Ho Jaana Rihaa- RiAnsh Four Shot

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Rihaai: Shot 3Β 

Three weeks to the marriage, and now they left leaving Lucknow, forever. Riddhima, after that day was cheered up than before. Atleast she knew properly who in her new family will support her, and of course carry out her studies freely.


“Finally we reached home…” Indrani’s voice came.


Riddhima looked out of her window and left a huge gasp, while Siya chuckled at her reaction.


“This is our house!!” Riddhima squealed asking Siya who nodded in yes.


“Looks like Disneyland…so big! And beautiful too!” Riddhima cheekily smiled and the cars stopped, at the front.


Pool at the front of house is a bad idea..


Riddhima thought, but her thoughts were shrugged off by Siya.


“This is the pool villa. The backside of our Mumbai VR Mansion.” Siya told her.


“Siya…please don’t become a guide…this is not a tourist spot.” Ishani spoke in between.


Riddhima, already regular to these things silently ignore just the way she did not so her house. But this, created more anger to Ishani.


“Why didn’t we come from the front?” Riddhima asked slowly.


“The media sits 24/6 infront of the house. 1 hour rest, and back again to click the picture, first of the famous top world class business man, and now his chepo wife too” Ishani said moving into the Mansion like others.


Riddhima pouted at Ishani’s answer, but went ahead following Siya like a lost puppy. Opening the door of Vansh’s room, Siya leaves from their as Riddhima enters inside.


Black and grey and blue? Eewww This should be green and pink and… yellow.. then it will look more disgusting.


(And here comes….)


A girl probably in her mid twenties enters the room stumbling with some files in her hand. She gasped seeing Riddhima and held her hand tightly.


“How dare you enter Sir’s room?” She shouted at Riddhima who was trying get out of her hold and succeeded.


“I am Riddhima. Vansh Ji’s wife. And your rude behaviour is too…”


Riddhima stopped in between as the girl started laughing loudly holding her stomach.


“You… Vansh’s wife…” She laughed pointing fingers at her while Riddhima stood silent.


“Listen kiddo. These jokes won’t work on me. You don’t know me. I am… Vansh’s girlfriend. AND his to be wife too, so you..stay away” She said trying to scare Riddhima.


“Ahaana?” Vansh’s cold voice caught attention on both the ladies.


“What are you doing here? I told you not to come here babes” Vansh said to her putting his hand on her shoulder.




Riddhima scrunched her eyebrows seeing both if them talking.


“I came to surprise you…and look. She says she is your wife” Ahaana pointed to Riddhima, and Vansh stood still. “Punish her ..she can’t take your name”


“She IS, unfortunately my wife for now. But trust me Ahaana. I didn’t wanted to marry her. I had to do this..Dadi swore not to eat anything till I agree or marry someone. And she got this…this kid for me. She will be going to get her studies…and we will get our time to talk about it” Vansh tried to explain Ahaana.


Tears flew through Ahaana’s eyes and she passed a deadly glare to Riddhima, and left while Vansh followed her behind.


Riddhima sat on the bed with a thud. Her blank face could tell what she expected, that he isn’t into marriages and all. But, unfortunately the reason was some Ahaana in his life. She couldn’t bear what her life was doing with her, and she rushed out of the room looking for the way to Siya..she was the only one who could guide her well.


“Stop right there!” His raged voice was enough to give her a jumpscare and she turned back to see Vansh standing.


“What the hell were you doing in my room?” He held her arms tightly, Riddhima was scared enough to cry loud but she had learnt to fight well.


Seeing Riddhima trying to get out of his hold, Vansh escaped a chuckle which seemed devilish to her. Her tearful eyes looked at him angrily, but her croaky throat denied to say a word to him.


“I asked you something!” Vansh growled again, and Riddhima let out a sharp breath, her arms were paining very much.


With all the strength inside her, she really, started hitting on his chest with her fists while he just stood trying not to laugh at her, and again, he pinned her back to the wall while she cried angrily.


“Listen kiddo… Don’t you dare play this act again..it’s harmful for you. And never, I repeat NEVER enter my room again. Because of you Ana cried.” Vansh gave her the deadliest look she saw.


Riddhima pushed him again, but according to Newton’s third law of motion, his force was greater than her resulting in Riddhima to be pushed back , slipping and hugging the floor.


With a more angry hiss, she got up brushing her clothes and just passed him teary glares.


“You..! Agh ..ruined it more!!” Riddhima shouted at him with all her courage and ran from there to be safe from his more dangerous talks and looks.


Vansh stood there, sighed and paced ahead whistling slightly.


{Should I kill him? Of course…… (Yes/No)}


Riddhima roamed in the house finding Siya’s room, which she couldn’t. Reaching downstairs she moved here and there and reached the pooja ghar, taking her slippers off she marched inside and sat infront of the statue of Lord Krishna.


“Why Kanhaji? Did you find me in the whole world for all the things? Just me? I hate you…and I don’t regret saying it. You know why? Because YOU have written my life, and my hate for yourself too. I loved you, I trusted you Kanhaji, and this is what you are giving me…wow.” Riddhima gave some slow claps and left from there to the garden.


Her roamed around the various colours of the flowers blooming, and then to the picture kept on the table. She picked it up, but her hands trembled looking and the frame slipped from her hands.


“MamJi, sir is calling you in the study.” Julia came but scrunched her eyebrows seeing her sweating.


“Will you leave me till there please?” Riddhima asked in verge of crying.


“Sure MamJi, but…first you should calm down yourself have some water.” Julia said filling a glass of water and passed it to her.


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Riddhima was scared of going to him because is these 3 weeks she had always seen him angry only. Vansh never talked to her nicely and she too, wasn’t much interested due to his arrogant behaviour.

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