Imlie 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Reveals Pranav’s Truth To Rupali

Imlie 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie checks pen drive hidden in god’s idol and prepares for pooja singing in her usual style. Aparna walks in. Imlie says its her village’s festival bhajan and asks her to sing along. Aparna agrees and repeats. Imlie happily dances. Whole family joins and sings with her. Pranav joins them and looks at his mobile repeatedly. Imlie takes his phone and keeps it aside. Adi enters speaking to editor that he has solid evidence against MLA. Nishant comments everyone gets god’s call, but Adi gets his editor’s call. Imlie asks Adi to join them. Adi jokes on her. Pankaj asks Adi if he is covering a smuggler and MLA’s story. Adi says yes. Pankaj asks him to take Imlie as intern in this story. Malini says Imlie is taking care of navratri celebration and may get distracted. Adi says Imlie’s internship has already started from home. Harish asks MLA’s name. Adi says his name is Adarsh Kant. Pranav’s phone rings. Imlie goes to get his phone. Pranav rushes and picks his phone thinking it must be of MLA’s. Imlie asks why did he rush, its a suspicious act in her village. He says he was turning phone silent as Adi got an important call.

Rupali enters and says she will serve prasad to everyone. Radha asks her to spend time with Pranav. Pranav looks at idol thinking how to get pen drive from idol. Imlie asks why is he staring at idol. He says he is praying god. Aparna asks Imlie to invite locality people to come and receive prasad. She leaves dancing.
Pranav enters Dhruv and Nidhi’s room and speaks to MLA over phone. He thinks how to get pen drive while he is either surrounded by oldies or Rupali, then thinks Rupali can be an easy target . He then sees I love you greeting and takes it along to lure Rupali. Imlie clashes with him and scolds if he has eyes or buttons, what was he doing in Dhruv and Nidhi’s room. He hides card and says she cannot stop him with whatever she tries and he will succeed in his plan, leaving her confused.

Imlie in her village style roams around locality in a rickshaw and invites whole locality to come and receive prasad at 6 p.m. tonight. She then interacts with policemen and after a long chat invites even them. She then returns home and informs what she did. Malini says they prepared limited prasad. Imlie says if there is devotion in mind, they can share limited prasad with everyone. Rupali enters and happily shows Pranav’s given card. Imlie remembers seeing it in Dhruv’s room and realizes Pranav stole it. Rupali says Pranav never expressed his feelings like this, he is changing and she likes it. Imlie calls Meethi and explaining whole story seeks her opinion. Mithi suggests her to discuss her doubt against Pranav to Rupali before Rupali hopes too high. Imlie says Rupali is very happy with Pranav’s return. Mithi asks if she can forgive herself if Rupali’s heart breaks again. Rupali in her room looks at her and Pranav’s wedding pic. Imlie walks to her and informs her that Pranav stole card from Dhruv’s room and maybe he is acting as loving her.

Precap: Malini asks Imlie not to provoke Rupali against her husband. Imlie says Pranav betrayed Rupali before. Malini says even Imlie betrayed and backstabbed her, she forgave her, then who is Imlie to ask Rupali not to forgive Pranav.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina


  2. Correction: imlie and aditya they both betrayed you, malini🙄
    Why they both only blame each other why not to blame aditya too?

    1. @Suseme, coz the stupid so called professor is failing to differentiate between love and obsession. She’s blind in obsession with egoistic and f**ked up Aditya.
      And ofcourse, adi is the privileged one. Whatever the case maybe, no matter how much trouble adi caused, He’s “Tripathi House ka chiraag” no-one will blame him ever even if he’s solely responsible for it.
      I dislike the show and Imlie coz I find her annoying but as always, I don’t support or oppose one character wholeheartedly. In my opinion, I don’t understand the fact why only imlie beared the wrath of family members alone even though Aditya was equally at fault. And as for Malini, Anu being a hurdle in her own daughter’s happiness. When Malini befriended KC, she opposed her and now she’s supporting her in her sick games.
      All three of them are hopeless and pathetic.
      Malini being shameless, imlie the Mahaan stri and Adi the usual screwd up guy…

    2. @Star
      That’s what I said, why malini and other tripathis only blame imlie and not aditya?
      And no I’m not opposing imlie in particular as you said. But try to recollect, even imlie didn’t think aditya is at fault but she do think that pranav is at fault. Whatever happened it was solely aditya’s fault and ofcourse imlie hid the truth so she’s also somewhat wrong.

