Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat Justifies His Act

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat asks Samrat if he wants him to commit suicide. Pakhi gets closer to Virat and asks not to say that. Everyone stand surprised seeing that, and she backs off. Ashwini asks Virat to go and inform Sai that she needs him most. Virat says Sai doesn’t need him and says he took her to Mahabaleshwar and took care of her, but when he gave her surprise, she acted very weird and insulted him saying he lied her and took her there. He then walks to Sunny and asks to speak, he is his childhood friend, and if he also thinks he is wrong. Sunny says he is not wrong, but its because of lot of confusion and ego clash. Virat says he is not egoistic and doesn’t want to talk about it, Sai always told that she will leave them all when she becomes independent, let it be that day. Devi says he has become stone hearted, why is he doing this. Samrat asks him to stop telling that Sai’s departure doesn’t affect him and asks whether he will accompany him to search Sai or not. Virat says there are other people in this house who can help him search Sai, Sai didn’t need him always and hence he will go to his work and find out his transfer status.

Pulkit calls Samrat. Samrat asks if he knows where Sai is. Pulkit asks if Sai is around. Samrat says he left just now. Pulkit informs him that Sai met with a grievous accident, she is admitted to City Hospital and her condition is very critical with brain damage. Seeing Samrat’s reaction, Pakhi says let her speak. Pulkit says he wants to speak to only him, but he should give this good news to his family and especially Pakhi and Virat. Samrat tells family that Sai’s location is found. Ashwini asks where is her daughter. Bhavani yells that Sai asked Pulkit to call and justify her act. Samrat says Sai didn’t, she met with an accident and is in a critical condition in City Hospital. Ashwini shatters hearing that. Shivani consoles her. Devi says she told that whenever Sai and Virat separate and reminds them of Virat’s shooting accident when he kicked out Sai out of house before. She cries that god will not forgive Virat for his mistake and even Virat will not forgive himself if something happens to Sai. Pakhi tries to tongue lash Devi. Bhavani says Devi is right that an accident happens whenever Virat and Sai fight, today Bappa has arrived and family’s peace is broken, Bappa is giving an indication that. Ashwini says they shouldn’t separate Sai and Virat and insists to accompany Samrat to hospital. Devi also insists. Bhavani says they cannot leave house empty when Bappa is at home. Samrat says he will take Sunny and Pakhi along. Ashwini and Shivani also insist to accompany him. Samrat gets into car with Pakhi, Sunny, Ashwini, and Shivani. Devi insists to accompany them. Sunny says more people are not allowed in hospital. Devi asks to get Pakhi down. They get her in.

Sai’s surgery starts in hospital. Virat visits DIG’s office and says he wants to know about his transfer order status, how can he stop his order without a valid reason. DIG asks him to take it easy, something came up which stopped his transfer. Virat says he knows Sai had come here and cannot understand how his professional life is affected by his wife; he voluntarily wanted to shift to a risky area, and if DIG tries to illegally detain his transfer, he will complain against him to higher authorities. DIG asks if he is threatening him. Virat says he doesn’t have any valid professional reason to detain his transfer, then how could he. Samrat with Ashwini and others reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Sai. Nurse hears them and asks to call Sai’s hospital to sign surgery documents to start surgery. DIG tells Virat that Sai had come and asked to hold his transfer as he is both physically and mentally disturbed and seeing him, she seems right. Virat requests to approve his transfer orders. Commissioner asks if he fought with Sai again. Virat says he doesn’t want to discuss his personal life with professional boss. DIG says he thought Virat and Sai are family. Virat insists him to approve his transfer orders. DIG agrees. Samrat calls Virat and informs him about Sai’s critical condition and needing his signature to start her surgery. Virat stands shattered hearing that.

Precap: Sai’s friends don’t let Virat to see Sai. Ashwini asks Virat to never think of separating from Sai. Sai holding Pakhi’s hands pleads her to pray Bappa for Sai’s life. Samrat enters and stands shocked seeing that.

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    Heyy everyone , how are you all , hope you saw something different in this episode
    There is a very interesting story ahead. Thanks for making our show on top of the TRPs
    Today I will try to be connected with you all with telly updates, so if any questions or you want to talk to me I am available
    Love you all guys

    1. Anis Zulaikha

      Hiiii Ayesha mam…… yes… we are really enjoying it…. Thank you so much mam for this beautiful series… love uuu mam….

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      are you trying to fooling us?…. we know that it is not ayesha ma’am…
      we will tell the wishes to the real Ayesha Singh
      you don’t have to bother about that and be a messenger
      we will share our gratitude towards her personally
      P S sorry guys might have scrolled alot


    3. how about you stop impersonating her loser

    4. Unprofessional Act

      Thank you for connecting with us at various medium. We love the show and we wish for it to be more interesting and less toxic/frustrating moving forward because we love to see our Sairat happy all the time.

