Dream Girl 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha manipulating Karan cleverly against Samar, using his hatred towards Samar and his love for Laxmi. She asks will he lose Laxmi to him, he can control it, Laxmi feels its Raj, not Samar. She says she will reply him one day before to contest, her priority is money, fame and dream girl contest win, you can give her everything, when the contest finale comes, she will know Raj is Samar and will accept him, do any way and get Laxmi. She thinks when two guys fight, she will use them.

Karan comes home and thinks of Laxmi and Samar. He sees her pics and drinks. He throws the glass in anger and says I hate Samar, I love Laxmi and I lost, no, what does she want from me. He says Laxmi is different, why does she care for me so much, she cares for me, I know, but she does not say and he expresses it, she does not care as he is Ayesha’s brother, she is beautiful at heart and mind, he can’t lose her to Samar, she is mine, Ayesha is right, he has a chance now to get her, and expose Samar’s secret. He says he is her destination.

Ayesha talks to someone and says she will give her interview for the magazine, and ends call seeing Manav. She tells him that she has a good and bad news. She says magazine editor called and he wanted to include Karan’s name as Indian’s most eligible bachelors, we can’t give Samar’s name in it. He says I want his interview to be for his performance. He says I think Karan should have passion, I have a dress for him which he made for Laxmi, I will call my designer.

Ayesha thinks Laxmi will accept Karan over Raj, she will be blind and get diverted, she will not let her come in this house. Its morning, Bua ji asks Samar to open a box and the lid falls. He gets the dress under the bed and asks about it. Laxmi hears them and goes. She says its mine and takes it. Bua ji asks who gave it. Laxmi says Karan. Bua ji says great, every contestant is given costly dress, its beautiful. Laxmi says Karan gave me. Samar asks why. Laxmi says he said its for a friend. He asks what does she mean. She says Karan proposed me yesterday. They are shocked.

Bua ji says what. Laxmi says it does not matter, if anyone has feelings, I can’t control, I m here to fulfill my dream. Samar asks her answer. She says what, I accepted it. he is shocked and asks what. She says that I accepted that I don’t have anything in my heart for him. She says I have hope of dad and brother, Bua ji is with me, I don’t have time for all this. Samar says does any friend give such costly dress. She says I realized I did mistake, but I liked it. Bua ji says I can understand. Laxmi says he called me for meeting and proposed me, I was refusing and felt odd, so took the dress. Samar says its not good to be so innocent, Karan will feel you gave nod to his proposal. Laxmi says she does not like taking gifts, I took gift from you as it was lucky charm, when you insisted. She says I will return it. He smiles.

She says I was thinking to not return it. They say no. Laxmi says fine. Samar looks at the dress and says so Karan proposed her, Laxmi is such, anyone can love her, she will look beautiful in this, I like you the way you are. Karan thinks to take Laxmi for coffee, but she will refuse. He thinks what to do. He is not able to focus on work and still manages. Manav comes and says a big magazine wants to take his interview and surprises him. Ayesha smiles. Karan says is this for me. Manav says yes, you will be a big director. Karan smiles and thanks him. Manav asks him to grab the opportunity and leaves.

Ayesha says the same lines to him, and says this chance is for him, not Raj. She asks him to make Laxmi blind with his money and comfort, then she will leave her love back. Karan agrees. Ayesha leaves smiling. Laxmi comes to office to return the dress and looks for Karan. Sania likes the dress. Laxmi says its not mine, where is Karan. Sania says there. Laxmi sees the interview being done, and Karan comes in a black designer suit. He says everyone likes Laxmi, and someone loves Laxmi, the one who can manage her can get Laxmi. Sania says he looks dashing. The reporter asks why is he saying money as Laxmi in traditional way. He says he loves to say Laxmi and looks at her.

Samar comes to deliver samosas and see Laxmi once, and looks for her. He thinks where is she. Karan tells about Laxmi indirectly and says Laxmi is his inspiration. He says the girl who wins the dream girl contest will be the heroine in his film. Samar does not see Laxmi and leaves. Karan says he has promised many people and will keep them too. Everyone clap for him. Ayesha thinks Karan has answered everyone so well and cleverly and smiles looking at him.

Samar sees Manav and thinks to surprise him. Karan sees Samar and Laxmi and get tensed, to stop Laxmi, else he will lose her. Laxmi goes to Manav’s cabin and is shocked seeing Manav and Samar’s hug.

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