Anupama 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Baa Humiliates Anuj

Anupama 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar gets Anuj’s call that Rohan is with him. He rushes to Anuj to Nandini. Toshu hears Samar and takes whole family along. Vanraj angrily holds Rohan’s collar. Anuj asks him to calm down and listen to Rohan. Rohan apologizes Nandini for his mistake and deletes her photos; he says uncle made him realize the value of love; he was about to make a big mistake and harm Anu, but Anuj uncle stopped him. Anu is shocked to hear that. Rohan explains that he tried to attack her twice, but Anuj uncle stopped him and explained him the value of love. He apologizes whole Shah family and requests not to go to police. Anuj also warns him to remember his words. Rohan walks away. Nandini thanks Anuj. Samar excitedly says he knew when Anuj is around, everything will be fine. Kavya asks what exactly happened and why Rohan wanted to attack Anu. Samar says because of his foolishness and explains his fight with Rohan. Toshu shouts he made such a big mistake and instead of informing him went to Anuj. Samar says if he had informed them, Mr Shah would have blamed mummy. Toshu asks what if Anuj had harmed mummy. Samar asks how could he when Anuj was around. Bapuji thanks Anuj. Devika praises Anuj for solving problem so easily. Anu thanks Anuj next for saving Samar, Nandin, and now her. Anuj says no need to thank him, in fact he would have informed them beforehand if he knew Samar didn’t inform them about it. Vanraj says there is no complaint on him, he became hero for his children instead. Anuj says even Mr Shah would have done same if Samar had informed him. Vanraj says if he had. Bapuji says all is well that ends well, evil lost and goodness won. Mamaji jokes if didi/Baa lost.

Baa thanks Anuj for helping her family and says this festival mandap belongs to locality and not them and hence locality people will humiliate him if they see him, so he should leave. Anuj says she is right, he finished his work and apologizing if he has crossed any limits leaves with GK greeting them Jai Sri Krishna. Host announces next dandiya competition. Whole family walks away. Vanraj warns Anu that he will not tolerate Anuj taking his place in his children’s lives. Anu says Anuj is not doing anything, he himself didn’t come here and came on Samar’s invitation, so its Samar’s mistake and they are at bigger mistake that their children are discussing their problems with them; if children don’t find a father supportive, they discuss their problems with their friends. Vanraj says Anuj can befriend, but not try to act as father; she should explain Anuj that Anu’s children’s father is still alive.

Anuj scolds GK that he always insists to meet Anu’s family during festivals, but they are uncomfortable with their presence, so he has decided that he will stay away from Anu’s children and family. GK tries to calm him down. Devika confronts Anu for letting Baa humiliate Anuj and kicking him out of mandap. Anu warns her not to speak ill about Baa. Devika says she is not; if Baa was born 3 decades before them, it doesn’t mean she is always right; that woman has some serious issues and elders are not always god. Anu says they are. Devika asks what about Anuj; she describes all his favors and bearing Baa and Vanraj’s taunts instead; says Anuj following his friendship, but them not; says nobody including Ravanraj will tolerate humiliation, her family is unaffected and will enjoy the festival, her Baa is a supari killer who is determined to kill Anuj’s happiness. Anu warns again not to speak ill about Baa. Devika says she is not and is talking about thankless Anu and her family who used Anuj and kicked him out; Anuj saved Anu’s life, but Anu didn’t save her friend’s dignity; Kavya also used to attend family function before marriage, but nobody had problem; then why can’t Anuj attend function. Anu says he can. Devika asks then why didn’t she oppose psycho Baa; without Anuj’s help, Samar would have been in jail, Anu in hospital, Nandini in US, and Baa in coma; Anuj followed his friendship, but Anu didn’t. Anu stands silently remembering Devika’s confrontation.

Back in festival pandal, host announces best jodi dandiya competition. Kavya wishes Vanraj all the best and says lets win this. Baa asks Bapuji if he is ready to win. Bapuji says she can’t win today, she is elder by age and would have been elder by thought also, with her today’s heinous act, this win will not matter. Anuj starts his car. Anu stops him. He gets nervous seeing her and asks if something happened inside. Anu says its dandiya competition’s final best jodi round, jodis can be of husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend, and even friends; asks will he play dandiya with her. He surprised asks if she is asking him. She says people will play to win, but they will play to enjoy. He asks if she is sure. She says yes. He says he can’t. Back in mandap, Shah family continues to enjoy, Samar and Nandini thank Anuj’s help. Baa thinks good Anuj left or else ladies would have gossiped about Anu and Anuj. Bapuji feels disgusted. Baa and Vanraj frown seeing Anu bringing Anuj and GK back. Devika feels proud of Anu. Anuj remembers denying to accompany Anu as he cannot see her being humiliated. She requests him to stay back to stop her from feeling guilty and let her follow friendship. Out of flashback, Bapuji taunts Baa that she cannot win today.

