Gangaa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The grandma insists on Shiv to have sweet and asks Ganga to prepare plate for Shiv and herself. They come to fulfil the ritual. Ganga presents them with Shagun. Dadi was shocked and says there must have been silver thaal, and where coconut in it is. She was further shocked and complains she already told them to bring red or green saree, why they brought black one. Mummy complains there wasn’t any turmeric over the rice. Shiv apologizes for the misunderstanding. Ganga says she prepared the thaal and kept whatever Savitri told her. She gets to feet of Dadi. Mummy was concerned and says they must rethink about this proposal, she replies Shiv to look for some other guy. Dadi asks her to forget about it. Mummy asks what the guarantee it won’t happen again is. Shiv and Ganga promise her to take care from now on. Dadi conditions that everything must happen according to their traditions and someone from their family should go to Shiv’s place. She agrees to go with Shiv, Shiv welcomes her with a smile.
On the way back, Shiv gets dizzy. Ganga notices he had high fever. Dadi watches the bruise on his hand saying it has worsened and caused fever, they must first treat his bruise. Ganga holds Shiv out of the car and helps him sit near a tree. She rubs his feet and sprinkles water over his face. She was worried that Shiv wasn’t getting conscious. Dadi asks Ganga to take his clothes off and wipe cold water cloth over it. Ganga was confused and reluctant initially. Ganga takes his clothes off. She then goes to find some herbs for Shiv as he lay their unconscious. She finds the leaves and puts it over his feet. Shiv begins to shiver. Dadi tells Ganga to hold his body as he is feeling cold now. Ganga places her face over his chest. Shiv relaxes at once. Ganga turns to leave but Shiv had held her hand. Dadi compliments her love to be a magic. Shiv murmurs for water. Ganga gives him water. Shiv wakes up. Dadi tells Shiv Ganga loves him dearly, she is the one who brought him back from his illness. Shiv says everyone must be waiting, they must go back. Dadi asks if he would drive.
At home, Aashi had sprinkled oil over herself and was about to suicide. Someone comes to pour water over her. It was Dadi who scolds Aashi for committing the suicide. She tells Aashi that Shiv and Ganga took care of the situation, she doesn’t need worry about it. She announces she would stay here until Aashi gets married and tells Aashi to go and change.
Early morning, Shiv comes to find Dadi preparing tea. He makes her comfortable on the bed and says he would prepare tea for her. Ganga came out of the room praying around Tulsi. Shiv asks her for tea. She doesn’t reply. Dadi stops her there and says Shiv is ill, Ganga must prepare the tea.

PRECAP: Ganga was molested by some goons. Shiv comes to save her. Ganga says there is no difference between him and the goons, like them he put the sindoor over her without any ritual, upon his will.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Today episode sum it all. This serial is gone out of control and writers has lost the plot. What a whole lot of rubbish ???

  2. Why can’t they end this show?Why to waste audience time and there time

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I was starting to get my hopes up, thinking perhaps Ganga’s heart may soften towards Shiv when she was nursing his fever, until i saw the precap. Please writers, don’t make the same mistake you did with Sagar and Ganga. When Sagar recognised his mistake, he continiously begged for forgiveness, when Ganga finally accepted her stubborness and decided to forgive Sagar, you decided that Sagar will not forgive her easily and play a prank in return to make her suffer and pay for his grief he had to endure.
    I’m hoping Daddi Ji will have a positive influence over Ganga in showing her path to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe she will try to understand why Shiv felt he had to put sindoor on her forehead.

    1. Ganga likes provoking Shiv, she dominates since she knows he likes her and she can get away with her tantrums.

    2. Hi Poonam,
      Yes, it’s getting tiresome now. Hoping the storyline will move forward, but at the moment it seems stuck on Gangaa still being resentful towards Shiv.

    3. Yes. it s a conflict between the heart and head and she doesn t want to be disloyal towards Sagar. Ganga is stagnant now. will soon flow. realisation takes some time….

    4. Yes, indeed. I believe Ganga has genuine concern for Shiv because she cared when he had a fever, but at the same time reserved at the same time. You have put it well, a conflict between the heart and the head 🙂 .

    5. Thanks ! It s nice reading your insightful comments.:))

    6. 🙂 Likewise Poonam.

  4. Al shiv gangaa fans iss show se koi hope lagane ki zarurat nhi hai the more u vl expect more from this serial the more it vl give u pain nd i agree wid pooja the sjow has lost control now its goj g on just another bullshit track which has no meaning at all nd im wondering why u all guys r watching this serial till nowww the directors r repeating the same story bullshitt nonsense…

    1. Swayam Satope

      It’s really unpredictable that they are killing all lead characters one by one.

  5. Swayam Satope

    Till now shiv is the only hero who had been shirtless more than twice. But I think that the story has lost its glory. It’s the time to quit the show or else it will loose it’s entire TRP and slowly and steadily the & tv will loose it’s gracefulness. All the shows have become hopeless.

  6. Swayam Satope

    I think that they need to change the story line completely leaving the past completely aside. It needs a complete new start. It shows that gangaa has never ever lived a stabled life. It needs a complete makeover. I have some ideas which I would like to share with the director of the serial.

  7. Shameless director and shameless actors.
    This serial is a complete let down.

  8. Dont compare shiv and gangaa with sagar and gangaa,because this is the new story line of gagaa serial.I think shiv and gangaa also will become good pair.

  9. Hi Aradhya
    No one can beat the Sagar and Ganga pairing. Such chemistry has never been seen before in any serial. I believe producers could have found some one s bit younger and better looking than Shiv. Shiv is acting like a bully. Holding Ganga captive is no way to treat woman. And he is saying he is doing this to protect Ganga. He is using Sagar promise as an excuse for his behaviour. He wants Ganga for himself. The worst thing is hiding the truth about Krishna. This is immoral. Knowing the truth now or later the pain is still going to be the same. I agree that sometime Ganga provoke him but using force is not acceptable in the society anymore .

  10. Aanchal Samania

    Serial is good…Dont pay heed to all this rubbish….Gangaa is beautiful….Shiv gangaa a nice pair

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