Molkki 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi points a gun at Virender

Molkki 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Purvi saying Virender is coming there. She got a text message. She is not sure what to do. Kids hear it and go to hide. Virender prays for kids safety. If anything happens to them, he won’t be able to forgive Purvi ever. Purvi looks for Manas and Juhi. She says she will have to find them before Virender comes. Virender reaches there with police. He starts searching for kids. Purvi asks Sudha to leave from there. If she gets caught, then who will help them. Sudha leaves from a window. Priyu and Purvi are also separated now. Purvi sees Virender coming and hides. He says he knows she has kidnapped the kids. He asks her to come out. Manas tells Juhi but they are playing hide and seek. Virender says this is your last chance. He comes near her. She runs away. He now calls Manas and Juhi out. Manas says it seems their father doesn’t know this game. Juhi thinks of going to him and telling him the rules. She says, papa.. Purvi pulls her away. He goes to location from where voice came, but can’t find anyone. He tells Purvi that she is not doing this right and asks her to come out.

Purvi finally speaks and asks him to let her go from there, otherwise he will regret it. He gets furious. His father asks him to calm down and asks Purvi why she is doing this. If there is any problem, then she can tell them. She recalls the message that she got. If she tells anything to Virender, then rape video will be leaked on the internet. She asks Baba not to interfere in this and let them go, otherwise they will lose kids. Virender says it will be her who will lose everything. Manas runs and goes to Virender. Purvi looks at Priyu who is at gunpoint. Inspector asks Purvi to let Juhi go. Purvi leaves Juhi.

Police arrest Purvi and Priyu. Virender asks inspector to get them to him. Purvi cries looking at Virender. She thinks she can’t let Priyu’s life spoil and snatches a gun from a policeman. She points it at Virender. Everyone is shocked. She asks him to return kids. He asks has she gone mad? Baba asks to drop the gun, but she refuses. She asks Virender not to force her. He asks her to shoot. He deserves a punishment for trusting her. Kids asks her to end the game and put the gun down. She says she can’t end this game. If she loses, then very bad will happen with her. Virender says nothing good is going to happen with her after what she has done. Purvi asks police to let Priyu go. A policeman quietly takes out his gun and fires a bullet at Purvi. Priyu sees it and comes in between. Bullet hits on her arm. Virender asks policeman why did he fire a bullet? What if it had hit Purvi. Purvi looks at him. Policeman says they just fired a bullet to scare them, but Priyu came in between. Purvi is furious now. She asks police to keep their guns down. Virender says no one will put their guns down. He will see what she does. Baba asks him to look at kids and let it be. Purvi manages to escape with Priyu. Inspector tells Virender they will catch them again. Virender says Priyu is injured, they will be nearby only.

Priyu is in very much pain. Purvi gives her support and makes her walk saying they need to go to some safe place. Police follow blood signs and try to find Purvi and Priyu. Purvi manages to fool police. She cries thinking what kids must be thinking about her. How will she be able to explain her situation to them?

At home, Maa is trying to give medicine and food to Manas, but he says he wants Purvi. Anjali says bad about Purvi, but Juhi answers back saying she is their friend. Maa asks Anjali to look at the situation and then speak. Virender hears everything. He goes to Manas and convinces him to take medicine. He thinks what Purvi thought that only she can take care of kids. Now watch how he takes care of them without her.

Jyoti thinks this is her chance to fulfill her goal. She calls Purvi and asks her to leave the town immediately. If she gets caught, then video will be leaked on the internet. Priyu is in pain. She says bullet is still in her body. How can they go anywhere in such situation? Purvi thinks she can’t take her to a doctor. She tells her that she will get her pain medicine.

A servant brings medicine to Virender saying Purvi said to give him medicine on time. He imagines Purvi scolding him and giving medicine. She says kids have also become like him. They don’t listen. He says he thought it will be hard to get her out of kids mind, but it seems like it will be hard to get her out of his mind and heart too. He receives a call from inspector. Inspector tells him that they didn’t find her yet, but he has informed all the hospitals and clinics. Virender says she is not that fool that she will go to any hospital. He suggests inspector to put some policemen to medical shops. She will definitely go there to buy pain medicine. He asks inspector to send him location when he finds them. He will also go there. He is determined to find out why Purvi did this.

Precap: Purvi brings Priyu to a Dargah. Virender and police follow Sudha thinking she will take them to Purvi. Purvi takes out the bullet from Priyu’s hand.

Update Credit to: KK

  1. I wish Virendra would soon realise he is falling for his Banwari. I’m glad Priyu’s wound is not mortal. She will survive.

  2. Absolute rubbish! Not watching for now until it starts making sense.

    1. Wow the show start so good now it’s crap

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I just started to watch this show since 2-3 days, as since promo i never liked show concept: buying bride and she proving herself, age difference, husband children etc.. so I shall not comment on this what is show about and where is it going..
    But i have like its story line based on 2-3 days watch..
    2. Hope purvi tell truth to virendra🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  4. They started the series by showing Purvi as a resilient, brave and smart girl, suddenly now she is a weak and. stupid girl.

    1. What is going on in this serial next week trp might fall. This serial is becoming way too dark and negative.if this track continue people like me who have temporarily quite the show may permanently quite the show after loosing Their interest.every audience is not heart core fan of Amar and priyal that we watch every shit that is being serve. We look for intriguing things in the story .
      Both mukhi and purvi doing exactly opposite thing of what has being portrait in the beginning. We need character development of both the lead.

  5. Bashmentgirl

    This is our nonsense
    I’m glad priyu is alive.
    But make purvi a criminal.
    No sir, I don’t like where this is going.

  6. Not a good turn. yesterday’s episode was nonsense. The real story should come in front of mukhya ji and the main culprit should be given punishment. Or the serial will loose it’s trp.

  7. As usual, Ekta Kapoir serial mode on. Does she not feel tiered of making a good plot serial to such crap. Everytine u think her serial will be little different she proves audience wrong but such track. What’s the use of such extreme track. She cud hv kept it as regular fight to prove rape instead of all these drama. What a senseless act…

  8. Fan from Malaysia

    Oh my goodness. Why did the director take this stupid approach in these few current episodes? Why is she showing Purvi as a short-minded person? I have been following this drama because I like the molkki team. And the last Indian drama series that I followed religiously was Sanjivani.

    Couldn’t the director make Purvi find the solution without compromising the kids’ safety?

    In the past episodes, Virender has proved that he is a man of justice regardless of who. To show that Purvi has started to believe in Virender, why dont she just talk to Virender in private and show him the video? Before doing that, the director could have shown Purvi making another copy of the video so that if anything happens, she will always have backup. Uff.

    Hopefully the next episodes will show better plots.

    And please, why is every time PurVir accidentally touching or looking at each other, wind is always there to make the scene dreamy?

  9. As usual ekta Kapoor’s trash, I’m not watching again🥺

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