Recap-Marriage.. Consummation… Truth.. Shattered.. Twinkle left



“Mumma..” Saani pulled out her lower lip.”Mumma.. Dont cry pleashh..” She held her mother’s arms.”Mumma.. Please dont cry..” her eyes welled up.”Mumma i am sholly.. If i did anything with wrong.. Pinky plomish i will be a good girl.”

Twinkle turned away from her daughter and wiped her eyes. It had been 2 weeks and still her heart ached.. Her heart craved.. She cried.”Shh…i am not crying.”

“Mumma.. Juth bolna paap hai…”Sani muttered and jumped on her mother’s lap.

“aur nadi kinaara saaf hai.” Twinkle replied forcing a giggle out.”Done with your homework.?” She asked.

“Yes..”She nodded.” Mumma i am hungry.. ”

“Okay.. I’ll make you something.” She smiled holding her in her arms, she stood up.

Twinkle made her, her favourite aaloo paratha and later tucked her to bed.

She carresed her daughter’s face not getting any sleep. Her mind diverted back to everything again.

The boring and hectic life… Twinkle arrogant taneja… Caring yuvi.. The flip.. His entry.. The first kiss in the dark… New client… Attractions…. Distractions… Starts Caring for her daughter… Yuvi’s strange behaviour.. His proposal.. Her rejection.. His post sweet behavior.. Best father.. Missing.. Back… Accident.. Sani’s injury.. Vulnerable twinkle.. Yuvi’s sudden death… Depressed.. Retracked… Jovial twinkle waking up…. Time flied.. Sani’s depression worsening.. London.. New feelings.. Foreign happiness…. Her love.. Kunj… Kisss… Denial… Stubborn lover… Denial… Love.. Denial.. Love… Confessions… India… Sister… Marriage.. Kisses… Hickeys.. Intimacy… Intentions.. The truth.. His tears.. His pleads.. Her cries.. Worst life…. Farmhouse.. Morning-Cries.. Evening – Cries.. Night- Cries.. Insomniac.. His regular calls.. Texts.. Pleadings.. Love..

Twinkle pulled her hands away and stood up to the window…

His words kept haunting her day and night..


‘Twinkle.. No dont go..’

‘Twinkle.. I love you..’

‘Its not the whole truth.’

‘Twinkle listen to me..’

‘Twinkle please.’

‘Twinkle listen..’

‘Dont leave me..’

‘I love you.. I love you.. I love you Twinkle.’

‘please listen.’


Her tears welled up again. She was fed up of crying.. She was tired. She wanted to jump off the clifd and end her life but she didn’t wanted her daughter to face worst after her mother’s death. The little girl lost her father at a very tender age and she didn’t wanted her tk face the wrath she faced after her parents death. She didnt wanted her daughter to get hurt.


Thats what her daughter called him. Angel. She called him angel and that man turned out to be the beast.

Though she called him beast playfully. She never knew he would be doing such cheap acts. She closed her eyes feeling those feathery touches… His lips on her.. His body pressed against her.. His manhood inside her.. The pleasure.. The pain.. The love.. The passion..


Her words rang in her ears.


‘Twinkle.. But listen—‘

She wrapped her hands around her body. Her anger retreating back. She felt worst.. She felt so furious.. Sbe felt everything on herself.. WHY DID SHE LOVED HIM.?

Yuvi was more better than him. He was caring. He was soft.. He was everything that anyone would desire for than WHY NOT HIM?

Why did she loved him.?

Why did she loved just him to break her heart.?

Her heart was torned into pieces.. Along with everything he broke her trust..

‘Twinkle please you need to listen to me.. Please.. Twinkle.. Dont go.. Listen to me.. Twinkle..’

His words… Did he needed one chance.?

She asked herself. She never let him justify himself.

After the whole two weeks, she thought.. Did he needed a chance.?

‘ NO.. HE BETRAYED HER’ Her mind retorted back immediately.

She looked at the dark sky begging answers to her unknown questions when her eyes descended and met his dark ones.

Her lips quivered and the tears which dried away again split..”Kunj…”She mumbled. He looked at her painfully. She knew that he knew that she lived here. It was his daily routine. He came there daily. He daily stood out of the gate looking at her helplessly while she pushed the window closed and left but today..

Today her heart stinged..

The tears that escaped her eyes matched his.. She looked bewildered at him whose eyes leaked.

Was he really crying.?

Did he missed her.?

Did he really loved her.?

Was he feeling bad.?

Did his heart ached as well.?

All those questions flooded in her mind. Twinkle turned away shaking her head. She was about to close the window when the clouds thudded loudly in the sky. She looked up and then at kunj. He just stood there unknown of the surrounding.

His eyes just kept looking at her as if taking in her appearance. As if he could live his whole life just looking at her. As if she was her oxygen.

Without waiting for anything twinkle slammed the window closed again as usual.

Kunj knew that he could to go in and talk to her but he didn’t want anything from her until she wanted to. He knew what his act had caused her but he also knew he couldn’t live without her. He loved her so much.

His unshaven stubbles told its own stories. The dark bags hung under his eyes indicating his lack of sleep from the couple of weeks.

