Shakti 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rekha and Adesh dies in an accident

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The Episode starts with Rekha asking Vedant if there are no girls in the world. Vedant says he loves her. Rekha says since childhood you like unique things and asks him and Mr. Bansal to think about people’s thoughts. She asks did you do that company fraud to get her and says if I had known that she is a kinnar then wouldn’t have helped you. She asks Soumya to go. Vedant holds her hand and says Soumya will not go. Rekha says then I will leave from here and can’t see my brother married to a kinnar. Mr. bansal cries. Vedant says whoever wants to go can leave and asks them to go. Rohan comes there. Rekha asks him to come. Vedant calls the decorators and asks them to do the decorations and says marriage will happen today itself. Mr. bansal comes to Rekha and asks her to understand that Vedant wants to stay with Soumya and loves her. Rekha says if you had stopped him then this wouldn’t have happened. She says his stubbornness is undigestable. Saya and others wait outside to see if marriage is happening or not.

Harman tells Mahi that after that, Preeto saw her and fixed his marriage with her. Mahi asks him to show Soumya’s video. Harman says my phone is full of her videos and shows the videos on his mobile. Mahi smiles watching the video.

Rohan tells Rekha that he don’t want to go and wants to stay till the marriage. She says if I go today then will never return. Rekha asks him to come. Rohan says I want to attend Mami’s marriage. Rekha frees Rohan’s hand and pushes Soumya. Vedant stands up and holds her. He says if you have problem with Soumya then don’t attend marriage, but stay for Dad atleast. Rekha says we will not come here and I will call Dad to London and he will stay with us. Rohan says but I will come after growing up. Mr. bansal gets emotional. Rekha sits in car, followed by Rohan and Adesh. They leave. Saya, Chameli and others looks on. Saya says they might have tried to stop the marriage, but failed. Mahi watches haldi video and asks if it is diwali video. Harman says he was running behind her to apply haldi. He finds her getting emotional and shows her video in which he is combing her hairs. They come down. Everyone sees them coming down. Mahi tells him that Soumya is very good and the house would have brightened with her presence. Raavi asks do you want to become like her? Mahi says she wants to become like her for her husband. Vedant asks Soumya who told Rekha and asks her to call Saya and others there. Mr. Bansal says Rekha didn’t want to attend the marriage and that’s why left. Vedant asks Soumya if he is doing this with her people. Soumya gets upset.

Rohan tells Rekha that she did wrong and pushed Soumya. Rekha recalls the happenings. Driver is driving the car, the truck comes from the other direction and hits their car. Mr. Bansal, Vedant and Soumya reach the hospital. Doctor asks Mr. bansal to come and take him to morgue. Mr. Bansal, Soumya and Vedant see Rekha’s dead body.

Mr. Bansal shouts Rekha’s name and cries. Doctor shows Adesh’s dead body. Mr. Bansal cries badly. They see another covered dead body. Soumya thinks of Rohan’s words. Doctor moves the cloth from the dead body’s face and he is driver.

Harman gets uncomfortable and gets up from the dining table. Preeto asks what happened? Mahi says I will see. Soumya asks Doctor about the small boy with them. Vedant says Rohan. Mahi asks Harman what happened? Harman says nothing. She says you got up from having table and asks him to finish the food. Harman says Soumya is in pain and troubled much. Soumya cries badly.

Doctor says only he could survive, he has minor injuries and is in ward no 2. Soumya runs to Rohan’s ward. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Harman tells his family that he will not run to Soumya and says we have promised each other not to meet again. Soumya cries seeing Rohan unconscious.

Precap: Vedant and Soumya sit for marriage. Harman comes there. Vedant’s goons beat up Harman and lights fire around him. Vedant is taking rounds with Soumya forcibly. Harman looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shakti ko itna ghatiya show banadenge sirf ek leap ke liye cannot a temple where almighty is there that rascal bastard is forcefully marrying saumya.what a shit.all the evils in this show without punishment are enjoying & alive.the people who are victims of these evils are suffering & lost their life.that bastard vedant forcefully married saumya in temple after Harman struggling so much to save her.but it did not happen & that bastard married her.harman lost his life by falling from the hill.and other side that bluddy female mahi that rascal characterless female fooled Harman by wearing saumyas get up & raped him & now emotionally blackmailing him being father of her child.harman majboor hain kyonki usne saumya ko promise kiya hain aur woh khud bhi guilty hain kyonki usne use shaddi ki aur she made him realize that what was her mistake.and the main culprit preeto who planned everything & spoiled two life Harman & saumya.disgusting.mahi,preeto & vedant are still alive & not exposed yet to Harman & he lost his life also.vedant ki sister ne fraud company form karke Harman ko jail bheja tha aur aaj she got the punishment for her sins & she died.but vedant he is going on doing crime to crime but he is still shown innocent & future hero of the show because Harman wont be there after the take harmans place he is shown only poisitive.and preeto after losing Harman she is relaxed because she got her waris.and that mahi the biggest criminal than vedant she is spared & she got easily everything after losing Harman.such injustice in shakti shows.instead of vedant,mahi,preeto dieing,Harman died.

