Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat And Sai’s Dance

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heavily intoxicated Virat due to bhang effect requests one more thandai glass. Pakhi offers him a glass. He thanks her and wishes her happy holi. She feels happy and applies color on his cheek. She then gets more happy seeing Sai drinking the spiked drink. Sai taunts she must be happy after coloring Virat. Pakhi says she had stopped her from coloring Virat, who will stop her from applying color to her. Sai says one one Pakhi applies color to her cheek remembering Sai applying her color says her cleared her dues. Samrat walks in and calls them for a photo session. Virat hugs and wishes him happy holi. Sai says Jiva Shiva’s jodi zindabad. Sunny asks what happened to her. Devi says looks like Sai also had something. Pakhi holds Virat’s hand and takes him towards stage.

Bhavani gets happy seeing Pakhi bringing Virat and tells Sonalli that Paki snatched Virat from Sai. Sai walks to them and wishes them happy holi. Photographer asks everyone to pose for a picture and asks Virat to stand in the center. Bhavani stands next to him and says she is a family head. Family joins them. Photographer asks them to stand closer and says now its perfect. Sai stops him and asks how can it be without her. Bhavani yells who is she. Sai says she is Virat’s wife and pushing Bhavani aside stands next to Virat. After photography, Virat starts chatting with Sai. Jealous Pakhi tries to take him away. Virat insists Ashwini to serve him gujiya. She says he already had a lots of sweets. He says he didn’t. Pakhi drags him from there. Sai thinks she will not let Pakhi take Virat away.

Mansi serves sweets to the guests. Bhavani and Sonali walk to them and taunt guests for badmouthing about their family and themselves saw Vriat being felicitated by the media. Guests say they reacted on the news and walk away apologizing. Bhavani complains that Sai ruined her mood by snatching gujiya from her hand and even clicking her pic holding a glass. She says they need to keep Sai away from Virat and not let her rule over them.

Pakhi with Samrat drags Virat along. Sai follows her saying she will not let her take her husband away. Sunny realizes she had bhang and thinks it’s difficult to control her. Samrat asks Pakhi to let Virat play holi if wants to. Pakhi says once he gets conscious, he will feel bad after knowing what Sai did to him. Virat stops hearing music. Sai dances on Balam Saami.. song. Pakhi stands jealous seeing that. Virat walks to Sai and dances with her. Samrat feels happy seeing Virat happy and thinks he needs to lighten even Pakhi’s mood. He makes Pakhi drink a spiked drink. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing Virat and Sai’s dance. Everone claps for them after their dance.

Virat and Samrat dance next on Bajnede Dhadak Dhadak Dhol Tashe.. song. Chavans rejoice seeing their dance. After dance, Virat chats with Sai irking Pakhi more. Virat tells Samrat that he used to dance with Sunny thinking as him and he missed him a lot. Samrat thanks Sai for letting him dance with his brother and says their holi would have been colorless without her, she brought happiness in their lives. Sai says its a pleasure daada. Samrat then walks to Pakhi. Pakhi “struggling hard to act as intoxicated” why he thanked Sai. Samrat says Sai deserves it and gives her more spiked drink. Virat then walks to Ashwini. Ashwini performs him nazar and prays god to keep him happy always.

Precap: Pakhi and Sai dance on a Pinga Sapori.. song.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. “Bhavani gets happy seeing Pakhi bringing Virat”
    She once again proved that she deserves to stay in an asylum

    “Sai says she is Virat’s wife and pushing Bhavani aside stands next to Virat”
    Got to see our fearless and daring Sai joshi after a long long time

    “Pakhi with Samrat drags Virat along”
    Samrat should be labelled as Statue of Stupidity and Dumbness

    Pakhi “struggling hard to act
    This was what she has been doing from episode 1 but there is no scope of improvement

    I wish laptop keypad also contains emojis…

    It’s time for makers to remove either of the persons of the real life couple to remove from the show
    They have very bad misconception that people are liking them on screen as so called “devar-bhabhi” but that is wrong
    People are still watching this crap only for Sai and in the hope that we get to see our old fearless, savage, daring Sai back
    This show gave police protection to a terrorist and felicitated an officer who helped terrorist
    If the real life police people watch this they will loose their sanity

  2. Lord if you are there send all the spooks on the planet to the set for GHKKPM and make them stop this dumb show… or send all the cockroaches in India to their set… just end this absolute stupidity

  3. What a sick show. It only teaches shit. Terrorist police, disgusting family, Paki crazy to sleep with Virat. I’m disgusted with this show. Take the couple out of real life, sometimes it gets better.

  4. I haven’t watched this show in over a year, but not much has changed. Pahki is still chasing after Virat. Bhavani is still a witch. However, did Pahki sleep with Virat?

    1. @mp
      Not Yet
      But I’m sure she’ll do that soon and even then Bhavani will support Pakhi
      She’s soo blinded by the hate for Sai
      That she’s not understanding the difference between right and wrong

  5. Samrat is as usual a duffer, seeing his so called wife behaving like a cheap woman,this man stands just helpless, can’t do anything. Is he a man?!, very doubtful. Women are more courageous than him. Hopeless serial, I watch it once a month, still the same.

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