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Chapter 45

Sanskar walked to Ragini and Sahil and helped her to stand while she still stared the person at the door. Yohan who walked back to Sahil and Ragini helped Sahil to stand while he also looked at the door.

“Badi Maa” Sahil’s eyes gleamed with happiness and he walked to the door to greet Annapurna and Durga Prasad Rawat who were standing at the door. He hugged Annapurna and took blessing from DP and welcomed them inside the Mansion.

Annapurna was still in her thoughts while she entered the Mansion. She looked at Sanskar who was helping Ragini. “Badi Maa” Yohan hugged while greeting her.

“Di” Avantika hugged Annapurna and then greeted DP who was also looking at Sanskar who was least bothered about his parent arrival. “Finally” Harish hugged DP who reciprocated the hug.

“Avi” Annapurna called Avantika still looking at Ragini. “Haven’t you taught your daughter in law the manners to be in the Sasural?” asked Annapurna. Avantika looked at her elder sister while she was blessing Kavya. Though she was blessing Kavya Annapurna’s gaze was on Ragini.

Ragini looked at Annapurna confused not understanding her intention. “Kavya is not just my bahu Di. She is my daughter too. She need not change herself” Avantika smiled.

“I’m not talking about Kavya. She knows all the manners of a Bahu. I’m talking about your elder Bahu.” she looked at Ragini. “No no dee” Avantika interrupted her while Sanskar heard it and looked at his mother.

The mother who has always given importance to the idiotic traditions than the happiness of her family members. “She is Ansh’s mom but not Sahil’s wife. How many times I have made you understand this” Avantika said.

“And how many times I have told you. We live in a society where we have to answer many people. They look into the matter without even trying to understand what we are going through” said Annapurna turning her gaze to Avantika.

“She is shamelessly roaming around the house falling over your son and you say she is not your Bahu. If she is not then why have you let her be like this in your house. What if someone else had seen this what will they assume about these two. Have you ever thought how people will look at her?” asked Annapurna.

Ragini gave her a bizarre look. “Oh please Aunty. I don’t care what people think about me or how will they look at me as far as their minds are narrow and of peanut size” Ragini crossed her arms looking at Annapurna.

“Now a days characterless girls hardly care about the society. As  an elder it’s my duty to make you understand what you are doing wrong” “Badi Maa” Sahil screamed as he stood beside Ragini.

“Not one more word against Ragini” he said nodding his head. Ragini was hurt due to her remark. “See Avantika without marriage only your son is taking this girl’s side. I mean how much she has manipulated him. Now why will she marry him when she is getting everything she wants without marriage” Annapurna gave a disgusting look to Ragini who closed her eyes hearing Annapurna.

“Dee. Stop this now” Avantika spoke with coldness lacing her voice. “One more word Mrs. Rawat. One more” they heard a voice and turned back.

Vikram’s eyes were burning with rage. He had closed his fist as tight as possible. “One more word and I will forget that you are a human being” said Vikram.

Ragini ran to him and hugged him. He cooled down a bit but the anger inside him was bursting like lava. “What wrong did I say? Now you will support her Vikram. But what when she will remain unmarried due to such talks in the society. You can silence me. Can you silence everyone in the world?” asked Annapurna.

“I don’t give a damn to people who only know to talk about everyone in the world like they know them more than anyone else. People who only know to judge people forgetting what kind of sinners they themselves are. I don’t give a damn to such double standard people” Vikram held his baby sister in his protective care.

Ragini looked up at him with pride filled eyes. She knew even if no one can defend her brother will do that without even flinching. She was happy beyond limit.

Sanskar fake smiled. “And I need not give any name to the bond we share Badi Maa because we know our limits more than anyone who only knows to preach things for the sake of their fake prestige” Sahil said and Annapurna just stared him.

“Sanky you are smiling. Your mother is misunderstanding Ragini and me” Sahil looked at Sanskar. Sanskar trailed off to them.

“I’m not surprised. After all it’s Mrs. Rawat’s old habit. To preach about traditions and society. Not even understanding the bond between two people. Remember Kishan Bhai’s broken marriage and his tiff with Adarsh Bhai. You still expect anything more than that from her Sahil. Poor you” “Sanskar” Annapurna screamed as she looked at her son with rage and emotion.

“Chillayiye Math Mrs. Rawat. This is Raheja Mansion not your Rawat Mansion which can still run on your instructions not even whispering against it” Sanskar spoke as he stood in front of his mother.

“I wouldn’t have interrupted your assumptions like Vikram said even I don’t give a damn” Sanskar shrugged his shoulders.

“And I don’t give a damn now too what you think about Ragini and Sahil” said he crossing his arms. “Because” he walked to Ragini and brought her in front of Annapurna. “You said she will remain unmarried all her life. Right?” he asked while Ragini stared him and Annapurna looked at him not understanding his words.