He was torned.

She was hurt.

Both craved eachother,

Just one wall away..

But still too far.

She cried daily,

He cried as well.

Then why was it so complicated.?

The rain droplet touched his face one my one… But he didn’t budge. The clouds thudded freaking twinkle out inside the house while it poured out violently.

Twinkle fought an urge to look out and see if he was fine and safe. But a voice in her head retorted saying why would he stay there.

She never knew when her feet limped towards the window. She peeked out unwillingly. She looked at the scene wide eyed. There he stood out in the rain, dripping wet.

Twinkle rushed down the stairs in hurry and exited the house,”What the hell are you doing here…” She narrowed her eyes. He smiled.”Kunj..have you gone nuts.? Go..” She pointed towards the dark road.

He shook his head.”Are you okay.?” He asked.

She snickered.”As if you care..” She blurted out.”Kunj..go away.. You will get cold..”

“Why would you care.?”

“Right.”She mumbled and took a step back.”Why do i care.? I shouldn’t. I seriously shouldn’t. This is ridi—”

She was suddenly jerked with his arms around her.”Twinkle…twinkle..twinkle..”His voice croaked and she knew he fought his tears back.

“Kunj leave me.. ” She tried to push him.

“I am so sorry twinkle.. I seriously am sorry. I love you so much..please listen to me..” He begged holding her arms.

“Kunj leave me.”

“Twinkle.. Please listen to me once…”

“You have done enough.. You have hurted me enough Now leave.”

“Twinkle… You are hurting us both by pushing me away.”He trailed off but she jerked him away

“I SAID LEAVE ME.” She yelled.”Stand here whole night. But remember.. This wont affect me.. I dont care… Die..” She cursed running away.

The door closed behind her and she leaned onto it. crying another night, she closed her eyes while it rained outside vigorously.


“Twinkle i love you.. Twinkle dont do this.. Listen to me.. Please.. Twinkle.. I love you..” His voice rang again and again in her ear and twinkle woke up in a jerk.

She looked at the wall clock. 4:29 Am.

The scattering voice of rain still buzzed in her head. Twinkle stood up and open the door. The sight infront of her knocked the air out of her.

“KUNJ..” She yelled running to his lifeless body, his eyes closed and forehead creased.”Kunj..what happened.. Open your eyes..” She patted his cheek. She checked his pulse but couldn’t hear anything.””She mumbled..

Limping and dropping and shivering, she got him inside. She put him on the couch.” your eyes…” She massaged his palms.”Kunj…”

Suddenly something fell off his left palm. She squeezed the paper out and opened it.

I know twinkle you hate me. You hate me for my act. But what about your heart.. What about mine. We love eachother then why this distance.

Twinkle trust me i didn’t intended anything. Trust me.. I know you dont want to hear my voice but please dont tear the paper. I know.. Whenever you get this chit.. I would not be there to tell.

I know you dont remember but twinkle we met years ago.. I met that bubbly twinkle taneja. Usha maa was my mother. Yes twinkle.. I know you won understand. My mother died. I was shattered. Thats when it all started, mahi. Mahi gave a shoulder to cry on. She helped me to gain back my original self. Come out of depression. She was the one who brain poisoned me for you.

I know you love your sister but twinkle she hates you.. She hates you to the core. She never died in that crash coz she was in another flight. She brain poisoned me about you killing my mother.. She did that. I was so furious and revengeful. Trust me twinkle my feelings arr raw and true for you.. I know i did wrong but.. I fell for you.. I feel for the sweet and innocent you. You melted my anger.. I was going to tell you everything but you never gave me a chance. Twinkle.. I know you are hurt but one thing i wanted to tell you.


I love you ❤ ‘

Tears gushed one by one and she fell weak. Everything joined. Every puzzle sat.

“Kunj omg.. Kunj.. PLEASE YOU CANT LEAVE ME.. kunj.. I am so sorry.. Kunj..”

One thing screamed in that pinned drop silenced room.


Twinkle closed her eyes and then tried a final and only step.

She neared her mouth to his and pump in her breathe.”I only love you.” She muttered and gave him mouth to mouth.

Suddenly she was pulled out by the deep cough.”Kunj..”She said delighted.

“Tw–” She shook her head and stopped him.” I should leave— I dont belong here..”

“you belong here.. This BEAST IS MINE. I am so sorry kunj.”She hugged him tightly.”I love you.”

“I am sorry twinkle….” He sat up holding his ears.”I rea—”

“Kunj… I was the mad one.”

“But i am really sorry.. You donno how much—-”

“Forget the past.. I love you. You love me.. Thats all matters.”

“Trust.” He mumbled.”Trust is what matters the most.”

“I trust you.”

“I trust you too.” He said and claimed her lips.



Trust me, this was not how i wanted the last part but nevertheless he it is..

Here the journey of BEAST IS MINE ENDED.

I love you all. Thanx for all your support.

Its time for me to bid a bye to TELL UPDATES.

But you all will be remembered till the last. I’ll miss you all.

I love you.

And forgive me if i messed it up.


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