    5. ohh ! is it really ayesha mam , it am your biggest fan

    6. Hi ayesha ma’am
      I love the show soooo much but just 1 thing rather than stretching a topic soonlong I would like to see some romantic moments of “Sairat”.

      I am the biggest fan of yours and Neil sir’s

    7. Hi ayesha, you are a gem of heart….it was lovely meeting you

    8. Please stop making Sai’s character weak. And teach a lesson to Pakhi and Virat.

    9. Sairat Lover

      Happy Birthday Ghkkpm.
      Completed one year today…
      I am the Biggest fan of this serial. Love you Ayesha Singh. I am your biggest fan.

    10. Wow so happy you are conversing with us.. Loving you in the show

  2. Are you really Ayesha mam or is it a fake account .If you are really ayesha mam then I am your fan mam. I just love your acting and your character sai.

  3. Unprofessional Act

    Please don’t tell me it’s not her, then I just wasted my post cos I did not intend to post today. Lol!

  4. pakhi may always be taunting sai as she doesn’t like her realtionship with virat. but she is from inside a good person and after seeing her concern for sai I know she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to sai or anyone.
    and for God’s sake samrat ko ab koi galat fehmi naa hu

  5. Pranbirlover

    Yesterday, someone commented that to satisfy the ego of an actor, the story of the Patiala babes had changed… Can anyone please tell me what exactly happened? I have recently started seeing the show in YouTube and I am liking it..

    1. Paridhi and Ashnoor were main leads. Absolutely wonderful serial on women empowerment. Ashnoor was fresh lease of air, like Ayesha Singh is. Loved Hanuman Singh Role played by Anirudh Dave.

      Just over night Paridhi a Anirudha characters were killed as social media was stormed on the way these 2 characters were shown on screen and tons of sympathy was coming for Ashnoor

      Later producers did mention in twitter that there was ego clashes. Some rumoured cost reduction by removing high pay of Paridhi. She maintained silence. Loved the serial till again Minis character was shown victim. And eventually serial stopped

      Hence said even GHKKPM seems to be going through same. Lovely subject now moved into illicit relationship and non sense saas bahu drama. So hope creativity prevails soon

  6. None of the shows are this much delay till date like how makers are dragging this show
    After Ganesh Visarjan, they bought Bappa home and till today it’s just Day 1 of Ganesh Chaturdhi in this show when even Navratri is going to start within 2 days
    I guess they’ll celebrate Navratri next year during Makar Sankranti
    I’m sure they’ll drag Virat’s signature part for 2 more days and he’ll sign on Friday and Sai’s surgery will start on Monday as Saturday again Virat and Pakhi’s holding hands drama will take place in the hospital
    They should have put their shamelessness in hold at least in the hospital
    Waiting for the after effects of Sai’s surgery

    1. Makers of this show really don’t know wt to show to audience..dy r dragging the show n showing things beyond reality..the whole of emphasis is on neil n Aishwarya relationship..their cheap bonding..after so much happened with Cafe drama again dy r in hand in hand in hospital in front of samrat ..1st thing y pakhi is brought there when male members r there ..their duty is only to gossip n taunting n doing nothing..ladies reach hospital in heavy silk sprees make up n Jewellery..wt rubbish..some real n sensible must be there..liveliness is there only wn samrat comes on screen ..neil is under shadow of his personal relations with pakhi n it is making serial horrible..wnever dy come on screen we change channel..pakhi should be out of show bcoz her character is v shameless irritating n disgusting..makers want to keep both these in frame for success of their show but they are loosing audience..personal and professional are two things of the actors r loosing their charm..dy r given stupid dialouges to deliver seems makers r v close to these two creatures..

  7. Hi ayesha ma’am
    I love the show soooo much but just 1 thing rather than stretching a topic soonlong I would like to see some romantic moments of “Sairat”.