“Make arrangements Mrs. Rawat. She is going to enter your mansion as your youngest son’s wife. I mean as Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Rawat on this auspicious day. Because I’m thinking next year with Sahil’s birthday let me celebrate my anniversary with Ansh’s mother.” said Sanskar tightening his grip on Ragini’s shoulder.

“And she will remain Ansh’s mother and Sahil’s dumbo for forever” said Sanskar and looked at Ragini whose tears flew. “And she will remain Vikram’s Bacha and my life cum wife for forever” he said proudly. Harish and Avantika smiled looking at him.

Sahil, Yohan and Kavya smiled looking at Sanskar. “And don’t worry about the Kanyadan. Her brother is still alive” Vikram stood on Ragini’s other side and she turned her  gaze to him. Two people of her life were standing with her to fight the battle before it reaches her. What else she needed?

Annapurna fumed looking at her son. “And all thanks to your daughter in law that your son is speaking to you Mrs Rawat. You should be proud of her that she is behaving like a Bahu even before the marriage” said Sanskar.


Ragini fiddled with her dupatta. “Sanskar” she looked at Sanskar who was sitting beside her in front of the holy fire. He turned his head towards her.

“Are we doing it right?” she asked unsure. He smiled at her. “What makes you think we aren’t?” asked he. “Marriage is a big thing and as I wish my family to be with me when I’m taking this step don’t you wish the same?” asked she.

“I do wish and for your kind information my family is already with me. See there” Sanskar pointed at Raheja’s. Ragini looked at them. “What about your mother? What about your real family?” asked Ragini helpless.

“She is my mother Ragini and as stubborn as I am. I know she won’t accept this marriage soon but I have confidence in you that you can change her mindset also someday. And till then just remember I have always considered Choti Maa only as my mother” he said and looked Avantika who smiled at him.

“Now please stand up for the pheras” said the Pandit and both stood up and took seven rounds across the fire swearing their seven holy vows. Vikram and Sumi showered the flower on them. Though he wanted do the Kanyadan of his baby sister he could not do as he was still single. Harish and Avantika came forward to perform the ceremony while Vikram tied the Gat bandhan.

Sumi side hugged him guessing his emotions. It was all sudden and he wasn’t prepared for it. “I’m fine” he said smiling at Sumi. He was recording the video of their marriage so that he can send it to Sriti who was extremely angry that they were getting Ragini married when she was not there and to her disappointment she could not reach also by the time.

After the rituals were complete Ragini and Sanskar walked to take their elder’s blessing and Vikram hugged both of them. As he dragged them out of hug Ragini collapsed in his embrace.

“Ohho Bacha. Are you going to another world away from me. Just few and whenever you miss me, just ditch your husband and come back and whenever I will miss you I will sneak into Rawat Mansion” said Vikram hiding his pain and making Ragini laugh through her tears.

“You know you are the worst in cheering” said Ragini. “Just like I am at consoling” Sahil stood beside Vikram. Ragini chuckled holding her emotions back.

“What to do we Saala Jeeja are alike” both said and made Ragini laugh at last. When Ragini walked to Sumi Vikram and Sahil watched her snaking their hands across each others necks. They both wanted to see Ragini happy at any cost. She brought them out their sorrows unaware that she was the very reason. How strange was life. The person responsible for their pain was their greatest healing power. Even the spine of truth shivered when it thought about the consequences.

Sumi caressed Ragini’s cheek kissing her forehead. Finally her daughter was happy and she did not needed anything else. The long wait was over.

Then Sanskar and Ragini moved to Avantika and Harish to take their blessings. Avantika smiled caressing Ragini’s cheek. “It is not going to be easy to deal with Anu Dee. But I know you are like Kumud who knows binding people together and you will win Dee’s heart also soon” Avantika blessed Ragini who returned a smile.

“My princess” Harish side hugged her. “Don’t worry if Anu Ji tortures you more na remember your dad is just a call away” said Harish. “Now you are over reacting. My Dee isn’t any monster” said Avantika hitting his shoulder. “See simple formula to hold the siblings together just badmouth about the other and the bloodline will work wonders” said Harish and Ragini giggled. She saw the zero expression on Sanskar’s face.

He wasn’t hurt of his mother’s acts and Ragini feared that he has broken ties with his mother to an extent that he is ignoring her. And that’s most dangerous phase for any relationship. She so much wanted to give back Sanskar’s family. But she wasn’t aware what was she trying to do.

A new hope to bring back that family love in Sanskar’s life arouse in her heart. And she was Ragini of course. She had always achieved what she has wished for and now this is what was her priority now.

On one side Love was healing the wounds of the past and on the other side past was preparing for more wounds. Will love overcome all the pain and make this marriage a turning point in everyone’s life? Just have to watch the time for its patterns to work in its own way.

Avantika smiled after she raised her head from the phone.


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