Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Receives A Warm Welcome Upon Returning Home

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chavan family waits for Sai and Virat. Bhavani asks Mohit to call Virat. Mohit says his phone is still not reachable. Pakhi asks Samrat when will they will start Bappa’s pooja. Samrat says they will perform visarjan at home, so they will after mahabhoj/feast. Shivani hopes Sai returns before muhurat. Ashwini says she will, she had left home after pooja and will return on last day, Bappa’s blessings are on her. Sonali and Karishma’s drama starts. Ashwini says she is eager to perform Sai’s aarti. Pakhi says they are eagerly waiting as if Sai is a celebrity. Omkar in his usual rudest tone backs Pakhi and says they should dance and sing for Sai. Ninad says that’s a good idea, he will sing for Sai. Samrat says he can watch Ninad’s talent. Ninad asks Ashwini to warn her son not to trouble his bahu. Ashwini thinks she has thought something.

Bhavani asks Ashwini if she will not prepare food for Sai. Ashwini says she will prepare modak. Bhavani says she will help her. Pakhi asks if she really will prepare food for Sai. Bhavani says yes. Pakhi says Sai is really lucky that Bhavani is preparing food for Sai. Samrat says they are lucky instead to taste kaku’s food after a long time. Sonali gets more jealous and taunts that Bhavani never prepared food for her and her bahu. Bhavani taunts back not to enter kitchen as her jealousy will spoil Sai’s food and laughs, leaving Sonali, Pakhi, and Omkar fuming. Karishma murmurs Sai changed everyone except her MIL. Sonali yells at her. Ashwini says they should think good today and reminds Bhavani that she cannot stand for long due to her knee pain. Bhavani says she will, don’t know if Sai will like it or not. Ashwini says Sai will. Omkar yells Sai is not a celebrity that they are so excited with her return. Sonali backs Omkar and says she is worried for Bhavani as her knees will hurt. Bhavani warns her to stop showing her fake concern and jealousy. Devi enters and asks if Bhavani will really prepare food today and praises her food. Bhavani says yes, she will prepare food especially for Sai. She orders Karishma to help her and takes her along.

Ninad worried more asks Mohit to check why Sai and Virat haven’t reached home yet. Shivani praises Ninad for his changed behavior and says he should be same forever now and respect Sai like a true FIL. Pakhi starts spilling venom next, leaving Samrat and others irritated. Ninad warns and shuts her mouth. Virat and Sai enter holding each other’s hand with Ram and Seeta’s song playing in the background. Whole family looks at them. Shivani welcomes them. Ashwini pampers Sai and asks how did she get kumkum on her head. Virat explains. Pakhi stops Sai and taunts that Ashwini will perform her aarti. Ashwini says Sai is not coming home for the first time. Samrat asks her to stop her taunts and be happy with Sai’s return. Pakhi continues her taunts. Shivani confronts, but Ashwini asks her to let it go. Mohit asks Sai how is she now. Sai says she is fine and asks about his plays. He says all the shows were houseful and says he found out about Sai’s accident very late. Omkar yells he stopped everyone to inform him or else he would have left shows and come here leaving a chance of his miniscule earnings. Mansi next expresses her concern and happiness to see Sai back home. Sai says she can understand her condition, but every family member is not same like her.

Precap: Virat takes Sai and tells family that Sai is tired and should rest now. Ashwini says Sai will stay in a separate room alone.

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  1. As usual same promo..

  2. Still Ganesha festival going here?

    1. Exactly… Seems like every episode has to show case worth less faces. I honestly don’t understand how and why few actors are still part of this show. Trp cannot reflect Publix opinion. Soon Sony tv serial will take over ghkpm in trp at same slot.

    2. @Gen and @Sudha.. dont worry. By end of 400 episodes, we will have Dusshera celebrations in this serial ,😀😀😀

  3. There is a height of dragging Same taunts, fights, not considering that a person whi was critically ill, is coming home from hospital.

    Why the makers, writers do not understand that such negativity will hamper the true essence of 4he story. Who would want to watch such serial.

    It’s good that at least we have the liberty to read the updates and then decide whether to watch it not.

    Hope the makers soon realise and show some logical content.

    1. Do the writers really care ?. The producers only need trp. And currently with not much competition at 8 pm slot, they can enjoy.

  4. Till lusty Pakhi aunty is there in the serial full attn wl be given to her. So no use waisting our energy. It looks like even the makers r very fond of her like her real life partner the spineless n brainless Neil.

    1. It’s very evident… She has got a make over, she is in every scene and every episode, always trying to flaunt… Seems fishy. So I read daily update and then decide.

    2. Why dragging their personal equation in this…show is totally going according to the original version…there is no point in bragging abt Aishwarya or Neil since they are not the producers of the show to divert attention on themselves. They are just playing the characters totally and playing it very well. It’s our point of view nothing else.

    3. Beg to differ. KD was not stretched to this level. Roopkatha was not shown this was.. but yes agree that personal names and mud slinging is a no no

    4. original and in tamil version, nt this much screen space given compare to ghum. In KD dre is no bhabhi and devar scenes like shirt sniffing, ice applying etc.
      So many are feelng because of real life equation has some hold on producers.
      Any how no one bothers about their real life.

  5. Well now even tired and bored to read daily updates. So good bye ghkpm. Did have some wonderful episode, except the last 100 odd episodes. Hope producers actors and directors do just to hard earned money of viewers, which they spend on channel subscription

  6. Well Ghandi Paaki continues with her wicked ways, even in front of Samrat, looks like he has become blind to her lusting after his chote bhai, and AGAIN Sai’s husband says nothing. This is the show, Virat maried Sai, in love with the gandhi Patralehka and continues to allow his family to mentally, emotionally abuse the one he claims he loves. If someone just had brain surgery 10 days ago, how can you allow your family to taunt and harass her so much the first day back home? The Dr. told him and his mother that Sai needs to stay away from negativity. If Pulkit was there, he would NOT allow these Chavans to talk to Sai this way. I don’t think Sai should have return to this Toxic household.
    This show has become lets “Watch Neil & Ashwarya emotionally abuse Ayesha along with the Negative Omkar, Sonali and Karishma”, which I still don’t get what exactly is their problem with Sai – so tired of the same drama everyday!

  7. It looks like even Sonali aunty n brainless n shameless karishma hv started liking virat like lusty pakhi aunty.

  8. What rubbish the show can people treat a sick they have humanity or not..what problem omkar n his family has with Sai.. pakhi is the most irritating lady she is not ashamed of her behavior how she is taunting Sai again virat is speechless in front of pakhi ..what is his problem why can’t he ask pakhi to keep her dirty mouth shut..neil n ashwrya must keep their personal relations aside..why makers are giving unnecessary importance to pakhi making show bkvas..virat is hardly react when pakhi is there and gives v dull expressions..he listen taunting of all for Sai.. he must take strong step increase trp of show pakhi should be thrown away she is v shameless today’s show it was v disgusting how omi n his family and pakhi behaved with Sai on reaching home..she is not outsider but DIL of house and having equal rights in this serial dialouges r v disappointing..some shows have reality with strong dialouges..there is only fighting with taunts only..presentation n direction v poor..please bring something new..

    1. @R.K. Even I was surprised when he did not utter a single word when pakhi was taunting. He promises Sai that he will take care of her and that he lives her. No husband will ever tolerate someone insulting his wife especially when she is in a delicate condition.
      It becomes noticeable to all that real life is one up on the reel life. Be professional guys.
      The makers , writers why don’t you’ll realise that the script, dialogues are so consistent, the expressions of actors are so consistent. Nothing new, same facial expressions..uff

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