Har Mard Ka Dard 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod laughing reading a book. Apsara comes and calls him Mr. Perfect husband 2017. Vinod says book is interesting. Apsara says she has written a book and wrote about him. Vinod asks what? Apsara says today’s Vinod Khanna was not same as before and says after getting mani you became smart Vinod from stupid Vinod. A fb is shown. Vinod balancing his relationship between his wife and mum. He says he is not scared Vinod anymore. Apsara says she is going to tell Rani Apsara about him and asks him not to miss her. He says he will. She goes to Dev log and calls Rani Apsara. Mallika comes and asks why you are happy? Apsara says she will tell to Rani Apsara only. Mallika says she will become Rani Apsara soon. Apsara says Rani Apsara will be happy with her achievement. Mallika asks her to tell.

Apsara tells Mallika that she has found a man who is married and happy, who keeps his wife happy etc. Mallika says such man is not there. She says you are trying to fool Rani Apsara. She asks her to show the man. Apsara shows her Vinod’s clipping. Mallika asks her to go to Rani Apsara after 2-4 days and says this perfect man will not be perfect anymore and tells that he will become my Diwana. She makes her tiny with her power and caged her in the bottle. She says Vinod…I am coming. Sonu and Vinod romance with each other and says I love you. She asks him to repair her jewellery. He goes.

Mallika comes in the rickshaw and wind is blown. Everyone is mesmerized by her beauty. She asks someone about Vinod’s address. Vinod is trying to start his scooter. Mallika shaken up pot with her powers to make it fall. Vinod sees her coming and saves her. She is about to kiss him. He moves back and says sorry. She thanks him and says she needs Vinod Khanna’s address. He says this is his address. She says she is thankful to him. Vinod asks whom you want to meet? Mallika says she came to meet Sonu. Sonu comes and asks you didn’t go till now. She sees Mallika and asks who is she? Mallika says she is her fb friend and tells that she took house on rent here. Sonu asks her to come to her house. Bunno sees Mallika and says I love you. She shakes hand with him. He thinks he is my dream girl. Sonu introduces them.

Mishra ji calls Vinod and asks him to come fast as Taneja is angry. Vinod says bye and goes. Sonu says Vinod helps everyone and knows everything. Mallika thinks to show her jalwa Vinod comes to college and asks Mishra ji about Taneja. Mishra ji says Taneja didn’t come and asks him to tell about the lady who was in his embrace. Vinod checks Sonu’s jhumka and thinks where it is gone. He gets Sonu’s call. Mallika is on call and asks him to come home soon as her door bell ring is not ringing. Vinod asks what you are saying. Sonu takes the call and asks Vinod to come home and repair the bell. Vinod asks her to call electrician. Sonu says he didn’t come and asks him to come. She asks about her jhumka. He says he gave to jeweler. Vinod thinks jhumka might be stuck in Mallika’s clothes or hairs. He comes to Mallika’s house. Mallika asks him to come inside. He calls her. She says she is here. He turns and seen sitting on sofa in a modern outfit.

Vinod tells mallika that when he saved her, jhumka fell from his hand. Mallika tells him that she is wearing jhumka in her hairs and asks him to get closer and take it out. Vinod is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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