    I am the biggest fan of yours and Neil sir’s

  8. Love 💓💓

    Hi Ayesha Mam, hope u r doing good. I am really liking the show, and yes, I got to see something different in today’s show with Kaku ‘s change in behaviour and Pakhi’s concern for your character… Thanks for remaining coonected with us… Love u so much🥰🥰

  9. Hi ayesha, you are a gem of heart….it was lovely meeting you


    Idk why are you all believing an impersonator, but anyways, good for you all I guess?
    Samrat said that Sayi is the youngest member a few days ago and that was when I realized that she isn’t even 20, she’s just my age (19) and she by now has already gone through 2 accidents (both with serious head injuries), a toxic husband, a tormenting family, and she is a medico!! How does she manage to study amidst all this drama?? I’m a medico myself, 1st year as well and I seriously don’t even get to breathe!
    Everything aside, but seeing Virat justify his deeds make me question the writers. Firstly this is pedophilia! Secondly, how does Virat dare to claim that he loves her and talk about his feelings? Is Sayi a wizard or what? She would just stick to what he told during the wedding, until he comes from the front and express his feelings to Sayi or even the family! Each time it is Sayi who is hurt on the head but turns out it’s Virat who suffers amnesia.
    I’v never seen him trying to clear her doubt by saying that he broke the promise he made to Pakhi and it is Sayi whom he loves, instead he was just rude to her and ignored her, letting her think whatever she wants.
    Being the same age, I can relate to Sayi’s habits. She just acts like a normal teenager (19 is still a teen) would act. But, the only difference is that I am stuck with studies and she has an extra marital affair to deal with a joint family who dislikes her for god knows what reasons, an abusive husband and no one to understand her. The people who support her have no say in the house and end up crying each time, and Samrat, the only sensible Chavan, who stands up for her may die soon if they follow the kusum dola plot.
    My comment may be messed up and I have a lot to write for my hate to Virat and the Chavans, but maybe next time. And i really don’t wanna comment on Pakhi, ISTG, even Komolika was wayyyy better than her. And ever since that interview, I have decided to think of that actress who is as cheap as her reel character in real life to be non existent.
    Honestly they should just end the serial.

    1. *roopkotha-it is not komolika
      ur comment isn’t messed up
      it is damn true… I suppot ur comment

    2. Which interview are you talking about??

  11. I am a Sairat fan but I have always wondered what would happen if Sai told Virat that “just because he loves her, that doesn’t mean that she HAS to love him too”. Unrequited love, is a thing.
    I’ve also wondered what would happen if Sai told Virat that “they don’t need to be married for him to fulfil his responsibility towards her and take care of her”
    I think those scenarios would make for much better content and drama than what’s coming next.
    We all know Sai is going to lose her memory after this accident 😧 talk about predictable 😟

    1. sai won’t lose memory

  12. Sairat Lover

    Happy Birthday Ghkkpm. It completed one year today. I love the show. And hello Ayesha Di, I am you biggest fan, love you diii😍😍

  13. Sairat Lover

    Sai will be fine soon and will not loose ger memory. Get well soon💐💐

  14. Congratulations to Kishoriji Ayesha Singh, Yamini, Yogendra and rest crew. Your stellar performances made us watch this serial. Hope all other characters get enough creative space to perform and show talent, especially Datarji, Aishwarya, Yash, Bharti Ji

    God bless and stay safe.

  15. Why does gandhi Paaki need to go to the hospital? She is very wicked and is very happy that Sai is injured. Holding spineless Viraat hands again. I say it again, please replace these two. So sick of seeing both of them, They are ruining the show. Once again Sai is hurt and Virat is mad, upset, angry or whatever emotion is on his stupid face. Why don’t he just go off with ghandi Paakhi somewhere and leave the show? This just might be their last serial. No one would want to hire two so call actors that the fans cannot stand. Its all bull*hit. Ashwarya is an evil coniving wicked witch. Get rid of her, her character is disgusting adn shameless and get rid of that egotistical stupid liar Viraat. (I have not forgotten that he lied and did not tell his brother that ghandi Paakhi asked him to divorce Sai and be with her to start their new life) shameful bhabhi! Please writers no more of the same drama, Sai in accident, virat crying and suddenly caring and gandhi Paakhi pretending that she cares for Sai and wants to comfort Viraat. Bhavani, Sonali, Omkar, Ninad and Karishma will blame it again on Sai even thought I don’t really know what is the deal with Karishma? What did Sai do to her? Stupid girl. Get rid of her too. Sonali and Omkar don’t even treat their one and only son Mohit nice. what horrible parents, All they want to do is blame Sai and create trouble. Please do not let Sai return to their stupid Chavans house. OMG – so sick of them, Please writers Get Rid Of the Bhabi and her Devar, its very discusting and low class- Thank you!

  16. if its the real ayesha…
    hi i like your work and your lively smile.
    the show become too much toxic.
    virats lately behaviour is not acceptable.
    bad example in almost every way.
    violence, lies, deception, insults, mockery, selfishness…
    is it the only way for storytelling?
    sai has been weakened.
    balance is broken.
    Pakhi’s screen time is unnecessarily long.
    unprofessional. If she would say or do something new, I would understand.
    same words, one universal expression.
    virat looks constipated like last 30 episodes .
    whats wrong with him?
    thank you…Good luck…

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