Vidrohi 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Gadadhar flees

Vidrohi 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gadadhar talking to Kalyani. He says I m glad to see your fear. Kalyani says its not a bad thing, I keep the fear to motivate myself, there is still time, it will be good if you tell your big motive, keep your fear alive, its not bad. She goes. Tilotamma prays for Gadadhar. Maa comes and scolds her for supporting Gadadhar. Tilotamma says save him, I will stop him now. Maa says I can’t help you now. Radha’s mum comes to meet Gadadhar. She sends the guard away.

She asks Gadadhar why is he staying hungry. He says I have lost, I m thinking to tell everyone that you helped me in all the conspiracies. He says Kalyani is everywhere now, I have lost. She asks him to keep patient. He says time is over, game is over, you are also gone, talk to Radha, maybe she agrees, else you also come inside on your own. She worries. Kalyani says you are applying the medicine to my wounds, I can’t imagine your wounds. Maa says this happened because of me, I couldn’t change him. Kalyani talks to her.

She says I had lifted the sword instead picking the sewing kit, Dad got me many good clothes, but I had worn the warrior clothes, I chose my own way, same way Gadadhar picked the wrong way despite your teachings, you can’t blame yourself, Jagabandhu had respected your teachings. Radha’s mum comes to Radha and asks her to help Gadadhar. Radha says he did wrong, it doesn’t matter why he did that, I will never forgive him, he ruined Baxi’s pride and name. Her mum says Kalyani is the reason that he did wrong. She asks Radha to think. Tilotamma comes to meet Gadadhar. Maa says whatever Gadadhar did, you and your baby’s safety are under threat, I don’t want you to worry, I want to send you to a safe place till the situation gets better here. Radha says as you find right.

Radha’s mum worries that Gadadhar can do anything wrong. Gadadhar acts in front of Tilotamma. He says trust me, since Kalyani came here, all this happened, I wanted to make her away, I have become wrong in everyone’s eyes now. He acts and cries. She asks the guards to open the cell. She goes inside. Gadadhar attacks the guards. Kalyani comes to meet Gadadhar. She says he may accept his crime. She sees the guards tied up. She frees them and asks where is Gadadhar. He says Gadadhar caught Tilotamma and fled. Kalyani says nothing should happen to her. Maa sees Gadadhar threatening about killing Tilotamma. Kalyani stops him and asks him to leave Tilotamma. She says you can’t go. He says no one can come in my way, get away, else Tilotamma will die. Kalyani asks Tilotamma to realize his cheat and push him. He asks Tilotamma to do a wife’s duty. Kalyani says don’t come in his words. He flees. Kalyani shouts catch him. Maa says Kalyani, whatever happens, he must be caught, he can do anything, he crossed limits today, anything could have happened to Tilotamma, but you saved her. She says Radha is safe now, thanks to your bravery and smartness.

Radha’s mum taunts Kalyani. Kalyani and Tilotamma argue. Kalyani worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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