Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky gets blamed by Kajal

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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happy asking Chintu to see his hotel’s USP, the Golden temple is seen from his hotel, he has to have a window facing the temple in every room, its matchless. Chintu hugs her and calls her genius. He says sorry and gets away. She says I know I m genius, its time for Dinky’s wedding, I had to help her in getting ready, come with me to wedding. He says no, the taxi drivers have a strike here, how will you go. She says you will have a car. He says I didn’t get it. Biji says Happy has run away. Pratap warns Sandhya. Chintu’s friend comes and gives his scooty’s keys to Chintu. Happy drives scooty and takes Chintu. He says I have faith in you and agreed for bike ride. She says there are less people who trust me, Pratap will create a ruckus if he knows I m not there. Pratap promises to not spare Happy if she comes late. The scooty stops. She says the scooty has broken down. Kulwant learns that Chintu left with some girl. He thinks who is that girl.

Biji asks where did Happy do. She asks Pratap how can Happy like this. Pratap asks Smiley to stop lying and say the truth. Smiley worries. Happy comes there. She recalls getting Chintu on time. She rushes and gets ready. Happy says I was right here. Smiley says I didn’t tell them, Biji thought you have run away. Happy asks did you miss me. Biji says yes. Smiley and Happy go to Dinky. Smiley scolds her. Kulwant asks Chintu what was he doing with Happy. Dinky comes to the mandap. Her groom looks on. Chintu lies. Kulwant asks what’s going on. Rocky and his mum have a talk. She asks him to be with family. Kulwant asks Chintu and Rocky not to go anywhere and come for attending pheras. Dinky gets married. Chintu smiles seeing Happy. Smiley says Pratap isn’t bothered for us. A girl comes and stops the marriage. Everyone looks on. Happy sees Kajal and thinks she is the same girl. Biji asks what’s this trouble. Kajal scolds Rocky and asks him to marry her or she will kill herself. Everyone gets shocked. Biji scolds her and asks who are you. Kajal says I just loved him, he has behaved badly with me, I m not here to create any drama, he has impregnated me. Everyone gets shocked.

Kulwant gets unwell. Rocky shouts and asks her why is she lying, she has come here to lie. Chintu stops Rocky. He says we will discuss it later. Kajal asks what will you talk, this is the truth. Rocky asks who are you, are you a celebrity, what have you achieved in life. Chintu says he is saying he doesn’t know you, do you have any proof. Kajal says I m here and saying this. Chintu says we will discuss it later. Rocky says she is lying, get lost. Kajal says its my life. She threatens to commit suicide. Happy stops Kajal. Rocky says she is lying. Sania says we are always with Rocky, we don’t know this girl, she is a fraud. Happy says there is a limit of lying. Rocky says you explain her and send her.

Happy says I m telling about you Rocky, not her, I have seen this girl with Rocky. Biji says she has come to ruin everything. Happy says I have seen them, they were very close, Rocky told her that he changes girls like shirt. Kajal says did you see his act. She thanks Happy for help. Rocky’s um says Rocky can’t do this. Rocky asks Happy not to interfere in his matter. Happy says you think I m scared of you. He asks how much money do you want. Happy says don’t show money to me. Rocky says I know it very well. He goes to slap Happy. Kulwant stops Rocky and slaps him.

Kulwant disowns Rocky and drags him out. Rocky looks at Happy angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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