Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Another Big Shocker For Chavans

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani returns home from temple and scolds Ninad that she was humiliated because of his son. She says whole society found out that Sai is divorcing Virat via dumb Sonali. Devi says Sai and Virat should never divorce. Omkar asks Sonali why did she do that. Sonali justifies her act. Bhavani says if she is dumb, she shouldn’t display it at least. Sonali blames Ashwini and Ninad and asks her to scold them instead. Bhavani scolds Ninad and Ashwini that due to their experiments in lieu of giving freedom to Sai and Virat. Ashwini says she wanted them to develop a strong bonding. Bhavani continues yelling at them. Mansi says Ashwini just wanted her son and DIL to be happy. Samrat backs Mansi.

Pakhi says due to Ashwini’s wrong experiment, her son thought Sai is just his friend took a wrong path. Bhavani says she is right and continues blaming. Mohit asks her not to blame Ashwini. Omkar shuts his mouth. Shivani questions Bhavani when she considers Virat as her son and brought him up, then why is she questioning Ashwini; she gets angry whenever she is wrong. Bhavani says now even her family is blaming her and walks towards her room when she slips on stairs and falls down injured. Family rushes her to hospital and continue their blame game on each other. Samrat goes to finish admission formalities when Virat notices him and asks who is ill. Samrat says its none of his business. Mohit walks in asking Samrat if he finishes formalities. Virat questions him next. Mohit asks why should he answer him when he doesn’t answer them and walks away.

Virat walks to family and questions who is injured. Devi says Bhavani is injured. Ninad warns Virat to stay away as they don’t need his help. Omkar and Sonali yell at him and inform that Bhavani fell down from stairs after an argument because of him. Drama continues when nurse asks Virat what is he doing here instead of taking his wife for tests. Family gets more angry hearing that and tongue lash him more. Samrat stops them and sends Virat away. Family insists to meet Shruti and confront her. Samrat stops them. Sonali thinks she needs to know what is special in Shruti that Virat is mad behind her and follows Virat. Nurse takes Shruti for tests asking Virat to take care of his son. Virat lifts Sahas and pampers him. Sonali is shocked to see that. Sonali returns to family and informs them that Virat and Shruti have a baby. Family is shocked and deny to accept it. Mohit remembers Virat seeing Virat with pregnant Shruti and says he did the truth that Shruti was pregnant and he couldn’t inform them seeing tussle at home. Ninad warns Samrat not to stop him now from questioning Virat. Samrat says even he wants to. Mansi suggests him that half truth is dangerous than a lie, so he should listen to whole truth first and then confront Virat. Samrat agrees. Whole family walks to Virat and are shocked to see him holding a baby.

Precap: Sonali reads Virat’s name as father and Shruti as mother in Sahah’s birth certificate. Ashwini slaps Virat. Bhavani visits Shruti and asks if she is the one who trapped Virat.

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