      So my point is that, they both malini and imlie only blame “each other” not aditya who’s the main cause. Remember I even said both not only malini. Even imlie thinks malini is the only person who’s wrong in this whole scenario.

    3. And do you think a cheater will consider or should consider a cheater, as cheater ?😂
      Malini is herself a very big cheater now, to the extent of going physical with him and forcing the baby’s name over his face. And if she is a cheater, there would be no sense in her even calling Imlie or Aditya as cheaters. How much ever a person may say or think Malini as bechari, she is really not. And she now atleast doesn’t deserve pity. And as per what I know, it’s not at all Imlie who cheated Malini though Aditya did. Imlie doesn’t need to tell or reveal truth to anyone. It’s Aditya who needs to do that. It’s because of Aditya that Imlie is connected with people he knows. And hence proved taht Adi is an only cheater. But people all around, just because they don’t like Imlie’s character, utputang harkate, they shove mistake or blame Imlie. Why not stop blaming Imlie or anyone else for a moment ! Is there any pride or award to shove the blame on someone for sure ?
      Just as Imlie and Aditya are to be blamed, Malini deserves to be much blamed now. Start saying that Malini needs to be blamed too along with others, so that it doesn’t appear as if it is a clear hypocrisy. More than characters on show, I find mentality of people who watch the show as hypocrite. Show is much better than us. Atleast none of them on show, use bad words or abusive language for any character – Be it ADITYA, IMLIE, OR MALINI.

    4. Well said😂

    5. @Aru Did I say malini is bechari in any way??
      And even I said it’s not only imlie it’s imlie and aditya they both cheated her😐 and no it’s not only aditya who was at fault. Imlie knew this all is wrong, this shouldn’t happen but she chose to be quiet and it ruined the trios lives.

      And sweety, please read my comment again I’m not blaming imlie without any cause, it’s genuine. In the contrary, I was correcting the thing which malini said in the precap “imlie betrayed her” I added even aditya should be there.


      And for malini, I point out her faults whenever it is neccessary.

      And also, you said she’s a cheater. Idk if she’s ever cheated anyone. Yes she did things which are morally wrong even wrong than cheating like supporting human trafficking.

      I did say malini needs to be blamed but not here in this bigamy, betrayal and cheating. I wouldn’t have said imlie cheated along with aditya, if and only if she wasn’t close to tripathis and malini whom she even considered as sister😂 so yes they both(imlie Aditya) betrayed malini not only aditya(according to you) and not only imlie(according to malini from precap)

  3. Sitara sucks!

    Finally..Malini showed mirror to this Pagdandiya super lady.
    But Malini your so called Aditya …love of your life is as wrong and cheater as this lady .

    So better move on and show them the mirror. Stop abusing your SR and use common sense.

    Both ML mad FL are disgusting. Don’t waste your precious time on these 2 baboons.

    Writers please for God sake give soen fresh content and less partiality.

    1. Ml and fl are less disgusting than your so called side character a rapist with innocent face but an evil mind

    2. Sitara sucks!

      If you say ML FL are less disgusting..there no point in arguing!