Precap: Baa humiliates Anuj again and orders him to get out of their lives. Anu says Anuj will not go anywhere, they should end their wrong thinking like ravan and makes Anuj perform ravan dahan.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Where is everyone ??
    tbh….I don’t think Rohan will leave so peacefully 😐

    1. Why so negative thoughts. That 70 years old granny, 48 years old uncle and 26 years old selfish son of selfish father aren’t enough that you too are speaking negative. Anuj caught Rohan’s weak nerve and this thing can make anyone come on line. And what’s Ravanraj Shah’s problem. He didn’t thought Samar his son and humiliated him calling Nachaniya and Ta Ta Thaiya karne wala. Samar now found father in Anuj so what’s his fault. Hope so Samar and Anuj’s bond increase day by day and SaNan doesn’t face any difficulty now and should get engaged now.

    2. Yup
      Rohan’s role is over.
      Also afterall the very next track is SaNan Engagement cause Anupama need to leave that House soon. Before that she want to perform her last duty..

    3. Looks like despite her best efforts Anupama has to leave her own house.
      Yeah if family members don’t stand for you and your happiness, despite your selfless efforts for them. one should leave.
      I sincerely want shahs should become Anupama’s family and stand by her as she always has done even after divorce.
      And I believe Anupama and Anuj will be able to achieve it.

    4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Thanks @Amar 👍 looking forward to Sanan’s Engagement

  2. Haha
    Now Anupama will not stop from escalating the friendship between her and Anuj.
    Poor Baa

  3. I think words are not enough to set Baa straight and let her know that times have changed. She needs a tight hot slap back to back to put some sense into her “big” head 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 This episode is worth watching tonight.

    1. I agree lol

    2. Metin

      its not times guilt.
      Bapuji is older then her.
      baa is a bad person

  4. Argh! that witch old lady, Bapuji should show her the right place. Where is anupama mother, I think the makers should get her for an episode and give her good just like Toshus wedding.
    Anupama is another character who need friend like Devika to be pushed against the wall to see whats right and wrong. Orelse she would have let Anuj leave letting baa have her way.
    Now its time that baa needs reality check from Anupama. Poor baa.

  5. I love this show because I think it’s super realistic (atleast till now). If it would be any other serial then Rohan wouldn’t have gone this easily and would have acted like a vamp. If it wasn’t real then kavya would also not think of her benefit instead become a typical vamp. But this show is totally real and relatable….people like Anupama are present…. She considers her elders as God and there are such people. But this is also true that after a limit these people understand right and wrong and teach their so-called Gods a lesson if they’re wrong.(just like what Anu is doing right now)

    1. Metin

      ”She considers her elders as God”
      this makes her loosing points.
      a real mother gives a proper answer to baa,
      when she bashes samar,anuj etc unjustly.

    2. Yes Anupama is real life.
      And I am happy that Anupama is standing for herself.
      No one is going to understand you and feel your pain if you are not protecting yourself. You are your biggest responsibility. Even mother doesn’t understand unless the kid cries.
      Considering elder or husband as God ? Why not we all have God inside us. And its mandatory to make sure everyone has to respect the God within you as you respect others.

    3. Subha those are beautiful words ❤ respect God within each of us

    4. @Sulbha, correct, guests are also form of god. Aaye din baa insults guests (Anuj and GK) where are her manners then, where is Anupamaa bashan on guest bhagwan saaman hota hai etc.

    5. 🙂 Thanks Zara.

    6. Metin

      i dont get it.
      baa is evil.
      she chooses trashman vanraj over all other people.
      it’s because vanraj is her son.
      and anupamaa considers her as God?
      let alone being god, baa doesnt deserve even respect.

