Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gupta family let Vasanti go with Ram Khilawan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and others waiting for Vasanti to give milk. Gudiya says Ram khilawan said that whenever it is upset, it don’t give milk. Sweety sings song to cheer Vasanti so that it gives milk. Radhe says vasanti seems to be like Gudiya, when the latter was 5 years old. He asks if it likes politics. Gudiya talks to Vasanti. Radhe tells that he had an idea to win its love and tells that it is upset with us, as we loved her for greed. Sarla says since I got this ring from its dung, I have my eyes on the dung only. Pappu says even I was greedy, but Gudiya didn’t have even a bit of greed, but just love. Rajjo asks did anyone see my ring? Sweety asks did you make the ring slip in Vasanti’s mouth. Sarla asks if this is your ring and shows the ring. Bua ji taunts Sarla. Sarla cries and goes.

Rajjo tells that she again got back pain. Pappu says there is nothing special in Vasanti and it is an ordinary buffalo. Radhe says we shall love it more now. Pappu says yes. They go out and see Gudiya making roti for Vasanti. He gets surprised. Gudiya says she is making roti for her. Sarla says Vasanti is looking at Gudiya as my kids look at me when I make rotis. They feed food to Vasanti. Bantu comes home and tells that someone asked about our guest house’s address. They all get happy. They think that their hardwork is paid off. Rajjo taunts Sarla for stealing her ring. Bantu tells that the person is Ram Khilawan Bhaiyya. Gudiya says time has come to make it go. Radhe refuses to return Vasanti. Sweety says we shall hide it in Vasanti. Just then Ram Khilawan comes there. Gudiya asks him to come inside. They hide Vasanti in the guest house. Sarla calls Chunni lal for help. Ram Khilawan comes there. Gudiya says Vasanti is not here. Ram Khilawan hears its voice. Pappu comes out and tells that he is sad that Vasanti went missing. Ram Khilawan says that whenever she goes out, she returns too. Gudiya tells that it was kidnapped and tells the story. Radhe talks to Vasanti. Sarla sends him out and tells that she will handle Vasanti. Pappu asks why are you lying? Ram Khilawan says I am doubtful that she is kidnapped. Vasanti makes sound. Ram Khilawan hears its sound. Radhe asks who can make it go missing? Ram Khilawan asks do you know me? Radhe says I will give you money inexchange of Vasanti. Ram Khilawan says I want money.

Gudiya says my bhaiyya and babuji don’t lie and if I lie, then my stomach gets pained. Ram Khilawan goes to guest house to check and knocks on the door, while crying. Rajjo says Sarla has all the fools. Chunni lal says your Vasanti is here, but you will not get her. Ram khilawan refuses. Chunni lal threatens to arrest him. Radhe says we didn’t ask you to do this. Chunni says he has to do this. Ram khilawan cries calling Vasanti. Radhe asks Sarla to open the door. Sarla opens the door. Ram Khilawan cries seeing Vasanti. Gudiya says it is not good to love someone by keeping cage. Radhe says we love it, but can’t do this. Ram Khilawan appreciates and thanks them for loving it so much. Radhe apologizes. Ram Khilawan says I didn’t see it so much happy before. Vasantoi leaves. Radhe says love’s language is just one for humans and animals. Gudiya cries and says I hope Sarla Devi would have become like you.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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