Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu telling tika and malkhan that yes he will give them jobs but first just massage him as he is tired. Tika and mallkhan massage vibhu. Happu comes and says he will do anything for him but please tell the politician to also clear the case put on him.
Next day at tea stall, Tiwari happu singh tika and malkhana nd vibhu are there. Tiwari says he is going to do our work. Happu says yes vibhu has become a huge man after his friendship with that politician. Vibhu says don’t worry I will do it but happu give me 5000rs and your case will be removed tomorrow itself. Happu says this is blackmail but okay.
At pani puri stall, vibhu goes to meet sulu. Sulu is eating pani puri and vibhu meets her. Sulu says you came here again? vibhu says yes and how are you? sulu says I am fine. Vibhu says I just need a favor. Sulu says yes say? Vibhu says I need you to tell your husband to help my friend Tiwari for his shop as the government called it illegal and closed it, sulu says okay I will do that. vibhu says also please tell him to put these 2 boys tika and malkhan in my town on a job and remove happu singh my town police officer’s case from court. Sulu says yes that will be done but I need a favor from you too. Vibhu says yes what is that? sulu says you need to feed me pani puri with your hands. Vibhu says oh okay, that is fine, what is there in it. he feeds sulu pani puri. Anita who was passing by sees this from a distance and the politician sees from his car. Anita is angry and politician is angry too and says this vibhuti has not changed, I will not leave him.
At anita’s home, happu singh, tika and malkhan come with sweets and fruits. They see tiara mopping the floor. Happu says wow even you are here and each one of us is doing something for vibhu. Tiwari says yeah but my back has broken doing his house work and I hope he better does our work. Anita comes home and says what happened? Happu says vibhu has become a big man and he is doing our work so we came to give him a gift from us. Anita says please go and vibhu is having an affair with the politician’s wife and I saw it. everyone is shocked. Anita says go everyone and says Tiwari you don’t need to work at home, please go home. everyone go.
At home anita is there and vibhu comes and sits on sofa. Anita says where were you? vibhu says I went to meet that politician friend of mine. Anita says yeah? Or his wife? Vibhu says oh she knows. Anita says I saw you feeding her pani puri and you have an affair with her. Vibhu says its not what it seemed like. Anita says just shut up and you have broken my heart, now get lost from this house. Vibhu says but listen to me. Anita says read my lips and says get lost. vibhu goes.
At home anguri is there and she is talking to mom on phone. Anguri tells mom that tiwari’s shop has closed and they don’t have any income now. Mom says oh then why do you worry? I have lot of property which is for you too and you both come back here and do farming instead, I anyway never wanted Tiwari to open that undergarment shop. Anguri says that’s right. Tiwari comes. Mom says give it to Tiwari. Anguri gives Tiwari and says its mom. Tiwari says why did you call mom. Tiwari speaks on phone and mom says you better pack your bags and come here otherwise I will come there and cut your hands and leg and pack them, in a bag and bring you here. Mom keeps phone angrily. Anguri says so lets pack our bags? Tiwari says shut up.
At night at tea stall, everyone is drunk and drinking alcohol. Tiwari says vibhu please do my job quickly and let my shop open otherwise mom will come and take us to village. Happu says yes remove my case from court too, tika and malkhan say yes give us jobs too please. Vibhu says I cannot do anyone’s work I am sorry. Happu says please don’t do jokes now and do our work man. Vibhu says I am not joking and that politician is not my friend, he came to my home because he thinks I have an affair with his wife which is not at all true. So now I cannot do the work. Happu says don’t say that and my job will go, you better do my work. Vibhu says just shut up you bribing man and get lost. Tiwari says you cheated on us. Happu says I will beat you now. Happu tika and malkhan together beat vibhu as Tiwari sleeps drunk on the seat.
Next day the van is ready outside tiwari’s home and bags are packed. Anguri is standing there and vibhu comes and says you cannot leave Kanpur anguri please. Anguri says we have to and we cannot live here now. Vibhu says what will happen of me? I mean what will happen to the plants you water? And who will water them? Anguri says you water them please everyday. Tiwari locks door saying I cannot live without Bhabhi ji. Tiwari comes out. Vibhu says please stop Tiwari ji. Tiwari says you please shut up and its because of you, you did not do my work otherwise we would have stayed here. Anita comes and says hello anguri and Tiwari, anita says if you give work to such a useless man it would never happen. Tiwari says what could I do, mistake happened. A car comes and sulu and politician get out. Politician says I am sorry vibhu. Everyone Is shocked with vibhu and he says why? Sulu says because I told him that going everyday to pani puri stall was just acting with you. I told him I did this to make him jealous so that he could pay attention to me for once from his busy schedule. Anita is happy. Sulu says he did not have affair with me and I told my husband that vibhu is scared of his wife too much. Anita and anguri laugh. Politician laughs and then says Tiwari ji where are you going? Tiwari says my shop is closed now, I cannot live here so I have to go. Politician says I checked your papers and the shop is legal so it will be opened by today evening and I have spoken to the legal department. Tiwari is happy and says yes we will not go anywhere anguri. Vibhu and anita are happy too. Anguri says yes. Politician says vibhu come in I need to talk to you. vibhu is puzzled and everyone else is. Politician then says I was just joking and everyone laugh.

Precap: Tiwari says why did you give that vibhu halwa and puri? Anguri says because pandit ji saw my kundli and he said to give a good decent man halwa puri. Tiwari says from which angle does he look decent?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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