Brahmarakshas 2 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad learns Kalindi is his childhood love

Brahmarakshas 2 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram’s wife telling that it is not her mistake, about whatever happened that night. She thinks it was all Prithvi’s mistake, he uses her husband as his shield and Shalini is very clever. She says Shalini and Prithvi have always used Vikram, but the latter will never leave them, so it is better to leave the city with her son. She calls Sid and tells that they will be leaving the city soon. Sid says he has some work now. Sid asks him to meet her in 30 mins at the parking lot. Sid says ok. Damini tells Shakti that they are returning to London and asks him to pack the bags. He refuses to tell that it was a small incident. She says you are saying this and tells that two people died today, Rakshas used to roam freely, here sangeet was happening and in the kitchen, chef was murdered. She asks him to forget about Angad’s marriage and come to London. He asks what to do, Pari is seeing dreams of marrying Angad. He asks what will happen to Pari’s future if Angad don’t marry her. Sid comes to Pari’s room and gets closer to her. Shakti asks Damini to return to London if she wants and tells that he will return after her marriage. Damini tells that she feels that Pari is dual faced girl. Sid and Pari fall on the bed. He says lets elope. She says she has 3.5 lakhs monthly expenses. He says he don’t have this much money. Pari says that’s why Angad is my long term investment and you are my FD which I can dissolve at any time. He asks what about the brahmarakshas? Pari says she is going to London after marriage and asks him to join her there. She says my bedroom door is always open for you.

Akshay tells Prithvi that this place is not safe and tells that they shall leave. Prithvi says Balan said this and went, but he died himself. He says we have to do something, due to which Kalindi kills brahmarakshas. Shalini comes there and tells that she was in trauma of balan’s death, when she told incomplete sentences about that night, tantrik etc which is overheard by Kalindi. Prithvi says Kalindi’s eyes are blindfolded by us and asks them not to be scared. Shalini hopes Kalindi has forgotten everything.

Kalindi thinks of hearing Shalini and gets worried. Angad comes there and asks if she still thinks that Madan is not involved. She asks why are you after him? Angad says I am today’s boy, tells that he thinks like others about Rakshas. He says people gets scared seeing him, but you are unaffected. Kalindi says your doubt is wrong. Angad asks her to use a practical mind and tells that Madan told from day 1 that only you can kill Brahmarakshas. He reminds her about the Mall incident and says whenever he went missing, brahmarakshas comes out. He asks did you remember Shabana incident? She says Shabana called me as she wanted to give me detail about brahmarakshas. She says only Madan and you knew that I was going there. He says Madan tells that he has any book which can help us to kill brahmarakshas, why don’t he give us? Kalindi says you are jealous of Madan, as you thinks he is coming closer to me. He asks do you think that I am bad. Kalindi asks him to remove his doubt from his mind about Madan. She says she has so many answers and questions in mind. He asks what to do? Kalindi says I would have told you, if you are normal. She says I will take my questions to someone who is mature enough and understanding. Angad says you wants to go to Madan. Kalindi says yes. Angad says you will understand when he becomes brahmarakshas.

Vikram’s wife steals money and jewellery from Shalini’s cupboard and says it is not of her only. She takes everything in the bag. Someone keeps an eye on her. Kalindi comes to Madan’s room and asks where are you? Madan come and says I am here? She says you was not here just now and asks how? Madan says oh..even you are thinking like Angad and believing that I am brahmarakshas. He tells that he is not just Pandit, but the man who is after Brahmarakshas since many years. He says Angad had gone to jungle to call the brahmarakshas there, so that I come infront of him. He says he don’t care about his thought and says he will make her dilemma end. He says if you are doubtful on me, even a bit then stab the holy knife on my heart, make two pieces of my heart and the story. He asks her to stab him and says who knows that Brahmarakshas is inside me, and kill you, but before that you kill me. Kalindi keeps the knife in the cupboard and says Madan ji, I didn’t doubt you, I came to ask you questions. Kalindi says Brahmarakshas’ enmity is with me, as I killed Gehna. She says why Chachi said that Brahmarakshas enmity is with everyone of them. She tells that she was talking about the night, tells that she is doubting on her family members, who brought her up. Madan asks her to do what her heart says?

