Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-episode 13

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[It was Monday morning Abhay had left for the court a bit early as he had to visit office first.Rest of them had their breakfast and Tej and Shakti left for the office.Shivaay has worked from home since Anika has been pregnant he only went out for meetings when it was extremely necessary.Everyone was in hall as Anika and Shivaay had called them to show first ultrasound which was done a day before everyone was happy to see it and excited how the baby will look when he/she is born.Shivaay appreciated the fact that Amaya had delayed her appointments just to be with them.Amaya was about to leave as she was already late for the appointments scheduled but little did she knew that she has to cancel them all.As Amaya moved towards door Amaya saw Devansh’s entire family except Devansh and Aakriti.Aakriti’s parents were there]

Amaya:[Everyone noticed Devansh’s family by now Amaya went forward and greeted everyone and then introduced everyone to Devansh’s family after introduction Amaya asked Ranjit,Devansh’s Bade papa reason of their visit]Uncle,I am sorry to be rude but any reason for this visit?

Ranjit:[They were now seated in hall]we are here to fix marriage[Amaya was shocked to hear that and she thought haven’t Devansh told anything about Amaya’s condition to is family but when Ranjit talked to Dadi.Amaya’s shock turned to happiness in an instant]my niece Aakriti and your grand nephew Abhay i think would make a great couple.I know our families are complete strangers to each other but Abhay and Aakriti had known each other for sometime in past before Aakriti left for New York to complete her education I am not asking for you to make decision now itself you all can take your time


[Abhay had won the case and this had already made him a star lawyer because it was difficult for any elderly experienced lawyer to get verdict in the first date of the case itself but Abhay did it with just four years of courtroom experience]

Ranveer:[Ranveer and Abhay came out of court together and Ranveer sounded like a five year old adoring his favourite superhero and Abhay at some extent was enjoying it]you rocked the courtroom.How did you get all this crazy ideas?[Ranveer was disturbed by the ring of Abhay’s phone]

Abhay:[Abhay answered the call.Call just lasted for few seconds.Abhay was confused why caller wanted to talk to him so urgently but he decided to meet anyway]I am sorry Ranveer I have to leave urgently but I promise I will give all the details afterwards[saying this Abhay left]


[Abhay was there to meet Aakriti who called him about an hour go and asked to meet immediately and Abhay has been waiting for past 10 mins]

Abhay:[Aakriti spotted Abhay and came and sat him across him at the table]I have already placed an order for two cafecinos if want something else then[Aakriti interrupted him]

Aakriti:[Aakriti said in her casual tone]it doesn’t matter whatever you have ordered.I wanted to meet you because I wanted to talk to you about  something important.[Aakriti paused for a moment and then looked at Abhay and said]Abhay,10 years ago when I was 17 you probably might remember how I was then

Abhay:[Abhay remembered and said]yes,a total party girl,spoilt brat and basically everything a rich teen is,and sorry to be harsh but you asked it

Aakriti:[Aakriti gave Abhay a faint smile and said]you are correct.I was that way,10 years ago i did a mistake and that mistake cost me my relationship with my parents and my siblings and I don’t want same mistake to cost me my married life.Not that I have made my decision about this relationship though.10 years ago I got pregnant [Aakriti paused for a moment to compose herself Abhay offered her water she drank it and started again]I decide to keep the baby I may have done a mistake but I didn’t wanted the innocent child to pay the price so I decided to keep the baby and that’s why my parents sent me to New York so no one here could know.In, New York I met an accident and it caused a miscarriage in a way I was attached to that child so i took it pretty hard and my parents decide it’s best if I stayed there[Aakriti paused]

Abhay:[Abhay was confused and feeling sympathetic for Aakriti.He said]Aakriti I am sorry for whatever happened with you but why are you telling all of this to me all of the sudden.I mean you haven’t made your mind yet about marriage then[Aakriti interrupted Abhay]

Aakriti:Because you know it’s hard to find flaws in you.I mean,you have good looks,you own a law firm,and also belong to a reputed family why wouldn’t any girl marry you[Abhay said with jovial tone]

Abhay:that’s not exactly what my ex fiancee thought of me,but thanks for the compliment.

[When Abhay got home and Dadi asked him about marriage]

OBEROI HOUSE[around 5:00 pm]

[Agnihotri family left after lunch and families have approved the relationship now only Abhay’s approval was left Agnihotri family left and asked Dadi to let them know over call]

Dadi:[As Abhay entered and walked in middle of the hall Dadi asked him]We have chosen a bride for you


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