Savitri Devi 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri blackmails Priya to help and separate Sanchi and Veer

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Savitri Devi 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sanchi that it is not a big matter to do other duties. Sanchi says after this merger, everyone has to cooperate to rules. Isha says there shall be some rules for emergency. Sanchi says I can’t do anything and asks them to decide which card they want, and gives them yellow or red card. Veer asks Sanchi what you are doing? Jaya comes there. Sanchi asks Jaya to help her to decide whom to rusticate and whom to give warning. Jaya refuses and says they are like my daughter and I don’t think that you have to take a step against them. Sanchi says I am a dean and have to take this step. Veer says you can’t do this. Sanchi asks them to stay out of it. Isha takes the red card, but Pragya asks her to give her red card. Isha says problem was mine so I will suffer. She thanks Sanchi for rewarding her. She says this is our the hatred and I will keep it safely. Isha and Pragya cries. Pragya says you got mad with this success and asks her to understand. Dr. Kabir smirks. Isha goes to her locker and takes her stuff. She sees her pic with Sanchi and cries. She tears it and throws on ground. Pragya and Veer come to Isha. Pragya asks her not to go. Veer asks her to stay back. Isha takes her stuff. Pragya hugs Isha and asks her not to leave else they will get lonely. Veer says even I. They hug altogether and cry. Isha leaves.

Sanchi cries looking at her photoframe with Pragya and Isha. Veer asks her to open the door and asks what was it? He asks how can you fire Isha from the hospital. Sanchi says she has broken rules so she got punished. Veer says to go with the hell. He asks I just can’t believe that you are my Sanchi, and says you are someone else and not my Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes there and asks Sanchi to come for the meeting. Sanchi tells Veer that she has much work and don’t have time to talk to him. Veer thinks what happened to her?

They come home in the night. Veer sits sad on the bed, while Sanchi rests on bed. They sleep turning their face. Sanchi behaves like an illiterate and thinks she has no way out. She gets easy blackmailed by Dr. Kabir. Veer thinks Sanchi shall become like his old Sanchi.

In the morning, Priya comes to Savitri and says good morning. Savitri wishes her good morning and gives her chocolate box. Veer comes and wishes her. Priya tells her that her rashes is gone. Gayatri says where is Madam and says she must have went to hospital. Priya says she was excited about my birthday, but today she didn’t even wish me. Savitri says we have organized party for Priya and asks Veer if Sanchi will attend. Veer says she will come.

Priya talks to Vikrant and he apologizes. Priya asks him not to do drama infront of her and says she don’t want Savitri to know that he blackmailed her and made her steal in her house. She threatens to get him arrested for domestic violence. Gayatri hears her and thinks so thief is Vikrant, that’s why Priya made him eloped. Priya hears someone hearing her. Gayatri runs to escape.

Sanchi couldn’t concentrate on the meeting and feels headache. Dr. Kabir orders black coffee for her. Sanchi gets Veer’s message asking her to come for Priya’s birthday party. Dr. Kabir snatches phone from her hand and looks angrily. Veer thinks she didn’t reply ok. Gayatri tells Savitri that Sanchi didn’t steal the things, but our gardener as Priya requests her. Savitri says I didn’t believe and asks her to fire him. Gayatri asks Priya why did you lie that your husband is a thief? Priya says she don’t want Maa to know, she can’t bear. Gayatri asks what will I get if I don’t tell anyone? Priya asks her to keep all her jewellery. Gayatri asks her to support her against Veer and Sanchi and talk in her tone. Priya says ok and asks her to give her sometime to think. Veer waits outside the conference hall. Peon asks him to go home. Veer goes inside and asks Sanchi to come with him. Sanchi says she is in meeting. Dr. Kabir asks him to leave her hand and says we are doing important meeting. Veer asks him to shut up and asks him not to come between him and his wife….

Dr. Malhotra and Savitri give farm house to Priya as a gift. Sanchi drinks and ruins the cake. She puts cake on Priya’s face and insults her. Savitri shouts. Sanchi says she said right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chepdi ko kabir ke kahane par Esha ko nikalkar bahot dukh hua . veer ki vajahse pragya ke sath friendship todi thi usse hospitals se nikala tha tab . Veer ne khud sachi pragya ki dosti thodi thi sachi revenge lene ke liye ab vahi kabir ne kiya . veer ne kiya to sahi aur kabir ne kiya to galat .chepadi ke rule bhi insan ke sath change hote hai .galti galti hoti hai phir vo koi bhi kare apna ho ya paraya .saza bhi ek jaisi hi honi chahiye.

    1. Veer misunderstanding mei that aur Baad mein wahi sab thik Kiya but Kabeer ye sab Jaan ke galat intension se kar raha and after seeing this villain side of kabeer how can one support him

      1. Misunderstanding me kiya right but uski dushmani sachi se thi .pragya ne to kuch nahi kiya tha .sachi pragya ki dosti ka koi lena dena nahi tha .pragya to uski apni friend bhi thi .phir bhi veer ne kiya na .same kabir did sachi pragya esha ki dosti todne ke liye .aur veer ki tarah agar vo bhi baad me maafi mangega to sachi usse maaf karegi ?? Nahi na .phir galti galti hoti hai koi bhi kare aur kisi bhi vajahse kare justify nahi hoti .

      2. And another thing veer kuch bhi thik nahi kiya .Esha ne pragya ko phone karke bulaya .isliye Pragya aayi .veer ne sachi aur pragya ko milane ke liye kya kiya .vo to kabir tha jisne veer ki sachhai sachi ko batai ki veer ne sachi aur pragya ke beech fight karayi .

      3. Varunfan

        Inko bas Kabir ko support krna he and Veer ko bash ye abtak main samajh chuka he, story logic right wrong se koi lena dena nahi…..

    2. Varunfan

      Veer ne Sanchi ko aise position pe laya tha jaha se ya to uske dean ke rup me mahaan banna tha nahi to Dost ka saath dena tha, she choose not to trust pragya, here She knows clearly Isha has no fault there she is unknown of the fact that Madhu Bala trapped her.veer wanted to proof she is selfish apne aage voh kisiko nahi dekhti…he was sad and equally felt bad thats why he brought Satish, what he did was manipulation and most importantly he did all himself not like Kabir jo Sanchi se sab karwa raha he, farak he Veer and Kabir me….sanchi always has a choice to trust Pragya but she didnt kyunki usko mahaan banna tha abhi bhi same he usko mahaan banna he, Sunny ko save karna he……yaha baat clearly Sachi ki khudgarzi ki he… dnt try to cover up Kabir by Veer..
      It will not help lol??

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