    7. Metin

      now i get it.
      i think i should sleep now. 🙂
      ”just like what Anu is doing right now”

    8. @Josephine and Metin, Its strange but I have seen women in Indian society mostly like Baa only. May be because my world is small and I mingle very less, but whomever I have seen are like Baa.
      And I believe as women are not independent, empowered, safe and strong they are treated like property of men.
      They are not considered as standalone entity who can think, feel, suggest or order. They have to work according to the whim and fancy of men.
      I am talking about my MIL, she is not evil like Baa, she does more house work than me, take good care of my kid. still she doesn’t like me as a person and believes I am not a good match for her son as I am not submissive like her. She feels bad when I demand hubby to contribute to house work, child care and express her anger explicitly. To evade altercation, hubby escapes out.
      Coming to my parent they have given highest possible education, I am employed, they take care of my family when I am out, still MOM don’t support me when I demand, express my views or argue.
      When I say Lord Ram abetted mata Sita’s suicide, she turns pale in fear, beg pardon to Lord Rama and she is scared that I may meet the fate of The legend of Khana (also named Lilavati elsewhere), getting my tongue cut for bad mouthing such notable figures!
      Our society is still not ready to accept women as sane independent human beings.
      Women have to prove themselves worthy for this change/empowerment.
      But with current empowerment Kavya like ladies are budding, very self centered no value to anything.
      In this scenario, Anupama gives a hope which shows women can progress along with entire family.
      If Baa and Vanraj doesn’t change, and Anupama leaves in a bitter note, it will be a bad message to the society.

    9. Anupama has already changed Kavya, and I believe she and Anuj has the ability to change Baa and Vanraj just like Rohan. Was spellbound when Anuj was explaining him.

    10. Metin

      Your statements left the impression on me that you are a fair person.
      I will try to express my thoughts sincerely.
      but the important point is this: I don’t know the morality of your society completely. I will present my ideas from the point of view that I find universal. Do not be offended if I am wrong according to your society, please explain or tolerate. english is my third language. sometimes it can be hard to express my self or understanding you.
      your traditions
      The dignity of the profession is understandable.
      but it continues on the street.
      caste system
      It is absurd that one person is considered superior to another in all aspects of life just because of his profession.
      untouchables etc.
      I entered the subject from this perspective, because the caste system somehow affected your family structure.
      the girl sits and dil works; the girl can dress freely and dil cannot, etc.
      There is a saying in my country for dil
      outer door latch
      This word was active until 20-30 years ago.
      Until then, arranged marriages were dominant.
      sad word.
      As the dominance decreased, the effect of this word decreased.
      but still mother-in-law is decisive.
      If your mother-in-law is a mature and fair person, time does not matter, the family is properly affected.
      If not, divorce or quarrels are inevitable.
      The first thing that pissed me off in Anupama was that the wife of 25 years was put outside the door when she got home late. This happened in the first episodes.
      It was a disgraceful situation and it was the silence of baa and the children rather than the vanraj that drove me crazy.
      I said how can they not interfere.
      one of the solution parts of this problem.
      get general support.
      freedom, independence
      These are commonly attributed to false and exaggerated meanings in every society.
      For example, we have people who perceive freedom as meeting their friends at three in the night.
      Even if you are single, it is a difficult situation.
      a common definition of freedom between spouses should be accepted and joint action should be taken.
      Otherwise, the concept of marriage and family becomes meaningless.
      Let me tell you what crimes the ML most of you admire in your films commits according to me:
      physical exertion
      verbal abuse
      to deceive
      Since movies often have happy endings, men think and practice these behaviors as right.
      In real life, of course, these lead to negativities up to violence and even rape.
      this is important to teach a man , how to behave towards woman.
      im tired to explain this in virat- sai situation.
      in real virat should go to jail for 3 or more guilts.
      but you know too may people, espacially womans want virat to be with sai.
      they dont want to see crimes , because virat is handsome to them 🙂
      Some even accused me of not liking the artist in real life. 🙂 i dont even know him in real.
      ”this is important to teach a man , how to behave towards woman.” s opposite.
      woman should define ,that how should a man act in real.
      i wrote something on imlie 19th. thread. you might want to read. in short:
      Indian women ranked third after Egypt and Zambia in women who believe that wife beating may be justified for reasons such as refusing to have s*x or not preparing food on time.
      i understand from this : in india woman is the biggest enemy of a woman.
      still too many people see the wife as a householder , not a life partner.
      ”give me my meal.
      have s*x with me.
      do the chores.
      thats it.
      you are my legal slave. ”
      very sad.
      the sum:
      mothers are the solution.
      you should teach your children …
      These are the ideas of a friend from a foreign country.
      all the best…

