Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 23rd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Hansika Kidnaps Purab and Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 23rd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purab adderssing Thapki as his half wife and full soulmate asks her to hurry up or else Hansika will take her on honeymoon and he may have to spike her drinks to avoid her.
Hansika overhears their conversation and is shocked to realize that neither Purab nor property belongs to her. She thinks she will prove to them that she is the ringmaster of their game. Hansika walks to Purab and says Thapki is out of their lives now and they can happily leave for their honeymoon. He agrees. She asks him to let her drive. He agrees. She stops the car on the way seeing Thapki and offers to drop her to her house. Thapki thinks she couldn’t get the documents notarized and gets into car at Hansika’s insistence.

Hansika takes a different direction. Purab asks why she took the wrong turn as Thapki’s house on the other side. Hansika says she is going in a right direction and over phone tells Anjali that she is coming with the parcel. Purab asks if she called them a parcel. Hansika agrees and says she knows about their plan and knows that without document notarization, their plan will fail. Purab tries to stop the car. She points a gun at him and drives car to the under-construction building. They notice Anjali and his goon kidnapping daadi at gunpoint. Hansika says it’s a surprise for them. Daadi pleads them to spare her and tells Purab that Anjali kidnapped her forcefully and Veena saw that. Hansika taunts Daadi that she wanted to play a game, but forgot her weakness.

Hansika hands over gun to Purab and Thapki and orders them to shoot each other if they want to save Daadi. Dadi warns that Hansika has gone mad and god will not forgive her. Hansika says once they shoot themselves, she will prove that they shot each other out of frustration and then will get the whole property alone. She insists them to shoot each other. Thapki asks Purab to shoot her. Purab says he can’t. Hansika starrts counting. Purab kicks an object creating dust all around and fights with the goons. Thapki points a gun at Hansika and says she warned her not to eye on her family. Dadi asks Purab to call the Police. Thapki says Hansika deserves punishment for all her crimes. Anjali tries to intervene. Thapki pushes her away and she falls down. Thapki slaps Hansika repeatedly reminding all her crimes.

Anjali tries to pick gun, but Purab stops her. She says Purab is like her son and Thapki is her stepdaughter, so they should forgive her and Hansika and start afresh. Purab says they don’t deserve forgiveness and tells Hansika is not even dust of Thapki’s feet and her manipulative behavior put her in trouble. Hansika signals Anjali and snatches the gun from Thapki. Anjali snatches gun from Purab. Hansika says Veena instead of getting her married to Purab sent her to London school of music and in retaliation she sent Sargam to hospital, humiliated Veena, and used Thapki to get him; she will kill Thapki and will start afresh with Purab, etc.

Precap: Veena announces in a conference that, the woman behind Hansika’s voice and Sawari devi is one person and she is my Purab’s wife Thapki. Thapki’s parents walk in and take her away. everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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