Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan) Shot 15 by Marsuu

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Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan)
Shot 15:
Recap: aliya forgive arjun and they decided to leave with shiddat to London.

Swasan enter in their room. Swara went to washroom directly. Sanskar sat on the bed and look at the photo on the table. It was of swasan with shiddat. He smile looking at it. “I will miss you baby” he mumble staring at the photo. Swara came out and she came to her side of the bed. Sanskar saw her and she was sniffing so, sanskar guessed she must be crying. Sanskar signed and went to washroom and then came back after changing. He lie on his side of the bed and switch off the lights. He turn and hug swara.
” swara you are okay” he asked. Swara hugged him back ” hmm” she rest her head on his chest. There was comfortable silence between them for several minutes which got disturb by the crying of shiddat. ” shiddat is crying” swara said as she lifted her head.
” yeah” sanskar also heard. ” can i go and see her?” swara asked. ” no swara arjun and aliya are there with her and they will take care of her” sanskar said. Swara sadly nodded and rest her head on his chest again. Sanskar caress her hairs and softly kiss her forehead. Shiddat is still crying and it’s being like fifteen minutes. Swara was not able to tolerate this ” let me see her once” she got up. ” okay” sanskar said understanding her situation. They went to the guest room.

Swara knocked the door twice and then arjun opened it. ” why shiddat is crying??” Swara instantly asked. ” don’t know she suddenly woke up and started crying” arjun explained. ” can i see once?” swara asked.
” okay” arjun said and swasan enter inside.
Shiddat extend her arms towards swara as soon as she saw her. Swara went quickly and took her from aliya. Swara made shiddat rest on her shoulder and calmed her down. Soon she stopped crying. ” why she was crying swara??” Aliya asked. ” may be she is used to sleep with swara only” sanskar said. ” but I’m her real mother” aliya said instantly. “Yeah but still you are new to her aliya” swara said rubbing shiddat’s back.
” don’t pretend like you are shiddat’s real mother swara” aliya said rudely. ” aliya you are misunderstanding” swara tried to explain. ” no I’m noticing that you are trying to be more close to shiddat and that’s why she is not coming to me” aliya said.
” I’m sorry aliya if you think so” swara said with teary eyes. Swara give shiddat to sanskar and left the room.

“Aliya how you can so rude with swara” sanskar said. ” but that’s true” aliya said. ” ohh really don’t forget it was swara who took care of shiddat since her mother. May be you are her biological mother but the way swara treated her no one could ever do that” sanskar said sharply. It was too much, he won’t listen anything against swara now. “When she came here, she didn’t have anything and she suffered alot alone. Why she was taking headache when shiddat was not even her own daughter ” sanskar told her. ” aliya sanskar is right, we can never do what swara did to us” arjun said. “She was with shiddat since her birth and now suddenly we start claiming that shiddat is our daughter ignoring swara’s feelings” arjun tried to explain aliya. ” I’m sorry sanskar i overreacted” aliya apologied feeling guilty. “Say sorry to swara” sanskar said. He give shiddat to arjun and turn to leave but shiddat started crying. ” sanskar take shiddat with you, she will sleep with swara only” arjun said and give shiddat back to sanskar. He look at aliya and she smile and nodded. Sanskar took shiddat with him to their room.

Sanskar open the door and bought shiddat inside. He saw swara standing near the window staring outside. He went near her and shiddat touch swara’s hairs when they reached near her. After sensing shiddat swara turn and wipe her tears. She smile and picked shiddat. ” be happy now” sanskar said leaning on her shoulder from back. ” what aliya said is right??” She asked from sanskar. ” no even aliya realized that she said wrong” sanskar said trying to make her feel better. ” shiddat will sleep with us??” She asked. ” yes” sanskar said. Trio went on the bed and soon they slept.

Next Morning, swara is in the kitchen making breakfast while shiddat is sleeping with sanskar in the room. ” swara” aliya called her entering inside the kitchen. ” ha aliya” swara said. ” you are not angry with me because of my rude behaviour?” Aliya asked as swara behaved normally with her. ” yes i was little upset but then i can understand your situation also” she said smiling at her. ” soon i will make you happy” aliya said confusing swara. ” what??” She asked. ” you will get to know soon” aliya smile. Aliya helped swara in making breakfast and later swara went to wake up sanskar and shiddat.

All are having breakfast on the dinning table when arjun caught everyone’s attention. ” i and aliya took one major decision about shiddat” he said. Shiddat is sitting in swara’s lap drinking her milk. ” what??” Sanskar asked. ” we want that swara and sanskar should take care of shiddat because if we will take her suddenly then she won’t live with us and we want her education should be done in india so will you both adopt shiddat??” Arjun asked. Swasan were shocked because they didn’t expected this. ” shiddat is lucky to have you both and we are not selfish to snatch her from her parents who took care of her like their own daughter” aliya further added. ” we would love to adopt shiddat right swara??” Sanskar said. Swara nodded and tears feel from her eyes. She is feeling happy and sad at the same time. She don’t want to take shiddat away from aliya but she don’t want to leave shiddat also.
To be continued….

Precap: Shiddat should be with swasan or arjun aliya??????

Give your views about where shiddat should go???? Plz leave your comments otherwise it’s so discouraging.
Thank you
Take care.

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  1. awesome update next part soon

  2. Pravee

    I hope swara shoyld gave her to aliya

  3. Pravee

    Because aliya and arjun are her real parents.swasan love her too but is swara keep baby with her it is selfishness

  4. Shiddat ko swasan k sath rehna chaiye…… Emotional epi hey……..Plzzzz also Post ur othr ffs soon….specially NB2 nd DTH …..take care

  5. Tweety_SwaSan

    Emotional update dear.. feeling sad for all.. on one side real parents and on other side Swara who gave up everything for Shiddat.. Hope they all live together with Shiddat..just like Sanskaar used to call AP as Maa and Sujatha as Mom in the show.. eagerly waiting to know this.. Thank you.. Tc.. ❤❤❤

  6. Tweety_SwaSan

    And please update Imperfectly perfect… and please don’t rush any stories.. Waiting.. Thank you.. ❤❤❤

  7. Awesome and excellent dear……. I think swasan should give shiddat to her real parents

  8. Shiddat swasan k paas rehena chahiye. I agree dat alurjun are her biological parents n dey had separated 4m eachother bt still when aliya was in coma n arjun didn’t know abt his daughter dat tym swara was wid her after sacrificing a lot of thng n moreover treat her lyk mother. Aise kaise koi a jaye n trophy k tarah ye mera hai mujhe de do. N shiddat is more comfortable wid swasan. Alurjun ka attachment nhn hai so then can again bcome parents bt 4 swasan she is their 1st child. Hope u will take ri8 decision

  9. Kaur daljeet


  10. I think shiddat should stay with swasan nice update

  11. superb

  12. Shiddat should live with swasan bcoz as we all know Krishan ji also was not the real son of Yashoda bt still we praise their relation so here tooo it applies ……. Hope for the best……

  13. Independent

    I think shiddat should live with aliya and arjun

  14. Amazing part dear loved it

  15. Awesome update marsu??

  16. siddath with swasan

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