Gathbandhan 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak pays off Raghu

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Gathbandhan 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak says to Raghu that take my earring, its from my mother, please take it. Raghu says I respect your thoughts so I will keept. Dhanak gives it to him and thanks.

Savitri dances in function. Nani comes and dances too. Dhanak and Raghu goes to watch their face off. Dhanak says its really good to watch. Raghu looks at her and gets lost in her, he smiles at her and imagines romantically dancing with her. Nani and Savitri hugs each other.
Sejal stays with Mahindra while Preeti and Parag goes to function.
Dhanak goes to her chawl. Raghu says Dhanak will dance with me. Raghu comes to Savitri that stopped your music so I will make her dance on your birthday. Savitri says it will be so much fun. Raghu says what about Maya? Savitri says I will handle her, just make that girl dance, let people know what happens when you make Mai angry. Raghu says great and leaves. Savitri says she messed with me so now she will pay.

Aslam asks Raghu whats the plan? Raghu looks at Dhanak’s house.
Preeti says to Nani that you dance so well. Nani says I am going to rest now. Sejal comes there. They see batli and goes to thank him.

Raghu writes a letter and throws it to Dhanak’s window.

baatli sees minister and goes to steal from his pocket. He hides it. Sejal comes there. Preeti says you have done great work. baatli gets scared and says dont tell anyone. Preeti says you dont want credit? Sejal says you are good human. baatli is mesmerized by her. He thinks that they are praising too much and for stealing? Sejal says you do it so easily, we pray you remain like this. baatli thanks them. Parag says our father wants to thank you too. baatli says I will meet him later, they all leave. baatli says they respect our work, it will increase our gang size.

Dhanak calls her officer and says I will come to training center. She writes down address on paper. Raghu throws paper in her house. Nani grabs cit and opens it. Dhanak looks at it. Nani gives it to her. Dhanak reads that madam come down for 2 minutes please. Dhanak smiles and goes to balcony, she sees Raghu waving at her. She starts coming down, Raghu sends Aslam away. Dhanak comes to him and blushes. She says papa wants to meet you? Raghu says I arranged this function, Dhanak says Savitri doesnt deserve this. Raghu gives her headphones and plays music. Raghu starts dancing around er. Dhanak laughs. Dhanak takes off headphones and says they are nice, why these? Raghu says these are for your father, he wont hear music here and can sleep easily, you can give back later. Dhanak says you are doing a lot for my father, she holds his hand and says lets meet my father.

PRECAP- Savitri throws oil on floor. Maya falls down.
Savitri comes to Raghu and says I have handled Maya but that girl has to dance now. Raghu says she will dance.
Raghu says to Dhanak that Savitri asked me to perform in her birthday function but I cant as my partner is ill. Dhanak says I am sorry but I cant dance with you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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