Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan flirts with Honda

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan welcomes AJ with band baja. He says you arranged all this Antra? Guddan says no I arranged all this. we weren’t introduced well. I am AJ’s ex wife. She makes him wear garland and says welcome to this house Honda. AJ whispers it feels so good to hug you. He says Guddan thank you for welcoming me with this hug. You have welcomed me so well.He says this chain is yours now. Guddan says thank you. He says it feels so good. Guddan says then keep brining me gifts? He says I would. Honda gives Guddan a phone. Saru and Antra are jealous. SAru says we he is getting close to her. antra says she is AJ’s ex wife. Honda says she got my heart at least. Guddan says come spend time with us. I have made our favor dessert. Hsi servant brings gifts and says these are for you.
Guddan holds his hand, he says let’s have a good time at tea. Dadi says isn’t she being too close to him..

Guddan cooks dessert. Laxmi says sasu ma this isn’t right. You are trying to come close to him. This isn’t good. You are wrong here. Guddan says you can’t give me lectures like this. Saru is hearing. Gudan says I will do what I want. Honda is young and rich. Laxmi says I feel sorry for you. Guddan says I will now do what I want. Please go from here, I have to make this halwa for Honda. SAru leaves. Guddan says in heart, I fooled you saru.

Guddan comes to Saru. He says it smells so good Have you mixee your love in it? Guddan says this is your favorite halwa. He says you are my fav. It is so good. Now I know why aJ married you.
Guddan says I hope you wuold love this suji halwa. AJ whispers you know i hate it. She says try it. AJ says you sit with me and make me eat. Guddan says honda, I want to fly with you in your private jet. Honda says I can take you anywhere I want. Guddan makes him wear the halwa. He says this is so good. DAdi says this Guddan is so shameless. He says shahjahan cut his labor’s hands after they made taj mehal. I want to kiss your hands. Gudddan says really? He says give me your hand. AJ kisses her hand.
Precap-Antra says to Guddan your happiness was with AJ. Guddan asks AJ to sign divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Guddan was looking cute today in dress???
    2. Over-dramatic episode, it was not required, uncessary???
    3. Akshat hugged Guddan to impress her, and she tortured him by cooking his unfvt food???????
    4. Precap: Antra say she will not get effected by Guddan tactics, as she knows Guddan life is Akshat.. Later Guddan ask for Divorce from Akshat shocking him and others, Akshat says they are real, he can’t sign
    5. Too many mistakes and missed things in update

  2. Leisa s morris

    If guddan is already married to old man wat is dis divorce crap now

  3. 1. Akshat replaced old man on mandap, so technically Guddan is still his wife.
    2. Guddan/Tanvesh charade was funny but too long
    3. Will Guddan really divorce Akshat? Hope not!!
    4. Love the role reversal, Guddan all serious and Akshat very playful…
    5. Really felt bad for him when Guddan said she doesn’t love !!!
    How much longer ……….before they get back to normal???

    The producers need to watch out for all the silly mistakes they keep making!!!
    Does Akshat have hidden funds lying around somewhere diamonds, Ferraris and private jets!!!

    1. @Noor where is your friend @Shanki really enjoyed his comments ??.. anyway..

      1. who thinks when Guddan wore Antra’s dress with the curly hair she looked soo much better???
      2. Shanki is soo right! Akshat doesn’t deserve Guddan and I want this real divorce to happen..
      3. I think Harshad needs to enter as guddan’s new ” love interest”
      4. I think Akshat looks hot with Antara and wish she becomes good and they live happily
      5. Dadi still needs to pay for that slap! Not going anywhere dadu??
      6. What is Antra planning hmm a bit fishy
      7. @Shraddha thanks for the quick precap update!
      8. Go watch Yeh teri galiyan ! Far better

  4. I hope they will soon end this topic. I’m already bored of this topic. it takes too long. I wish to see that Akshat and Guddan have a happy life.although there are problems they must help each other and continue to love each other.
    just like that series, jodha akbar. who knows this series. i really loved jalal and jodha. that was a great show. they loved each other so much that nobody could break them.that’s how I wanted to see akshat and guddan. Seems like the producer has something else for them

  5. I agree with Geeta all the way.
    Shanki has been very quiet???
    Preeshabh, Antara is a murderer!! She belongs in jail and should stay there for a very long time.
    Yes, Guddan looked amazing in Antara’ s outfit!!

    Enjoying Shaan and Puchki too – beautiful love story.

    1. then also read the updates! We need more people! Shanki reads YTG aswell..

    2. OMG I just realised that his or her’s name is Shanki because its Shantanu + Puchki = Shanki LOL it should have been Shamita whatevs then also read the updates ! We need more people! Shanki reads YTG aswell..

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