Hello Pratibha 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the night while trying to save Pihu Partibha gets injured and is rushed to the hospital accompanied by both Mahen and Pihu. Pihu remembers how Partibha saved her life. Mahen and Pihu are stopped and Partibha is for surgery. Pihu while waiting picks up her locket and remembers how she badly behaved with Partibha. After intensive waiting Mahen and everyone else see Partibha who is okay. Doctor tells Mahen that he has given Partibha an injection of painkiller and Partibha will soon be okay. Partibha says that now when Pihu is back with her she will be fine but the doctor tells her to not take any sort of pressure and to rest as her body requires it. Pihu kisses her locket and Partibha is happy to see that Pihu also loves her. Mahen tells Sanjeev to take Pihu back home as she also needs rest but Pihu refuses saying that as long as Partibha is in the hospital she will also be there but Mahen tells her to go back and come back after taking rest but Pihu refuses to go back saying that it Partibha is in the hospital because of her and she will not go back Sanjeev also advices Mahen to let Pihu stay if that is what she wants. Partibha smiles at Pihu. Partibha then opens her eyes and realizes that it was a dream Mahen tells Partibha that she kept him waiting a long time for just opening her eyes. Partibha tells Mahen that she lost and that she was not able to become a good mother because Pihu did not share her problem with her and that Sunidhi was right. Partibha says that she was so involved in her singing that she was not able to take care of the problems of Pihu and how lonely Pihu must have felt because she was not able to understand her and she was not able to win her confidence and she is so selfish to leave her and go to Kolkata but Mahen confirms her that she is a good mother otherwise she would not have left her competation to come back to save Pihu Mahen tells that he is also a bad father because he also eft Pihu and went to Kolkata and Pihu also did not share her problem with him but Partibha says that daughters are more close to their mothers but she was not able to win the confidence of Pihu and now how will she face her Mahen tells her that he know her to well and he will not be able to reduce her guilt but promises her that they will again win the heart of Pihu . Partibha tells Mahen to not scold Pihu because it may be because of that very reason that she decided to leave the house. In the morning Sanjeev is packing the bag and then Sunidhi calls her and tells her to take some apples for Partibha as she loves them. Sunidhi tells that they are lucky to find Pihu before anyone else came to know that Pihu left the house then how would they face the world then Sanjeev tells Sunidhi to once for support the family. The nurse gives Partibha medicines and she sees Pihu crying and calls her. Partibha hugs her and then Pihu says that she is sorry and starts crying but Partibha tell her not to cry. Mahen brings the doctor who tells that Partibha must remain in the hospital for some time until she recovers but Partibha wants to go home and is adamant. The doctor then tells her that he cannot stop her if she wants to go but the hospital will not be responsible for any mishap. When Partibha reaches home anmol greets her. Pihu’s grandmother scolds her. Then Mahen tells tells Sanjeev to take back the case as police captured the thieves. Sunidhi thinks that she achieved everything and Partibha can no longer be the star she was going to become and will never sing in front of audience again. Partibha tells Pihu to sleep and plans to find the one blackmailing Pihu and capture them. Pihu sees a bad dream and wakes up Partibha asks what happened but Pihu cannot explain and starts crying

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. That’s so nice Pihu to see that you care so much about your mother, but it’s about time Sunidhi be exposed but then again they like to air the show longer to keep the show going

  2. That’s nice of pihu

  3. farida uttan

    Please expose Sunidhi with wicked witch

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