Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu complains about Gungun

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gungun saying look how he is talking to me, I told dad that he will misbehave, dad thinks he is a good boy, I will tell dad that he is a dirty boy. Anu says she is ill-mannered. She asks them to scold Anu and goes. She cries and leaves in her car. Everyone worries. She says drive to home. Driver says sorry, you had to invite others. She tells about Anu. She talks about him. She calls her friend and says I want everything perfect for my birthday. The girl asks her to wait for sometime, you will get 500 likes on every pic tonight. Gungun says designs should be original. Sara asks her to send her measurements. Gungun says it doesn’t change ever. Gungun tries the dress. Sara says I told you, she will look a Goddess. Garima says yes, she looks Laxmi. Gungun says this look is regular. Sara says this will complete the look. Riddhesh comes. Gungun asks how is the dress. He says good, after all you have worn it. Gungun says this is final. He asks how was it at Anu’s house. She says I invited Chavi, its her wish, she comes or not, her family said they will send her. He says that’s my Gungun. She says concentrate on my birthday. He says yes. Garima asks him to go.

Golu says Goli had to go to school. Sunanda says Anu would have scolded Gungun. Anu says Golu teases me with that girl’s name. He tells about Gungun. Sargam asks does anyone talk to guest like this, did we give you these values. Anu says I wish she also got these values. Sargam asks did you threaten to slap her. He says yes, listen to me, why I did that, she held my collar in front of everyone. Sargam asks did any button break, I will fix it. He says no. She says it means she didn’t hold it tightly. He says yes, what matters is, she held my collar. Neeti says they both complain about each other. Anu says you are giving her princess treatment here. Golu says Papa ki pari… They laugh. Riddhesh comes home. Anu says its Riddhesh’s mistake, he has spoilt her a lot. Golu says he has come here. Riddhesh hears this. Golu and everyone welcome him. Riddhesh says sorry to come without informing. Charu says its good.

They offer him tea and sweets. He says I don’t take tea and sweets. Sunanda asks him to have it. He eats some sweets. Charu asks him to have food today. Sunanda says yes. Charu says make something special for him. Riddhesh says no, nothing. Charu says he is our guest, make something special. Riddhesh says its fine, I can eat whatever is already cooked. Chandru comes singing. Riddhesh smiles. Everyone worries. Golu feeds sweets to Chandru and says wow, what a singing. Chandru says wow, you value my singing now. He sits. He asks Riddhesh how did he like it. Charu says he just speaks the truth, how will he say. Riddhesh says you sing well. Sunanda says his practice goes on all day. Riddhesh asks them to sit. Anu says I m okay. Golu says he had a heartache. Riddhesh says I will give medicines. Golu says no, he is okay now. Riddhesh says you all are so welcoming, its Gungun’s birthday party, we have a house party, I want you all to come. Chandru says we will come. Charu says she is like Laxmi. Anu jokes. Everyone stares at her. Anu says party is today also. Riddhesh says yes, she wanted to have a party at resort. Anu asks do you always listen to her like this. Charu asks why not, every daughter has a father in fate, but not every father has a daughter, Riddhesh is lucky to get a daughter, so he will listen to her. Sunanda says yes, just one child, not many. She asks Anu why is he after Gungun. Anu says that girl… She stares. Anu says sorry Sir, I don’t have a right to say, but you should be strict towards children, else they get spoilt with love.

Sunanda says we will beat him every morning. Riddhesh says I know whatever happened at the cafe, what happened exactly. Anu tells him the incident. Sargam stops Anu. Anu says forget it, I was ashamed that I know this girl. Sunanda asks Sargam to get kachoris. She asks Anu to understand Gungun, she is alone, her Bua raised her. Charu says her dad also raised her. She says Anu doesn’t understand, but I understand you, dad has no courage to scold a daughter, I feel you both are same, you love her a lot. Sargam says she is right, the men never scolded Khushi and Chavi. Golu says our dad had beaten us a lot. Sargam says its okay if Gungun did something, its okay. Anu says she should make good friends, else bad friends can make her do anything. Golu teases him. Riddhesh says I can’t be there with her all the time. Anu says yes, her common sense will be there. Sargam asks him to stop it. She says everything will be fine. Chandru says I understand your love and concern. Riddhesh thanks him. Golu says Samdhis are bonding. Anu gets angry. Sunanda says Gungun needs a family. Sargam says we are here, send her anytime. Riddhesh says I want her to come here and learn values. Golu says find the mahurat, we are ready to bring her home.

Gungun parties with her friends. Anu asks Chavi to come. Anu and Gungun argue. She gets upset. He calls Gungun and apologizes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Without drama and dragging it’s nice

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