Muskaan 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sir ji ruins Ronak’s plan

Muskaan 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the fight scene. Hanumant and friends beat the goons. Ronak runs after Sir ji and shoots on his leg. Sir ji screams. His goons come and catch Ronak. Sir ji aims at Ronak. Muskaan comes there. Sir ji shoots her. She falls down. Ronak gets shocked. Sir ji runs away. Ronak holds Muskaan in arms and asks her to open her eyes. She looks at him. Hanumant says we have beaten all the goons. Ronak looks around. Sir ji gets his wound treated by Tara. Sir ji asks DIG and minister to get the entire system after Ronak, this time they shouldn’t miss the aim. Ronak asks Muskaan to have water. She says thanks, Sir ji’s biggest army was his goons’ army, we have erased that today. Ronak says yes, this happened because of Mala, she gave us info. He recalls asking Mala to help them. FB shows Mala saying I m ready to help you. She takes a disguise and hides in burqa. She goes to Ronak and says Bua and Dipendar are with Sir ji, this pendrive has the list of goons, who will be helping Sir ji, he wants to kill both of you. FB ends.

Ronak crosses the goons’ pics. Ronak says if we didn’t get info at right time, Hanumant would have not got the army on time, we have ended one of his support, and other one is left. Muskaan shows the pendant and thanks Ronak. She says I got saved today because of this heart pendant. He says nothing will happen to you, I will give my life before anything happens to you. She says we should stay together. Bua says explain Ronak that relations and family is on stake because of this father-son fight. Ronak and Muskaan come home. Muskaan says we are fine, but Sir ji has run away, don’t know what will he do to take revenge on us.

Ronak says let him run if he wants, I have organized a donation camp at home, we will make a school building model, we will request for its different wings, I will invite minister and DIG as chief guest, it will be help to us. They nod. Hanumant comes. Ronak asks him to print the invitation with Muskaan’s pic. Hanumant clicks Muskaan’s pic. Ronak says its great, get the pic published with the ad.

Ronak comes to meet minister. He says even you are here DIG, I was coming to you also. He says everyone knows my relation with my dad, he is a cheap man, he is sick, I admitted him in hospital, he did a murder and ran away, you are the system for me, help me, help yourself, declare Sir ji as criminal else he will blacken the system. They smile. Minister asks will you tell us to decide this. DIG says you joke well, police dept has no proof against your dad, you want us to declare him as a criminal when he is mentally unstable. Minister says you are right.

Ronak says I was just requesting, decision would be yours, any ways, this file has his black businesses listen, sign on it. He says I m making a school building, I m organizing a donation camp, I want you both to come as chief guest, don’t say no. They agree to come for such a work. Ronak says surely come, kids will get encouraged, just think well and sign, city people will be happy. Ronak goes. Sir ji gets in and says Ram said right, Kalyug will come, he is coming to my system and asking you to shut my business. He shouts Ronak will die, my system will do this. He says I will call Dipendar. He tells some plan.

Muskaan makes a school model. The goon sees her pic in the newspaper and recalls her. Ronak comes home. Muskaan asks what did DIG and minister say. Ronak says nothing, they said they can’t shut his business, I asked them to sign the papers if they change their mind. Dipendar comes to them and shows Sir ji’s message. Ronak reads it …. get my will from the room and give it to board of directors. He says he wants to make me out of his will, his house, so that he can attack us, we will fall weak, its time that I attack him, just get sweets boxes, I will send a message for him in my style. Dipendar goes. Ronak says I have to meet the board of directors, maybe Sir ji is hiding there. Muskaan asks why are you telling plan to Dipendar. Ronak says I have to find Sir ji I will play a game now my way. He smiles.

A blast occurs. People die in the blast. DIG asks Muskaan to switch on the tv. The reporter says Ronak and Muskaan are behind the city blasts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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