  2. yes what an injustice happening in shakti.all evils are saved & innocents are suffered.maahi must be thrown out of the house by harman but she is been shown innocent character,vedant ki maut toh itni dard nak honi chaiye ki log galat kam karne se pehle dus bar soche,but he is shown innocent,and preeto that woman must suffer till her last breath but she is so happy with her waris.???? what a shit really shameful thing.i mean they made mata rani also a fake.these 3 people must have punished for their sins but they are spared.not fair at all.beautiful love story,beautiful,clean,pure soul couple harman & saumya they dreamt of living life together till their last breath together but almighty also did not fulfill their wish.they loved each other purely by heart & they only wished to live their entire life together,shakti must have ended on a good note with happy ending of saumya harman & their sohum together.they could have started the story of rebirth.but harman dieying & saumya still alive without harman which is not justice to the school track was marvelous.harman vivian cannot be compared to anyone monkey like sahil vedant.we still request makers too do justice for shakti of last 3 years effort.harman saumya ka pyaar duniya se alag tha.agar woh jiyenge toh saath aur marenge toh bhi should be a memorable love story of harman saumya singh & his gulaboo. please we request you make it beautiful but not dirty.mahi must not be pregnant & vedant & mahi must exit the show.

  3. sad to see rekha dead

  4. why mahi is shown positive????her negativity must be exposed.she is playing with harmans innocence.raavi & sindhu must catch her lie.she is not pregnant.and if she is also its not harmans baby.she got a house & husband where she can hide her real fact that she has an affair with anyone else & she is pregnant .this game plan is of preeto & mahi which should be can evils win???.saumya aur harman ke beech koi nahin aa will be injustice to the pure,clean,unconditional love story.harman ke upar sirf sohum aur saumya ka hakh hain.

  5. Atleast Harman ke death se pehle ek baar toh Harman saumya ka hot romance dikha dete.lip lock kiss & one intimate what if she is a kinner.when mahi being a woman can take saumyas get up & rape him then why not Harman saumya in real spend such nights.they both are matured enough & aware about their limitations.not like preeto & mahi.two vamps with criminal act drugging a person to that extent where a human being is not in his senses.these kind of people must be prisioned.we wanted to see Harman saumya sharing a very touchable night together.and their first morning after this.then saumya will realise what Harman means for her in her life.she will never sacrifice him for anyone else.we want that possessive saumya for Harman.and also no hesitation from her when she hugs Harman or when he being romantic to her.this was necessary long time a ago.saumya is beautiful more than a woman.just in 10 days that rascal murderer vedant can fall in love with him then why cant Harman.he has loved saumya more than his own life.saumya Harman ka pehla aur akhri pyaar hain.harman ne saumya ko har tarah se pyaar kiya hain.there are no boundaries for him to love her.he loves her so much that he is insecured for her from anyone.if she loves sohum more he is insecured.his love for saumya is he deserves that love too.

  6. Shakti Viewers

    Yes. All Harman & Saumya Fans are eagerly waiting to see them together with their beautiful romance. At least once the Makers can show them together before Harman leaving. Mahi’s pregnancy should be fake and Preeto, Magi and Shanno should be exposed out before everyone. In any case they should be punished because no mother can do such type of crime for a heir ruining the life of own child. Because of her we are missing Harman’s cute smile. He is always sad and Preeto is not bothered. Of course, Magi raped Harman, no doubt in it. Whatever it is, she should have waited for some time. Vedant should die instead of Harman. He is adamant and not loving Saumya truly. He wanted to show his stubbornness because he grown up like that. As you said Saumya also should realize the deep, unconditional Love Harman have for her. She never cared for his Love. It is very rare to see such type of Love in the world now. More than her Harman is suffering. We all wanted to see Harman and Saumya happy together before we stop watching Shakti without Harman.

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