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Chapter 46

Sanskar glanced at Ragini who was watching outside the window fiddling with her dupatta. He sighed deeply and placed his hand on her hand. She sensed  his touch and turned giving him a weak smile. She rested her head on his shoulder trying to gain as much courage as she can. But her anxiety wasn’t reducing anyway.

Sanskar sensed  it. “Missing your Bhayyu already?” he looked at her. She cuddled more nearing him more. “Hmm” she just hummed and her tightening grip on his shoulder made him feel that she was really nervous. “I have never faced anything without him. It looks like I’m going to a battle field and he isn’t holding my back” she softly uttered closing her eyes.

He moved his hand to caress her hand gently. “I’m still here. And I will be always there” he whispered and she felt calm inside her. His words were soothing. She adjusted  her head over his shoulder.

“I know. You are here and you will be there” she smiled looking up at him and her smile reflected on his lips. “By the way I know your Bhayyu  knows you can face it. That’s why he is letting you face it all on yourself otherwise as far as I know Vikky if he wasn’t sure I would had to take a Saala in Dehej” Sanskar chuckled.

“Hey don’t curse my bro alright” Ragini slightly pushed his shoulder sitting straight. “Oh common he is my Saala as in brother in law in Hindi. I did not curse him” Sanskar turned the steering smiling. “Whatever. Either call him BIL or Vikky. No sala wala alright” she warned him.

He bit his lower lips smiling listening to her cute talks. The life was not going to be any easier but they knew they are going to stick together while they go through anything.

Sanskar halted the car at the Rawat mansion. Handing the car key to the driver he walked to Ragini who was standing with a tornado developing in her heart. He flung his hands across her shoulders protectively and she gave him a weak smile. When he signed her to walk further she took a deep breath taking steps which were unsure to what they were leading her to.

Sanskar opened the big door of the mansion and Ragini felt her heart sinking rapidly. Her shivering stopped when Sanskar tightened his grip on her shoulder indicating her to calm down.

“So sad Mrs. Rawat” Sanskar screamed looking inside. Annapurna who heard him walked to the railing and stood expressionless. She looked at the newly wed couple without uttering a word.

“I thought you will make arrangements for welcoming your new daughter in law” he said mocking her. To which Annapurna just rolled her eyes taking a deep breath.

Pari and Anjali walked out of the kitchen and were stunned to look at Sanskar who was in a marriage attire and smiling widely at them. And beside him stood Ragini in maroon bridal lehenga. And there were flower garlands across their necks. Anjali and Pari looked at each other confused how to react to this.

“At least my bhabhi’s are there. You could have informed them.” he said looking at Annapurna. DP walked and stood beside Annapurna wearing the same seriousness on his face also.

Ragini’s heart beat went galloping as the time passed. Pari finally smiled and walked towards the door but she was held by her shoulder. She looked back and found Adarsh  nodding his head in a NO. She pleaded him to let go but he gave her a helpless look.

“Anji” Pari turned to Anjali who was still at the kitchen. She was about to walk to the kitchen to get the requirements for Arthi but her gaze stopped on Kishan who was descending the stairs. “I don’t have any rights to perform the rituals” she said sadly and drifted her gaze from Kishan.

Sanskar took a deep breath rolling his eyes. “Fine” he walked inside the house and turned to Ragini. “Just a second Babe” he smiled and rushed inside the kitchen passing Pari and Anjali.

He brought a arthi thal and a kalash full of rice. And one one more plate filled with Kumkum water and a small plate of chandan paste.

He placed everything on the floor and took the arthi thal and placed it on the table beside and lit the Diya in it. Arranging it with marigold flower petals and kumkum he walked to Ragini who was still standing on the other side of the door.
He twirled the Arthi across her face while she watched him clueless. He then twirled the plate across his face standing beside her.

Spreading some flower petals on their heads and applying the tilak on their forehead he walked back inside again to get the big plate filled of kumkum water and the kalash. He placed the plate inside and Kalash on the doorstep. He brushed his hand standing up with a smile on his face.

He looked at Ragini who was staring him still confused. He signed her through his eyes to kick the kalash. She folded her lips to relax her racing heartbeats. “It is not a foot ball okay so be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt while you show your soccer skills” he gave her boyish grin.

She smiled  relaxing at his amusing comment and nodded her head.

She kicked the kalash lightly which fell on the floor spreading the rice in it and marking her welcome in the mansion and blessing the house with her aura. She then stepped inside the thal which had the kumkum water.

Tumhi Dekho na ye kya hogaya Tumhara hu aur tum meri

Sanskar face had a smile which spread from one ear to another. He could not define how happy he was right now. Finally Ragini officially entered his life.

She stumbled due to the small size of the plate and her attempt to fit her feet inside it but Sanskar acted quickly and held her by her waist preventing her from falling.

Tumhe kya kahu mai Hairan hu… Ki din me hui kaisi chandani….

She looked into his eyes and all her nervousness vanished in that magical second.

Mai tho anjan thi yun bhi hoga kabhi pyar barsega yun tut ke

Ho  sach yeh ikrar hai  sach yehi pyar hai baki bandhan hai sab jhut ke

Meri sanso me hai ghul rahi pyar ki dheemi dheemi  ragini

“Be careful Mrs. Rawat” he whispered in her ear teasing her senses while she smiled blushing.  He held her hand while she walked marking foot prints. He brought the chandan paste plate when she reached the mandir of the house.

He signed her to paste her hand prints and she took the paste in her palms and looked at the Kanha Ji’s idol in the mandir.

“Kanha Ji please help me to get Sanskar’s family back to normal” she prayed in her heart and pasted her palms near two more palm prints.

“Bring back that happiness in my Mandhha Buddhi’s life little sister” Diya whispered from heaven looking at Ragini and smiling through her tears. “Finally I can rest in peace” she disappeared in the lights of heavens.

Ragini entered the mandir and lit the lamp and folded her hands in front of the Kanha Ji’s idol. Sanskar stood beside her folding his hands with closed eyes.

“You know what I want Kanha Ji” Sanskar smiled while he spoke in his mind.


Vikram was staring his phone restlessly . Sumi placed her hand over his shoulder and he sighed. “I hope she is fine Maa. Shall I go to check on her?” he pleaded his mother who smiled at him.

“If she saw you she will run back to home. Do you want Sanskar to cry all his life?” Sumi chuckled. “It wasn’t funny Maa” he crossed his arms and sat sad.

“I know you are worried. And I know you cannot be at peace unless you hear her. But just be calm. Because she might have just entered Rawat mansion and you know the situation there. It’s not going to be easy for her” she said trying to console him.

“I know I have never let her alone to face something like this” he said sadly bending his head. “You are still with her” Sumi lifted his head. “In her heart” she pointed to his heart and he placed his hand over his heart. “Relax bacha” he whispered closing his eyes.

On the other hand Ragini felt Vikram’s voice and opened her eyes. Smiling widely she placed her hand over heart. “Thank you Bhayyu. Love you” she spoke in her mind.

Sanskar flung his hand across her shoulder and she smiled at him with a new confidence in her eyes.

“Unless you be brave you can’t achieve what you want to Ragini” her mind spoke and she arched her back straight filling confidence. She looked at Sanskar this time with a happiness that she is in his life to stay and be with him for forever.

This time neither she will leave him nor she will let him go. She squeezed his hand  making a decision.

Life is not always a fairytale but if we want to make it one then we have to try it by ourself rather than wishing for a miracle. 

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