  6. Tmrw is my birthday nd I am supa happy that tmrw we will get a good episode.Love #maan❤

    1. Yess
      We will get to see Ravan Dahan by the Idol for Men i.e Anuj.

  7. Ravan khud ravan dahan nhi kiya krte. Anuj perform ravan dahan.devika was right baa supari killar h .

  8. Oh God,this thinking husband & elders as God of Anupama is disgusting.She should understand that tolerating injustice is wrong too.If she didn’t have the guts to save the dignity of his friend she should sent him back from entry gate rather than welcoming guests as gods & then others let them humiliates him.She always wants to stay in Shah house for kids but what about her dignity, what is she teaching her kids that a woman should let her get humiliated till her sole breaks & then cry that destiny is bad.Even God helps those who can help themselves.

    1. I think it is time for Anupama to move away from ba as she is bias she did not mind Katya A wrong example by Anupama that woman should keep sacrificing and never live with dignity

  9. Devika you are such a good friend!!!!! Eager to see next episode

    1. Anjali Tapadiya

      Yes….devika is just awesome. I really appreciate and love her role. Best bestie one can get❤❤❤

    2. Devika behaves like ones inner self, she keeps giving wake up calls.

  10. 90% women are not able to do anything they want to do. They work outside, house work, bring up children and what not. I live in uk . Your hubbys mum is your mum and all his relatives are supposed to be respected . But ladies parents got no value . They can’t drink or eat in their on daughter’s home in some areas . Change your surname and have your husband surname is first gift. Jewish women give their surname to their children as only mother is the one who bring them in world. I suffered lot . I am mother of five daughters and one son. I love my girls same as my son. They are all very well educated and successful. I taught them not to change their indenting . Respect your husband and family but don’t become doormat. If someone hit you hit them back and come home. I don’t care about any society as they only need topic. Girls be brave . Don’t become anu or Kavita be DEVIKA. MY DIL did not change her surname as my daughters they have both surnames . Sorry if I write anything you don’t like. You only live once live far yourself, love yourself. Don’t become sweet as people eat you , don’t become bitter they spit on you . Love you all and bless you
    A mum

    1. So true you are. Respect for daughter in law’s family huh. It’s a sin to have daughters.

  11. Baa is evil with capital E. She gets away with with these things because of Anupama. Ask her to try these añtics with kavya. She’ll be thrown out of the house by kavya and her darling son Ravan aj

    1. Metin


  12. Baa’s and vanraj’s hatred will be the reason for anupama to realise the true worth of anuj.
    Anuj as a character and Gaurav as an actor truly rocks. Love the way he emotes on each scene.
    Don’t understand why Samar did not say anything since anuj had come for samar. Is it because he can’t speak against bas due respect. But should have resisted anuj leaving the function


    1.Finally Rohan’s chapter is over

  14. Well well
    Let’s see what happens now?

    Baa, Vanraj the fav son of baa who can’t do anything wrong 🤣 only he can have affair/ keep friend who turns out to be GF etc etc

    He’s has moved on but can’t bear to see Anupama moving on enjoying life to full ….

    How quick the idiots have forgotten all 4 of them

    That when there was a financial crisis and unpiad tax was meant to be paid and Rakhi who had given them a loan not only harrased but made their life difficult and wanted money there and there as changed her word

    Well Did Vanraj go and arrange the finance
    No Anupama got a loan from her company

    So all that is sorted by Anupama than Anuj is fine

    So what contribution did Vanraj / Kavya/ Paritosh or Baa give apart from taunts
    Don’t know meaning of appreciation or because of Anupama their necks are saved
    It wasn’t her full responsibility

    Vanraj the great should have sorted

    Where was Baa colony member there to help and sort out as too worried what society is going to say ?

    It’s totally appauling of Bas not respecting Anupama friend but Kavya and her dear son pulled wool over her eyes ?

