is religion important or love? — two news

‘what’s wrong omkaraji?’

gauri asked her boyfriend with concern.

om: it’s my parents. i don’t know what problem they have with muslims but yesterday they said that i can marry any girl but not a muslim.

gauri: what?

om: yes! why do our families have a problem with our religions? gauri, i want to start a new chapter with you as my wife. i want to spend the rest of my life with you and i want to do this without our religions being the problem.

gauri: omkaraji, i have something to tell you.

om: say it!

gauri: i… i’m…..voh….

om: what happened gauri?

he brings her close to him making her feel more confident.

gauri: meri ammi and appu have arranged my wedding with that aabad.

om: what?!

gauri: yes.

om punches the bricked wall making his hand bleed.

gauri:. omakraji, control your anger. look at your hand.

she uses her duapatta and wrapped it around om’s bleeding hand.

om: i’m sorry gauri, it’s just…..i am tired now of our families. i am tired of everything now. where is hope?

gauri: hope hai.

om was shocked and said: matlab?

she brings his hand and keeps it on her stomach. om’s eyes grow big. he was silent for five minutes…. gauri was worried but then he lifted her up in his arms and twirled her around two times and then kept her down.

gauri: omkaraji, are you fine?

om: i…. i am….. i am going to be a …fa….father. gauri, this is the best news ever. tu maa and mein were right, there is hope.

gauri smiles. om makes her sit down and says: do you need anything? juice? water? ice cream?

gauri: no omkaraji. i’m fine. all i just need is you.

om smiles and sits down next to her. a thought came through his mind.

om: gauri?

gauri: hmm?

om: when did we make this child?

gauri: last week, at that party.

om remembers when he and gauri were locked in a room and things went a little…… out of control.

om: what if our parents find out?

gauri: they won’t.

om: what do you mean?

precap: plan

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