Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan convinces Diya to play holi

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha talking of the past times. She says we can celebrate holi with Mathurs, I know you will refuse. Armaan says we will go, and play holi in dad’s style this time. She asks did you agree, you are Armaan, right. He says yes. She says I prepared kheer to convince you, you agreed so soon. He says I m changing my mind again. She laughs and says your mood changed hearing about Chandni chowk. He says the people there are also good. He recalls Diya. He says I will tell the plans to Krish. He goes. Krish talks to his GF on call. Krish says we have no spark, breakup is loud. Armaan says this instant breakup isn’t good, grow up, don’t forget emotions. Krish says something is distracting you. Armaan recalls Diya. Diya watches the movie. She locks herself in the room. Palki asks her to open the door. Diya says don’t act smart. She hides. Palki says Sudha and family are coming, come down for some time, it will be fun. Diya says I m already having fun, join me here. Palki says boring, I m going, I have a bet of 1000rs. Diya says win and come, take this coconut oil, you apply this, colour will get off. Armaan and family come there. Sudha sees everyone and gets sad. Armaan holds her. Everyone wishes each other.

Sudha says Armaan’s dad liked such holi. Palki also wishes them and applies holi colours. Armaan looks for Diya. He imagines Diya coming. Wo rang bhi…. They play holi. He sees Palki with Krish. Krish asks Armaan to come in the selfie. Palki asks them to come for dance. Armaan goes. Krish asks where are you going. Armaan asks Palki about Diya. She says she doesn’t like holi, she is scared of colours. He says everyone likes holi, it’s a festival, everyone is enjoying, you didn’t try well. She says I challenge you, no one can convince her. He says see how I will go and convince her. She says fine, anything you say, all the best. He says I want her to come here and enjoy. Krish says Armaan never loses. Palki says he won’t win. Armaan knocks the door. He says its me, Armaan. Diya says I told Palki not to send anyone. She says I m having fun here, you please go. He says its holi today, everyone is having fun, come.

She asks him to go. He says fine, I will go. He puts a sticky note and asks her to check. She checks it. She smiles seeing the drawing. He says okay bye. He leaves. She opens the door and comes out. He throws the colours at her. Krish and Palki come and look on. Diya gets angry. She asks what did you do, I don’t like colours, how will it get off. She asks Palki why did she send Armaan. They laugh.

Armaan says calm down, its just one colour. Diya says I don’t like colours. He says you will have some reason, do you have any allergy. She says there is no reason, I don’t like it. He says how will you like until you play with colours. She says I m scared, this is not a way. He says we are not strangers. She says colours don’t get off easily. He says its kiddish fears, you play now. She asks am I a kid. He says you shouldn’t say no, break this wall and experience new things, have courage, Palki wants to play holi with you. Diya says don’t think anything. He says play holi with us once, I promise I won’t apply colours, you are lucky to be with your family, I can’t bring my dad back, its not possible that I play holi with him, I just have his memories, you have a chance to play holi and make memories with family, sometimes we should do few things for others’ happiness. He says I promise, this holi will a beginning of good memories, we are there, trust me. He gives colours to Diya.
Diya plays holi with Armaan. Everyone looks on. Sudha finds Armaan happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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