Madan’s mother is zipping the bag when some jewellery comes out. She tries to keep it back and calls Sid. She thinks she wants to leave this city today and calls Sid. Just then she hears roaring sound and turns to look at Brahmarakshas. She pleads infront of him to let her go, as she is not his enemy. The brahmarakshas takes her in his hand and throws her down. Sid comes there and calls his mom. He thinks his mom went after calling him. He doesn’t see her dead body beneath the car.

Minty tells Kalindi that Prithvi came to get her signatures on the papers and tells that he has kept the papers there, as you was not there. Kalindi takes the papers, thinks of Madan’s words and starts to read. Minty says why are you reading the papers and tells that she has become strange. She goes. Kalindi says she has applied so much perfume and calling me strange. She thinks papers seem to be fine and begins signing. She finds blank papers in between the papers and gets doubtful.

Angad messages Robin that he is going out. He can’t marry Pari and Uma is busy in her world. He asks him to take care of mom and dad and sends him message. Shalini asks Pari to make kalire fall on Sakshi so that she too gets married soon. Pari tries, but Kalire don’t fall on her head. Pari then tries to make Kalire fall on her younger sister, but it didn’t fall. Pari gets Sid’s call and goes.

Kalindi thinks she will know everything at Prithvi Chachi’s room. Someone calls Kalindi to the door. Sid asks Pari if she will meet him in bridal clothes, for 10 mins. Pari laughs and says she will meet the groom for whom she is made. She turns to go and the kalire falls on Kalindi’s head. Kalindi tells the dialogue which she used to tell in childhood. Angad hears her while going and recalls Kalindi saying it in childhood. Kalindi comes to Prithvi’s room and feels sorry to check in Prithvi’s almari in his absence. Angad comes to a tree outside and begins digging with his hand. He thinks someone used to come here, and the hole of the snake is still afresh. He takes out the box from the land and finds the doll house and the letters kept in the box. He thinks someone used to come here and keep letters here. Kalindi finds Raghav’s death certificate, in which it is written that as he is missing, he is declared dead. He reads the letter and finds out that the girl is not Uma, but Kalindi, as she confesses her feelings in the letter for him.

Kalindi thinks Prithvi Chacha is not like I thought. Prithvi comes outside the room and picks someone’s call asking the person to talk to Vikram. Kalindi closes the cupboard and thinks where to hide? Prithvi tries to open the door, when it seems jammed. Someone comes and takes Kalindi to hide. Prithvi checks the papers and keeps it back in the almari. Angad and Kalindi hide behind the bed. Prithvi goes. Kalindi says thank God, we are saved. Angad calls her Kalindi. Kalindi gets surprised and smiles. Angad says Kalindi…my childhood friend and says you are Kalindi. He reminisces the childhood incident and says you have still same cute eyes, why I couldn’t understand. He says I asked you this question, many years back and asks what does it mean by chapparganju ka pateela…Kalindi says you are Angad, my childhood friend and tells that when he had left. She tells about seeing the broken star. He says he used to see at the broken star, thinking someone else was seeing it. He says why I couldn’t understand that Uma is Kalindi. Kalindi says she can’t believe that she got her childhood friend. Song plays….Yaar Mera aaj Mil….Angad hugs Kalindi. He says we need to talk for the past 16 years, and tells that they shall go somewhere and talk. He asks her to hold his hand like holding her childhood Angad. She holds his hand and goes. Vikram calls his wife Mona and thinks where did she go? He hopes she is fine. He comes to the marriage function hall and makes the guest see Mona’s pic.

