Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 16-Final Episode


[Amaya,Abhay,Omkara,Rudra and Abhay walked in at same time from different direction they saw each other and decided that this is gonna be a sibling night]

Abhay:[Abhay broke the silence]So either we all have the same problem or this the only spot in house where it is peaceful

Shivaay:[Shivaay replied cheerfully]I think the second one is much better[they all sat in a circle]by the way congratulations Abhay[Abhay said thank you Shivaay looked at Amaya and said]Are you still going to say that we are not your family

Amaya:[Amaya thought for a moment before replying and said]well,I have changed my mind about that so much has happened in past month that I didn’t thought would changed my thoughts and make me accept this family

Abhay:[Abhay said looking at everyone]maybe if we had done this before then probably we would’ve felt less pain and suffered less

Omkara:[Omkara said to Abhay]No Abhay I am glad it happened this way because sometimes thing turn out to  really good for us I mean if all of this had happened earlier then probably Roop bua would still have been troubling us

Abhay:[Abhay said in a distant voice]well at least she would be still alive

Amaya:[Amaya replied instinctively to Abhay]you didn’t kill her and nor was it in any way your fault so just let go of it

Omkara:[Omkara felt guilty for bring up the topic so he cheerfully]okay,that was not i meant but anyways now that we all siblings are here together then we can discuss something fun like starting by know each other okay i will start first with easy question[Omkara thought for a moment and then said]Okay did both you cried to go to school every day and or you loved it

Abhay:[Everyone smiled and looked at Abhay.Abhay looked at Amaya and said]well I don’t remember my first day of school but I remember Amu’s first day school and she was a havoc from all the way home to school she kept whining that she doesn’t wants to go to school but that was just the first ritual after that Amaya was the sincere kid and I was the spoilt brat of the house

Amaya:[Amaya said looking at Abhay in an annoyed to tone]well all the kids do that and besides you were the who was always grounded and punished in home which I should be happy about because then I would have to wash all the dinner dishes

[Omkara,Shivaay,Rudra and Amaya were laughing at Abhay who was embarrassed.This moment was captured by Gauri and the photo was framed on put on the wall]


[Dadi was watching a wall full of photos she kept looking at photos one by one.First was Abhay and Aakriti’s marriage photo,the couple were happy together they had just started to develop feelings for each other.Next photo was Anika and Shivaay holding a baby,Shivaay and Anika welcomed a baby girl a month before it was premature baby but both were healthy.Next photo was Bhavya’s baby shower,she was seven months pregnant now and gauri was just a month pregnant.Both Omkara and Rudra were excited to experience fatherhood.Next picture was of Jhanvi,Pinky,Shakti and Tej who went on a trip to Rome after few weeks of Amaya’s wedding.Next photo was of Priyanka and Ranveer’s wedding anniversary they were cutting with their in the middle,Priyanka gave birth to a boy.In middle was an enlarged frame of Shivaay,Omkara,Amaya,Priyanka,Rudra and Abhay standing put arms around each other with  broad smile on their face and happiness in their eyes]


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  1. Niriha

    Awesome….fabulous loved it to the core

  2. Superb …..!!

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  4. ItsmePrabha

    awesomely amazing…mainly the end part….Lovely..

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