  4. Wow Imli has no clue why malini said all this, now superwoman will save Rupali and become sw again. Malini should leave that place immediately. How can they( I&A) enjoy together with out divorcing Malini. Wow Aaditya marriage is just a paper and the one you did by gun is real . The whole family is mad. That Mithi s another hypocrite. Moreover this might be the only serial with lots of stupidity

    1. Not meethi but you people are hypocrite supporting a rapist blindly but will raise question against imlie for saving her family atleast she is doing something na what your malini did till now except shouting adityaaaaa adityaaaaa and sneaking into his bed

    2. What do you want to prove @Vividha

      Didn’t you get it Malini and Adi are legally a married couple. And in marriage if you force yourself on your partner it isn’t a crime did you get it young lady if you don’t then use your fingers and google it. Just think if this is happening in your neighbourhood. Whom you will support young lady?Before coming to conclusion think twice think as if you are also there witnessing all of this sh*t.

      Again use your 1350cc , Internet and google before commenting.

    3. @Anonymous There is a word called “consent” right whether they are married or not you don’t have any right to force your partner and get physical its called marital rape but what to expect from so called molester supporter like you all. If the same thing did by adi than you guy’s would be the one to abuse him.I don’t need to google anything coz i know that everything needs to do with a consent but you blind supporters won’t understand it ever

    4. Young lady I think you are getting serious here @Vividha

      Again I’ll say google it 99% cases are against men and our respected law and judicial system said that it’s their personal matter.
      For example a man forced himself on his wife without her consent, CONSENT. She filed a case on him. Our Supreme Court SUPREME COURT said that it’s their personal matter PERSONAL MATTER.

      Hope you get it or otherwise you are not mentally that prepared to understand these complicated things.

    5. Me a molester supporter 😂😬. Oh angry young lady @Vividha go get some life.

      Marital rape isn’t applicable in India. And I am pretty sure you are living in India. And one thing is supporting law and one is supporting crime.

    6. Malini supported him mentally, cared for him, motivated him and loved him for bout 7yrs when your pagdandiya sis was mere a child @Vividha

    7. @Anonymous exactly. Nowadays, emotional support is needed than physical support.

      Idk but some people here just see physical things they don’t try to see what’s going in their head. What is forcing them to do such things. Are they really okay emotionally or not. And this is what I always do, try to put myself in that situation. That’s why I feel bad for malini but after she did all those things to get aditya I lost my connection with her.

    8. Yep @Suseme

      I also try to empathise before sympathising with anyone

    9. @Vividha, I has to comment.
      Like someone said, you need to put yourself in the situation.
      Think for a minute, who helped create the woman Malini is now?
      She was ready to divorce Aditya, but Adilie were delaying divirce and entering best bahu competition.
      It could not gave been easy for Malini to just walk away. Adilie should have supported her and made it as painless as possible NOT DO POST MARRIAGE RITUALS.
      According to programme Asitya and Malini shared a bedroom for months before Aditya realised he loved Imlie, what do you think they were doing, young couple in love?
      Adilie have totally disregarded Malini, not surprised her mental thinking suffered.
      Now we come to so called rape.
      Clothes do not make a person. Touch, feel, smell does.
      Aditya slept with Malini thinking she was Imlie all because of a saree! Utter tosh.
      If he truly loved Imlie he should and would have known once the saree was off.
      I’m not saying that what Malini is doing is right but I’m saying she is now Adilie creation.
      If they had supported her when she first filed for divorce the situation would have been different.

    10. @Kally this malini is indeed adilie’s creation. But people don’t see that. And yes that saree thing is just rubbish. If a person really knows tthe person they love, they would even know how do they breath. And also if his eyes were not working properly then htf his that thing worked to make them pregnant. I do think that rape wouldn’t have happened.

