Vikram Betaal 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram comes to Andh Koop to save Padmini

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Vikram Betaal 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with witch telling that the thing which she is searching is here and hits on the big treasure box. She opens it and finds the ashes pot. She laughs and says this is the thing which I was searching since 35 years. She says after 2 days, there is Chandra grahan and evil powers will rule. Vikram, Acharya and Kalidas come there and see Padmini holding the ashes pot. Vikram asks what are you doing here….Maharani and is about to go to her. Acharya ji stops him and says he can feel unpleasant energy. Witch as Padmini asks Vikram to stop else she will harm him. Vikram says you are my Padmini, how can you say that. She comes to her real avatar and dips her hand in the blood kalash. Acharya asks him to snatch blood kalash from her hand. Vikram asks where is Padmini. Chudail asks him to worry about himself and attacks him with her evil powers. Acharya and Kalidas get shocked.

She makes Vikram fall down and flies in air holding the blood kalash. She says you can’t reach Andh koop where your wife is captive. She escapes. Vikram asks Acharya where is Andh Koop if he knows? Acharya tells him about the place of Andh Koop and says nobody have seen it yet. Padmini is tied in Andh koop and shouts calling Vikram. Chudail comes to Andh Koop and laughs. Padmini asks why did she bring her? Chudail says she is chudail and she will understand soon why she brought her there.

Vikram says if chudail is there then Andh Koop must be there too. He says he will go there and says from where the blood pot came in the palace. Chudail says everyone will die now. Padmini asks what are you saying? Chudail asks her to look at the kalash and tells that she was waiting for the royal princess to do pitr puja and she found him. She says this kalash was hidden in the palace since 35 years. Padmini asks her to let her go.. Chudail says if I let you go then I will revive my sisters. Padmini sees mud statues there. Chudail says you can give your life and give life to us, the chudail. She hits hammer on the globe and Padmini feels pain. She hits hammer again and again. She says she will revive her sisters using her soul. Padmini faints and falls down. Chudail smiles.

Vikram comes to Andh Koop and thinks how I will reach inside. He tells the saying usually told by the people to make their children sleep. The door of Andh Koop opens. Padmini gains consciousness and calls Vikram. Chudail says no human can come here. She hits hammer on the globe. She revives her sisters. Padmini writhes in pain. Vikram reaches there. padmini smiles seeing him. Chudail says your love brought you here and hits hammer on the globe. Padmini closes her eyes. Chudail says she has revived her sister using his wife’s soul. Vikram says you can’t do this. Chudail says your brother Bhartari used to say this. He asks what is your relation with him. Chudail says he stopped her from doing Anusthan 35 years ago. She shows the pot and tells that it has blood of all royal families. Vikram says I will destroy it. Chudail says if you destroy it then the royal families will be destroyed. Vikram says that’s why bhaiyya kept it there. He says he will kill them. Chudail stabs him.

Vikram tries to defeat chudail and save the world from the evil powers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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