Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 65 # Sufferer vanshu

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

Guys i respect your feelings..but when a journey starts ut tends to end and unfortunately we are at the edge of end!!

My college work is so so so high moreover i am not well..

I will continue my another ff burning in veangence and my Os book!!

This is the second last episode..

I am extremely sorry if i hurted anyone by mistake..i tried to fulfill everyone’s wish but u all know that’s not possible..

Let’s start

Scene 1

3 days later

Riddhima’s pov

“Leave dare u to kidnap mrs.raisinghania..

Agr mere khali jese pati ko pta chl gya na toh wo tumhe duniya se no do gyara kr dega” i shouted wriggling on the chair..

My hands and legs are tied to chair..

I remember i was working in my room and suddenly someone abducted me..

Who want to die now..

“Vanshu..jaan save me plz” i shouted in hope he will come and save me .

“Hey pretty lady” a man wearing black mask appeared out of the blue from nowhere in front of me..

“ you were that moron who abducted me😡” i shouted and he nodded in yes .

“Wanna enjoy a beautiful night sweety” he said in a seductive voice..

“Just open this ropes and i will let u know how beautiful this night can be” i shouted and he started opening my ropes .

Thuddddd!!! A hard slap landed on his face by me as soon as he freed me ..

“Serves u right” i said smirking

“Yrrr..riddhu..u spoiled my whole plan” he whinced in pain and i gasped..

“Vanshhhh!!” I said removing his face mask Forcefully

“What the hell..are u mad..who kidnaps his own wife” i said and he rubbed his palm on his cheek where i slapped

” This dhai gram ka hath is so powerful” he said innocently and my heart melted

“Aww..sorry vanshu..” i said pecking his cheek

“But why u kidnapped me..” i said frowning

” Yrr i thought to do some adventure but instead of that i got this adventure” he said pouting  pointing towards his cheek

“Sorry jaan!!” I said pecking his pout .

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

Who will believe that this little creature can change the God mafia..

I was your so called kidnapper once i thought to become a real one this time

“Wese..i have a surprise for u” i said pulling her by her waist

” Rhne do..i am scared of your surprises now” she said innocently and i picked her up in my arms .

“Vanshu..what are u doing” she said shaking her legs in air .

” Let’s go baby!!” I said and took her to our room..

The flower petal showered as soon as we entered the room..

I can even die for this smile ..she smiled after ages that too because of me..

“Vansh .vansh  this ..thi .omg you..” she tried to speak but only tears came out from her doe shape eyes..

“This is for our baby” i said eyeing the cradle in front of me .

I brought a cradle made of gold for my princess..#amir logo ke chochle..krna to bcche to usme susu potty hi h na..toh gold ki kya zarurat hai..white color ka lao bccha yellow khud hi kr lega..#aatmnirbhar bniye😎

I want to fulfill each and every wish of her which i couldn’t of my riddhu in her childhood

“I will give her the best childhood which we both didn’t get” i said and she hugged me tightly

“Thnk u…jaan” she said sniffing in my arms to ho gya baby don’t u think baby ke dada ko bhi kuch milna chahiye” i said innocently and she rolled her eyes

“Beshrm raisinghania 😏” she saidur i  pushed her slightly

Pulling her tightly in my embrace i placed her on bed lightly not to harm my princess

“What are u upto” she asked raising her brow

“You will get it soon Mrs.singhania” i said and hovered upon her showering N number of kisses .

Finally my life is at peace..i got my sweetheart..i got my love..what else can i need to live

Sliding my hand inside her kurti I pressed her twins lightly earning a sweet moan from her .

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Don’t know what had gotten into me i flipped our positions and started kissing him roughly

Pregnancy harmones are at its peak!!

“Aah.. Sweetheart slow” he begged for the very first time but i didn’t stop until i sucked his blood

” Someone is so horny” he said teasingly and i realised what i did .

I got up from him and sat on the bed bowing down my head

“Sorry jaan.. don’t know what happened to me suddenly” i said in a low voice but he hugged me tightly

“It’s ok..i can understand” he said and  i thanked god numerous times in my mind for giving me this type of husband who cares for me this much..

“Soo..Mr ashlil raisinghania.. what’s next” i said and he pulled me again hovering upon me .