      And hey @Kally nice to see you again👋

    11. But #Kally.
      Just because anyone is mentally unstable or say broken, it doesn’t give anyone the license to commit crimes. What Adilie did was powered by the circumstances but what Malini can do is only in her hand. Losing a love of life, doens’t mean the end of life. It’s proportional to stupidity. Now imagine yourself in following case. Someone disregarded you, would you take revenge against that person to the level that you are hitting the axe on your own leg by doing so ? Will you ? Suppose if Malini in the show is not independent, and has to depend on Aditya financially in life, then she will surely think thousand times possess Aditya for her own security, in any way possible. But here, Malini is from influential family. Even if we say she isn’t, she is a lecturer and is paid for it every month. So what makes Malini so mad to the extent that she even plots of getting rid of her enemy – Imlie to handover to even the traffickers ? Is there any chance for any serial watcher to still defend Malini’s action ?
      People may commit suicide when he or she isn’t getting his love. Even kill the person who cheated. But who does plot and want to send the cheater’s love in the enclosure of human traffickers ? It’s cheater’s mistake, so if it’s her will she should think of ways of torturing Adi but who does torture or trouble the person who is not responsible for her condition. Adi is associated with Malini since beginning. How does it make any sense to say that Imlie should have informed Malini about their marriage, when Aditya couldn’t do this himself ? How is Imlie responsible truly in all this ? But whatever Malini is doing now, she is truly and entirely responsible for her actions.
      #Kally or anyone, if you all can’t agree or accept the fact, being a bit/more oriented towards Malini’s feelings, atleast don’t defend Malini when she is clearly a villain now. It really makes no sense at all. More than writers of the show, we will be stupid to still defend Malini’s actions over Imlie or Aditya or anyone.
      I know none will accept and again defend with some point, but I really don’t want to stretch this more. You all may say what you think about it, but don’t give any justification and for this serial, it is really useless now.

    12. @Aru, I did say I don’t agree with what Malini is doing, but can understand what led her to it.
      Lots of people will seek revenge.
      Personally, I wish she would leave and if really pregnant, take the baby and raise it herself as she’s responsible for it and has the means to support herself and the baby.
      Aditya is not interested in it and Imlie certainly has no rights over it.
      But there would be no programme without these stupid stories.
      I may be wrong but I thought Anu was responsible for trafficking!

    13. No need to argue with them #aru They will always find a reason to support malini according to them satyakam is a criminal but malini isn’t. Im glad that I’ve found someone sensible here who knows both the sides of the story and than defend them but these people will always always they’ll support that rapist even after she murder someone

    14. Exactly as you are finding reasons to defend imlie and degrade Malini.

      This is known as tit for tat young lady @Vividha

    15. @Aru, thank you for this clarity, I have said it over and over again and again that Malini doesn’t have to stoop to this level. Supporting , caring, loving and standing by a man or a woman doesn’t mean that the person will not hurt or leave you at any point in time.

      Any human being that is doing such bad things and claims that he or she was lead or taught how to do the bad things already has a bad and corrupt heart. Malini was and is bad. Imile and Aditya are on their own parole, a 19yr old going through all this is not realistic.
      Aditya should hide his face, his parents should be ashamed of themselves and their upbringing. His Mum is the main challenge.

      Anu is on her own, why is everyone saying she is influencing Malini, initially she couldn’t because Malini knows the value of a good human being. Malini has witnessed her parents marriage, one would expect her to make better decisions.

      In conclusion all cast should be considered crazy.

      I am speaking from a personal perspective/experience.


    16. @Aru
      I don’t like to type much but I think it’s necessary.
      Just like you ask us something let me clarify you we are not on the side of Malini.
      But we are against fully against main leads.
      Hope you get the difference.

      Secondly imlie found her best bahu competition important than Adi and Malini’s divorce. They halted the process for that. Adi blamed her and insulted her in front of people and imlie also thought her to be wrong.

      Malini told imlie to not to wear sindhoor as it would create problems for her but even then knowing that Adi is Malini’s husband and she herself gave her sindhoor as marriage gift she was wearing it shamelessly. on one side you are telling this relationship is forcefully connected and on other side you are still hoping form that relation.