    How stupid and thick the sick woman is .
    Well hopefully Soon Anupama leaves the better
    Than no free maid service for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

    Let them fend for themselves
    They all got mouth to abuse Anupama let’s see how they run the home as all this year’s they taunted her constantly forgetting their success was due to the sacrifices of Anupama whose dreams were shattered and unconditional love she has been giving

    The so called family do not deserve as they don’t know how to reciprocate.
    It’s all one sided
    Wake up Anupama move out
    Those who love will love you .
    Let Kavya and Baa have good dramas from now on

    Don’t trust Kavya as she will be trying to take over your position
    Leopards never change spots

    It’s brilliant to have a friend like Devika in life to support

    Anupama stand for your rights and beliefs.
    This people are selfish who only care as far their needs are completed

    If Anuj gifted a lehengga so what was a big deal for Vanraj.
    He must have gifted Kavya behind your back
    The jealous idiot
    He thinks he still have the cake and the icing
    Tough it’s over long time
    Baa really needs a slap on her face or reality to hit her big time
    Her bullying to another woman needs to stop

    Enough us enough

    What goes around comes around
    Hope Karma 🤣😀 knocks to all those 4 as no GPS required

    Brilliant garba scenes and dandiya dance

  15. Devika again won my heart. Anupama is so lucky to have a friend like Devika. Today she again filled some sense in Anupama. In today’s episode she was absolutely right that baa is older doesn’t mean that she is always right & she is surely a supari killer. I love this girl because she has guts to say the truth.I really liked when she said” teri Ravanraj ko chhor”😂😂 & how mahaan this Anupama is….she can’t even hear a word against the woman who humiliated her since 26 long years. This lady doesn’t deserve respect. Anupama should give befitting reply to her( Now she often does this). I am happy that she will take a stand for Anuj in tomorrow’s episode.
    I am also happy that finally Rohan’s chapter is over from SANAN’S life & really liked that Anuj handled the whole matter in a sensible way without violence.

  16. Unknown fan of star serials

    So bad of baa , Toshu , vanraj they prove that qualities are transferred to generation to generation like first baa and vanraj now Toshu and pakhi . Pakhi is really selfish first she liked kavya and underestimated Anupama now she see benefit with Anupama so now she like Anupama . This whole family is dustbin . Anupma just wasted 25 years aren’t they enough so that she is now also wasting her efforts . She should leave this house and this garbage family and the most stinky garbage are baa,vanraj,Toshu and pakhi anupma should really slap vanraj,Toshu,and baa because she is no more her bahuu and baa say anupma is my daughter then she says anupma should must stay away from Anuj she didn’t said anything to vanraj and kavya’s affair and accepted kavya as bahuu when she can accept and tolerate extra marital affair because it was of his son but she can even not accept and tolerate anupma’s true friendship

  17. Unknown fan of star serials

    Baa is getting food from anupma so she is speaking alot is anupma will be gone so kavya will long her for food anupma who does so much work for their family . Kavya, don’t even give her a glass of water baa is really rediculous ……..

  18. @ Unknown fan of star serials I totally agree with you👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Anupama will give a befitting reply to baa in tomorrow episode, but again next day Anupama would be seen running around the house doing the household chores and calling baa baa, suno Na sorry sorry etc..

  20. Anupama needs steroid time to time from Anuj & Devika so that she can stand up and start reacting, otherwise a spineless and weeping character.

  21. Simple question…kavya as a divorcee can get married but Anumapa as a divorcee can’t have a boyfriend? Isn’t this stupid logic. I want someone in the show – maybe Devika or Kinjal say this or Bapuji.
    If Anupama moves out of Shah’s house, then the show will end because then no more drama 🙂

  22. @ Shah was wondering the same things. When kavya can get married so why not anupama.
    It’s time to show anupama learning business, anuj helping her grow into a successful business woman , anu realizing and start having feelings for anuj.
    Now this family drama should end which will not but at least they can show less of home drama and focus on anuj and anupama .

  23. Hello
    Well looking for all.the excitement when Anupama starts giving answers back and stands for herself
    ( The worm has turned) about time
    Good Devika has given her in small doses the reality check

    I totally agree just because they are older doesn’t mean to hey are right

    But in our society sad part is importance has to be given to the eldest Son of the family ( even he cannot think or do things ) but he’s older
    And the younger as well as he’s young

    Yes ravanraj want to have both Kavya and Anupama
    He doesn’t want her to move on like she is his slave to work like mad

    ( Sail in both ships when it suits )

    Can’t wait to see Anupama move out so Baa, Vanraj and Kavya start dealing with the chores they have not done for years
    Relied on the uneducated woman
    ( Who was more than their expectation but never valued) and Anupama blindly loved that women who never deserved the respect that was given

    Be fun to watch them having a reality check
    Let’s them miss her food etc

    She cared for everyone’s needs

    But in this day and age when nerds to think for themselves as well

    Well awaiting the dhamakadar episode


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