Angad and Kalindi come out to a decorated place. Angad says he was in his life’s shock that she is Kalindi, his love. She says you are giving me another shock, by telling that the family with whom you stay is not yours and betrayed you. Kalindi says but…Angad says they are fraud and cheated with you. He says you have a beautiful name and they snatched your name. He says they didn’t even tell you about your father’s death and asks how she couldn’t figure out their truth. She says they have taken my signs on blank papers, but they have brought me up since I am 5 years old. Angad asks her to think what they have done with her. Kalindi says they are my relatives and family. She says you are saying this, as you don’t want to marry Paridhi, but I have promised them that you will marry her only. Angad gets upset and says he will be more happy to marry Pari, as so many things keep happening in her heart and mind. He says he don’t want to be mad about her and tells that he will marry Paridhi only for his physical and mental health. He calls her Uma and invites her for his wedding. Kalindi thinks she wants to ask Prithvi once, why did he do this?

Vikram comes to Prithvi and asks him to listen to him once. Prithvi says this is marriage home and you want me to hear you cry. Vikram says my wife don’t go anywhere without telling me and asks Shalini to say. Shalini says she is a big thief and stole much jewellery from my room. She says we think of you as family and that’s why didn’t get you arrested. She says if you sing her song then I will get you arrested. Vikram says she must have stolen, but we are also thieves. Prithvi shouts at him. Vikram asks them to help her and says we may get late, and find her dead body in jungle, whose heart is eaten by brahmarakshas. Prithvi asks Shalini to come.

Pari gets ready for the marriage. Sakshi asks her to give her dresses to her. Pari tells that she will not give her dress as she will exhibit her dress in London and will be more famous than Princess Diana. She gets Sid’s call and sends her sisters’ out. She calls Sid on video call and tells that he reminds her of brahmarakshas who kills bride. He says the killer is you here. Someone is looking at her.

Kalindi thinks of Prithvi’s cheat and Angad’s words. Minty comes to her and tells that cheap Chachi gave her cheap clothes to be worn in Pari’s marriage. Kalindi asks her not to take tension and says today she will get answers to all her questions. She hears Vikram crying and goes to him. She asks if Mona Chachi is not found. Vikram says yes. She offers help to search her. Vikram says you want to help me, but we don’t deserve your goodness. He says none of us, deserve your goodness. Kalindi asks what do you want to say? Vikram says your Prithvi Chacha is betraying and cheating you for his advantage and will continue to do this. Kalindi is shocked. Prithvi gets a call and gets shocked, says in suitcase. Just then he sees Kalindi coming there and ends the call. She says I always think you more than my father. Prithvi says even I thought you more than my daughters. Shalini says I will get new clothes for you from Pari’s almari. Kalindi asks them to stop it and asks until when you will tie blindfold of your fake love on my eyes. Shalini asks what are you saying, Pari’s marriage will happen in sometime. Just then Kalindi gets a video and checks her mobile. She finds Madan tied in his room. She tells Prithvi that she will talk to him later and goes to Madan’s room, but couldn’t find him. Minty asks Angad to tell how is she looking? Angad asks Robin to say on his behalf. Robin says she is looking good, terrific etc. kalindi comes there and asks Angad to talk to him. Angad says he don’t want to be a mad lover and is marrying a girl, tries to remember her name and says Pari. He asks her to go and solve her problems on her own. Kalindi says I will do the same and goes. Shalini hears them and smiles. Angad asks Minty not to leave Kalindi alone even for a moment. Minty promises him. Robin asks Angad why did he make Kalindi go from here? Angad says made her run away, or stabbed myself, don’t know. He holds the candle and says it is still bleeding. He says I am ready for marriage.

Kalindi is going out. Minty asks where is she going? Kalindi asks her to bring orange juice. Minty says we will drink it together. Kalindi says I am feeling week and asks her to bring it. Minty goes. Kalindi thinks she knows that Angad sent Minty behind her, but she distracted her. She thinks she has to go and search Madan ji. She says I am coming to save you.

Precap: Damini stops Pari and Angad’s marriage by showing something in her mobile. Kalindi reaches the place in search of Madan and falls inside the big pit. Then Kumkum falls on her head. Prithvi tells Shalini that brahmarakshas will attack her now. Brahmarakshas attacks Kalindi, but Angad comes there and gives her a weapon to kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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