      She never ever felt happy seeing Malini and Adi together. Just think how would a woman feel if she get into an argument on her wedding night because of another person. How would a wife will feel when instead of helping her you are helping another person and ignoring her fully. How would a wife feel when you are not talking to her just because of your ego. How would she feel when your priorities change suddenly after marriage. How would she feel when she is all alone just because of you. How would she feel when you told her that she is another woman. How would she feel when you loved her dearly for 7yrs and now you know that she was your friend only. How would she feel when you told her that his sautan is her step sister. How would she feel when you got to know that she and her mother was cheated. How would she feel when she had to share her best friend her father with someone else.

      All of these things seems to be less than trafficking, murder, rape, kidnapping but they are worst than even that. This is brutal murder of one’s emotions, one’s dreams, molestation of one’s rights, and most importantly taking one’s mental health from them.

  5. There is a popular saying in Hindi

    जिस तन लागे सो तन जाने
    कोई न जाने पिर पराई

    And that is applicable for this serial. You can only understand if you put yourself in others shoe.

    1. Than why to put ourselves on malini’s shoes why not imlie’s and aditya’s isnt it hypocrisy?

    2. @Vividha then do that.

      If you put yourself in aditya’s shoe, would you betray your 7 years of relationship? Would you not oppose of try to cancel the forced marriage? Would you marry 2 women at the same time? Would you hide all the truth from you family and the person whom you loved the most?

      Now, put yourself in imlie’s shoe. Would you like to continue a forced marriage at such a tender age like 17? Would you stay with the person who’s in love with an another woman and considers you as shit? Would you hide the truth that the person who’s marring a girl is already your husband? Would you have the audacity to call yourself a “shubhchintak” of the girl whom you even consider as your sister, getting married to an already married guy with you knowing that?

      I have even more to say but that’s it for today.

    3. Nah young lady @Vividha

      I think you are new here. In some previous updates I also mention that not to judge anyone and we should empathise with them but slowly I realised the fault in main lead.

    4. Vivida
      You are the hypocrite here. I didn’t say what malini s doing right, she should run away from those people. You are the one who is not seeing any wrong in adili relationship . How can they behave like husband and wife in front malini. Ok they are saying marriage is just a paper. Then how about his mom stay with another man infront of her husband and son still he says to his dad , let the mom enjoy new relationship. Will he accept rupalis husband and his gf in their house and give a grand welcome. First they should have focus on DIVORCE.

  6. arul arthi muniyel k

    Wonderful kally, I completely agree to your point. Now for Adhi and Imlie supporters,I need answers for your queries. Kindly justify Adhis obsessive love for Imlie.If as he says that his love for malini is friendship,what was he doing with her for seven years,so if he needs to find true love ,must he have two ladies to compare and contrast . Ok let us see whats so special about imlie, is it beauty, no, malini is beautiful; is s he so sweet and understanding,even there malini would take the credit; loving and putting family first,I would say malini there. When a girl has all the credits and love what would you call the third person in their for adhi do you really believe a person like him defining true love for us and we people are so stupid to take these two at face value. Give us some credit,we can decipher things better than them.

    1. There is one difference between them Moti Roti 😂😂 but wait a minute Mallu is a good cook. @arul arthi muniyel k

  7. Rupali is to be blamed..god knows what she had against malini the minute she came to know any imlie and aditiya she felt malini was the second woman in adi’s life .she instigated imlie for her right…she never supported malini even when she left Tripathi’ s house infact blamed her for having affairs with kc…

    1. Exactly I always wanted to ask Rupali, do you give blessings to your husband and his gf if they marry without divorcing you or behave like husband and wife.

  8. hello writer, please change the name of serial to “Kameenee Imli” because she is Kameenee, and you are showing as Mahaan.
    She has no relationship with another kameena character Aditya, and you are showing both of them as Mahaan.
    And Malini is the one who is in really bad state, feel pity for her, and you are showing her as villian.

    I think you don’t the laws of marriage, forceful marriage is not a marriage.


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