from the couch and checked Shaurya. He was in deep sleep so she went to have a shower. She took shower and came out in bathrobe. Shaurya was not there. She thought that he must have gone on walk but suddenly someone pulled her by waist. She was shocked and about to shout but as she saw Shaurya she sighed in relief.
“You scared me Shaurya…”
“Why did you woke up and have shower without me??”
“You were sleeping like a baby so I thought not to disturb you…”
He pushed a strand of hairs behind her ear kissed her cheek. She smiled and he pulled her more close to his heart. Both were looking in each other’s eyes. He bent down to taste her juicy lips but she put her hand in between and he ended up kissing her palm. He smirked and removed her hand. He was about to kiss her when door bell rang and Mehak pushed him.
“Go and open the door Mr. Boxer…”
“This doorbell…I will break it some day…”
He went to open the door cursing the doorbell. Mehak giggled on him and took her clothes from wardrobe for changing into them. Awara, servant, had came as he was informed by Jugraj that Shaurya and Mehak had came to New York. Shaurya asked him to go they can manage but as he was strictly ordered by Jugraj he was scared. Shaurya assured him and he left. He want to spend some time with Mehak as he knows that if Mehak is pregnant then he won’t get her time as she would be busy with their child. Mehak get ready in blue printed blouson maxi dress. Shaurya too have a bath and get ready in his casual jeans and T shirt. Both left for exploring the beauty of the city. They went to see many famous places and have their lunch in some restaurant. They went to some shops too where Mehak brought many things for their families. Shaurya was following her with shopping bags without saying even a word because he knew his beautiful wife that she will shop for others first and then for herself. She was going shop to shop and he was not paying attention to what she buys as his whole focus was on his wife who is looking so beautiful. At last she stopped on one shop and choosed a sleeveless knee length dress for herself. Shaurya grinned and blinked his eyes when Mehak asked him how the dress is. She smiled and brought the dress. She saw something and smiled widely.
“Shaurya…please wait here for 5 minutes and I will be back…”
“But where are you going jaan??”
“I just saw something…please Shaurya…”
“Okay but don’t get confused here as its new place for you…”
She smiled and left. He was watching her disappearing figure. He decided to buy something for her so that he could gift her on her birthday that is tomorrow. The main reason they came in New York is for celebrating her birthday. He brought two outfits for her and saw her approaching him. He quickly hide that bag from her.
“Now tell me where you went??”
“I saw Samira here so I went to meet her…”
“She was my collegemate…I didn’t took you with me because she is…”
“Oh my god Shaurya Singh Ahlawat…are you really here??”
Both turned to the owner of the voice. Mehak was shocked to see Samira standing in front of them. She gupled her saliva and blinked few times. Samira was in surprised to see Shaurya there so she hadn’t paid attention to Mehak while Shaurya was confused.
“Shaurya sir…I am your biggest fan…I don’t know how to react as you are standing in front of me that is not less than dr…”
She saw Mehak standing beside him and Shaurya was holding her hand.
“She is Samira…”
“Mehak…you…with Shaurya sir??”
“Actually what Mehak??”
“She is my wife Miss Samira…”
“Wife?? But you are unmarried and she is also unmarried…then how??”
“Shaurya…please let it go na…”
He palmed her face with his one hand while another was still holding her hand. She was looking tensed as she never want publicity but if people get to know about their marriage then people will gave her special treatment.
“Some day everyone will get to know that you are my better half…my wife…my love…my life my everything…what will happen if Samira get to know this first?? Nothing na…”
He kissed on her forehead and she smiled. Samira was witnessing all this and she understood how much they are in love.
“Mehak…you are so lucky…you are having a perfect life partner…well congratulations to you both…”
“Would you mind if I took selfie with you Shaurya sir??”
“No I won’t…”
Mehak was getting aside but Shaurya hold her hand tightly. She asked what in eyes and he shaked his head for no. Samira smiled.
“Its okay…I know you both must be on holiday so I won’t disturb you again…”
“Thank you Samira…”
Samira smiled and left. He pulled her more on him and she made an angry pout. He knew that she is angry as he didn’t let Samira to have a selfie with him so he gave a wet kiss on her cheek that made her smile. He smirked and took the shopping bags. Both headed to their house. Both were tired of the whole day events. Mehak went to have shower while Shaurya was lying on bed. She changed into her night gown and went to check if their were some fruits as they have only fruits in dinner. She prepared fruit salad for themselves while Shaurya took bath. He went in kitchen and found his lovely wife preparing their dinner. He went near her and caged her in his strong arms. She smiled and turned to face him. He was in his lower only and hairs still wet. He pulled her closer to him and hold his waist. He palmed her face and bent down to taste her rosy pink lips. He was coming closer to her and she was losing herself to him. She knows that if she let him do what he is doing then she won’t be able to stop him doing next but she can’t resist to him. Her mind and heart were fighting each other and her heart was winning. At last she gave up and let him kiss her. He softly placed his lips on hers and started tasting them slowly. He was sucking her lips one by one. Her hands went to his nape unknowingly and started pulling him more on her. He was tasting her lips. He bite her lip and she hissed. He smiled and suck from where he bit. She was playing with his thick hairs and he was craving to enter into her mouth. She understood his struggle and opened her mouth for him to enter. He without wasting a second entered into her mouth tasting every corner of it. His hands were maiking some random patterns on her waist that was making her go on knees. She pushed his tougue but it was strong to be pushed by hers. She started to fight with his tougue for entering into nis mouth but he was in no mood to let her enter. She was getting angry as he is not giving her way and he ungerstood that she is becoming angry but still didn’t gave her way. She tried to push him but sensing this he gave and she entered into his mouth. They both were pulling each other more and more closer as they could. After kissing for 15 minutes both parted and were huffing badly due to lack of oxygen. He was still holding her waist and she was not looking into his eyes. He swiftly lift her face for witnessing the blush on her face due to which she look more beautiful.
She smiled and hugged him. He chuckled and hugged her back. He kissed her hairs and smiled. They broke their hug. Both were smiling or say she was still blushing and he was enjoying that view.
“Well…I am full…”
“But you haven’t ate anything after lunch then how??”
“I ate Mehak Makhan Masala…my favourite dish so I am full…”
“Chhii…really Shaurya you are so cheesy…”
She tried to push him but he was so strong to be push by her. He pulled her more close to him and hold her both hands. He was in no mood of letting her go and she was not able to resist him. He rubbed his nose with her nose. This time Mehak can’t let him go further so she pushed him hard.
“See Shaurya…I have to prepare salad and if I let you do what you are going to do then I have to sleep empty stomach…”
“Okay okay jaan…don’t be angry…you can prepare the salad but I will be here only…”
“Then I won’t be able to prepare it if you will be here…”
“But I will be here only…”
She knew that he is so stubborn and will do what he want. She prepared the fruit salad and looked at him. He was gazing at her or may be lost in her beauty. She went to him.
“Shaurya…salad is ready…let’s have it…”
He took the bowl from her and put that on kitchen counter. He made her sit on counter her mouth turned into O shape.
“Shaurya what are you doing??”
“Just having dinner with my beautiful wife…”
“Here in kitchen…”
“Yeah…because I always wished to have it like this…”
He feed her and she too feed him. Both have their dinner and after cleaning the kitchen went in balcony of their room. Mehak rest her head on his chest and he side hugged her.
“I…I am…I am not pregnant…”
He looked at her face. There were some tears in her eyes that could fell from her eyes anytime. He palmed her face and kissed her temple.
“Then why are you crying jaan??”
“You will be sad right??”
“I am sad…but not because you are not pregant…”
“Then why are you sad…”
“Because you are sad…you know na that I can’t see tears in your eyes then why are you crying?? For giving me pain??”
“No Shaurya I could never give you pain…”
“So stop crying…”
He wiped those tears and kissed on her eyes. She weakly smiled. They sat there for some time and they received video call from Rashmi. Both smiled widely and joined the call. Rashmi, Jugraj and dadi were on other side. Both talked for some time.
“Shaurya Mehak…the whole house is so quiet without you both…”
“Dadi…don’t be sad…you know na if you become sad then your grandson won’t be happy so don’t be sad…”
“Yes dadi…its just matter of few days and then we will return to you…and I will be with you all the day and you will say oh god this girl won’t even let me sit without her…”
Everyone giggled and bid bye to each other and hung up. Mehak was smiling widely. She hugged Shaurya.
“Really Shaurya…only you could lift up my mood…”
“Me…but it was ma papa and dadi…”
“Oh really…I saw you texting papa to video call as my mood is off…”
He smiled as he was caught up by her. He knew that its very difficult for him to hide anything from her. He took her in bridal style and went in room.

