Gangaa 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gangaa takes care of Sagar, who is busy practicing for his play. Next day, Sagar reaches for the play’s audition but forgets the crown that Gangaa had prepared for him. Meanwhile, Gangaa too realizes that Sagar has forgotten his crown and decides to run to the school to handover the crown to Sagar. Upon reaching the gates of the school, Gangaa is not permitted by the guard to cross the gates, but manages to jump the walls. She manages to reach Sagar on time. Meanwhile, Omkar and Ammaji are busy shopping for Babli’s upcoming wedding. Omkar tries to misbehave with one of the saleswoman and this upsets the lady. Sagar later reaches home and Gangaa rejoices when she learns that Sagar has bagged the lead role in the play. Sagar gives credit to Ganga which irks Amma ji and Omkar. Amma ji sends Ganga away to make the garland for evening puja. Omkar indirectly tells Sagar that the teachers would have actually chosen him for his talent and not this crown or sword (made by Ganga). Sagar gets thinking. He nods. Omkar tells him not to give credit for his excellence to someone else. You got this role as you are capable of doing it brilliantly. Amma ji takes him to get Lord’s blessings. Ganga is making garland in the room. Amma ji and Sagar pray after which she gives him Prasad. He asks her to come to see his play. Sagar got five passes so everyone can come. Amma ji agrees. Ganga thinks that she will be the fifth person for sure. Sagar is my friend after all which is why he requested his teacher for the 5th ticket. Meanwhile, Babli starts to blurt out the truth about her evil father to Madhvi. Papa had lied to you. Prabha drinks sherbet. She asks about Madhvi. Maharaj ji tells her that she is in her room with Babli. Omkar gets alert after hearing this. Is Niranjan there too? Maharaj ji declines. He will come at his usual time (after 4 pm). Omkar recalls Madhvi lying to him that Niranjan will be coming home early today.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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