The room filled with our moans and we drown ourselves into the world of pleasure..

“I love u jaan” we both whispered and slept hugging each other tightly as if our life depends on each other..

Pov ends

7 months later…

Vansh’s pov

“Jaan..not red ..plz apply will look better in that” she said munching her popcorn and i rolled my eyes picking the pink color lipstick

Gosh if my enemy will see The great VR in girl’s frock applying pink lipstick then they will surely hang thereselves on fan!!

“ do ramp walk wearing heels” she ordered and my eyes buldged out..

“Riddhu..🥺”i tried to speak but the room filled with her sobs very next moment

“Oucchhhh!! ” I whinced in pain as soon as my face kissed the floor ..

I tried to hold her when she was crying but Instead i fell down as the frock got struck in my leg..

How on the earth the girls wear that  ten feet long lehenga..(it’s a talent😎)

“You don’t love me Anymore..u used to fullfill my every wish but now u don’t 😭😭😭😭😭” she cried more and i facepalmed myself..

“Not again” i murmured under my breath and she ran out of the room  very next moment

“Riddhu..jaan wait..” i tried to hold her but this 7 month pregnant woman is getting on my nerves nowdays

“Jaan where are you …” I tried to find her in the whole mansion and that two idiots whom i call my sister and best friend were laughing at my plight

” I will also laugh on u angre when your wife will get pregnant” i said and his face fell ..

Maanyata kept blushing ignoring both of us .

I got them married 2 months ago  but their wedding was more memorable for me than them..

My riddhu kept crying in mandap asking we both will get married first..

And the bride and groom stood aside in their own wedding cursing both of us taking pheras instead of them..

My legs automatically halted and my heart fluttered seeing the sight..

There baby panda carrying my baby in her flushed tummy eating chicken 🍗 sitting on kitchen slab..

Once i dreamt of having a small family with her and now when i am getting it  . I don’t know how to express myself..

But her mood swings are worst..wait!! why this chicken is looking white white Instead of red..white sauce me bna hoga shayad..🤔

“Aree..vanshu come na ..why are u standing there” she asked me showing her cavity..

Wasn’t she was the one who left me few minutes ago.

Weird creature..thnk god boys don’t get pregnant otherwise my baby would have cursed me thousand times from my tummy..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“Sorry jaan i was angry..but u know na my mood swings” i said with  puppy eyes and he nodded in yes..

No matter how irritate he gets by me but he never complained

And how will he..once he did and he slept outside his room for a week😎..

“Anything for my love” he said and then realised he shouldn’t have said that..

“Yuccckkkkk!!! He spitted out the chicken which i stuffed in his mouth few seconds ago..

“What happened jaan” i asked with my not so innocent face .

“Chicken dipped in ice seriously riddhima😩” he said with a disgusting face .

Ps: that’s why the chicken was looking white white

C’mon man.. its my cravings who forced me to eat that food .

But it won’t that bad ..try once and u all will bless me🙈

“I am not at was your fault Mr sabar ke devta raisinghania..who asked u to make me pregnant hufff😏” i said stomping my foot on his leg and left the kitchen .

“Beakkal raisinghania hufff😏” i murmured and slept hugging the pillow..


“Good morning baby” i said rubbing my belly with one hand .

“Mr pillow when u became that dhor dhakkan raisinghania” i said lazily realising the pillow was smelling  exactly like my vanshu..

“Good morning love” he said kissing my forehead and i realised it’s he ..

I sat on the bed resting my head on his shoulder

“Vanshu..i want …..” I said but cutted off by his phone’s ring..

Meri do anmol sautan..ek angre or dusra vanshu ka phone!!!

“Kill him” he ordered and hanged the call ..

It’s been so much time i am living in this atmosphere but still it feels so foreign to me ..

Still i fear from this side of my vansh…

I remember once he came home drenched in blood holding a gun..

I didn’t let him touch me for 2 days..that sight was so horrifying

“What happened love” he asked lifting my chin..

” If i will ask something will u give me” i asked in  a low voice..

“You are Mrs raisinghania don’t have to request..just order” he said hugging me tightly..

“************” I said lowering my head..

“Ri… riddhima” he tried to speak but words did break up with him after listening my demand!!

Pov ends!!

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u like it

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