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  1. nice yrr anjali…i love this so much…. This is amazing…. Plz continue this too…
    But plz upload your old ff….

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Sapna…glad u liked it…will continue it soon…I m in mid of typing tht one…it will soon b here…n join India Forums of ZKM…there r so many Mehrya ffs n u will enjoy n like them…tk care…

  2. Nice one nothing much to say

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Anisha…glad u liked it…tk care…

  3. Wow Anjali di…it was really awesm…I loved every bit of it…so it was arrange marriage of Mehrya n both fell in love that was so cute n Mehak proposed him like in d show…now they r on holiday…Jugraj n dadi r positive here its too gud…is Samira in negative or positive?? U r right show ended happily bt it was incomplete ending widout Mehrya moment so sad…thank u so much for this lovely story…pls continue this n d other one too…

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Nia…glad u liked it…yeah they fell in love after their marriage n Jugraj n Dadi r +ve here…I want them to b +ve only bt they were -ve…no Samira is +ve here n everyone here is +ve only no -ve character is here only in this ff lol…will continue soon this one n other one too…tk care n hv a blessed day ahead…

  4. Nazrana Ally Lorgat

    Hi Anjali that’s an awesome plot please do continue with this show again soon and get the same actors or else the show would not be the same…thank you 🌺

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm dear…yeah I will continue d show wid same characters just adding Sameera randomly…she wud b in story for a short span of tym don’t worry abt d same as it is ff so we could imagine some of d characters…will continue soon…tk care…

  5. Anuteja12

    Nice story Anjali
    Update soonπŸ’“πŸ˜˜

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Anu…will update soon…tk care

  6. Thnku so much Anjali for penning this down…I really loved this story…mehrya are very much love…its really difficult for us to digest the fact that zkm had ended…pls continue soon…

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Ronika….u r right its difficult for all of us…yesterday was d first monday n I didn’t waited impatiently for anything otherwise I wait for d clock to show 8 n I will switch on d tv…anyways will update soon…stay tuned…tk care

  7. Very nice indeed yeah and I am surprised Mehek was not in the concluding episode you keep writing hun.

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Jayashree…glad to see u here…will continue soon…tk care

  8. Anuteja12

    Anjali kab update karogi

    1. Anjalimalik

      Are meri maa kr toh diya update😜😜😜😜

      1. Anjalimalik

        But Romeo Juliet😜😜

      2. Anuteja12

        But I want this babyπŸ˜‹πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜

      3. Anjalimalik

        Thoda sa sabr krlo abhi vhi type kr rhi hu Anu…may be aaj sham tk ya kl subhe tk update de du…

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